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Thanks soo much for playing, your feedback is super helpful :)

Thank you Pete. Glad you enjoyed it! :D

Thanks Lydian.  We're really glad you liked it :)

Glad you enjoyed it bud thanks for playing :)

what a unique and awesome shader!!! love the visual on this one!

nice animations!

this was such a good game. I really love the art the sound track the game play the progression and it nails the theme! 

thanks buddy loved your game too :)

thanks buddy :) 

Super cute and fun man!

awesome stuff dude!

It was great :) didn't quite find all the flowers though :(

Great work my dudes!!! looks STUNNING! just picked up my copy!
Much love, and good luck!

thanks KRONOS,

really appreciate your kind words.

well the hard work has paid off my man! good luck in the contest.

thats amazing bud. so many different skills on display here! 

aww thank you. Houdini flipbooks are super effective :p its a shame i only found out you can export vector maps and normal maps the day before the hand in :s thank you for your kind words and i wish you the best of luck in the contest :D

Cheers bud. really appreciate that comment as i spent alot of my time trying to get the lighting working :)

This is insanely cool dude. love the colours and the timings on it all. did you do the animations as well? the printing to a ui canvas is a whole step above and beyond, thoroughly blow away by this effect. Good luck in the contest I feel like your going to do well in it with a submission so strong :D 

well you nailed that bud! great job :D

this came out so nice dude! well done. I've genuinely seen worse vfx in published titles :D

that's really pretty love the fade 

wow there is soooo much to this effect. really stunning stages and the colours are super cool!

yikes that looks like it would really hurt to have cast at you. the counter spins in the preamble really make it feel powerful when it does bust out! great job.

what a magical spiral of booterflies :)

love the anticipation on the particles being sucked into the effect.

i love the emotion on the victim of the spell the little shudder really sells it.

This is killer.  I really like the floor effect and the character glow is awesome.