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Rocket engine exhaustView project page

A rocket engine effect for SFARS X
Submitted by Andrew_z — 1 hour, 27 minutes before the deadline
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Research + Development#142.6732.857

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  • Hey! First of all, I really like the pulsating flashes from the engine flame (reminds me of muzzle flashes, works really well). I think what's missing here are a few difference in colors on the edges of the flame, could add some blue to the edge of cone meshes to make the flame look more interesting. Also, the flame-smoke particles textures show their tiling a bit too much, look too uniform. Probably could add rotation to particles or more variation to size/texture to break that up. I'd definitely add heat-distortion mesh/particle to the effect when it builds up, should add a lot. A note regarding presentation, the files you submitted have some unnecessary things, like your notes regarding terminology and UE documentation, original project with generated files besides archive of the project. Keep it simple, keep it clean. In a studio environment someone who is responsible for reviewing applications doesn't has a lot of time for each of them so things like test task submittions should be as upfront as possible Overall, still, a very nice job! Keep on grinding fx and stay awesome~
  • Hey, While it is a good effort there are other things that go into vfx. Naming conventions were not followed. Studios have naming conventions to make it easier to filter through assets by the eye and while unreal has a filtering system it still applies. Blueprints, Usually it's a good idea to avoid ticking blueprints or make them tick as little as possible. It's great for prototyping and then asking for a coder to replace the BPs with code functionality. For that it was a great effort and usage of BPs for sure. On the actual effect, Good work on the shape and timings it looks and behaves as you would expect from a rocket engine. On the technical side of the effect, There are more things in the background when making an effect. For example with your effect there is a big amount of overdraw, Your translucency pass is over 1.2ms and sometimes even 3ms, Be sure to optimize your particles and only use the amount needed. Gradient circles and glows dont need to be 1k textures thats a bit of an overkill. Overall i would say really good work with only issues being technical. Work on the technical knowledge and the naming conventions and you should do great.
  • Hi Andrew, For the part part, you need to improve your color range (bleu,red, orange, yellow, white...) more color more details ! The middle part it need to move, and shader with mask, deform it, but he need to feel real, so he need to move. You forget one aspect of heating effect : distortion ! Distortion is often the key when you deal with heat effect, but it need to be tweaking with carefully. For the technical part, is not ok... and you need to focus on that. actualy you can't put your effect in game. look at the overdraw. Keep working, fx art is awesome ! Lowys Clément, VFX artist ubisoft MONTREAL
  • Hello , that´s expensive for a game, so my advice is to reduce the amount of particle and use for the base even a mesh with scrolling fire textures. Timing is good so keep practicing!

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Really well made effect! The lighting on it is perfect, actually looks like engine flames, really nice job.


this came out so nice dude! well done. I've genuinely seen worse vfx in published titles :D