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Looking really good Elie! Glad to see you participating again this year!

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Thanks to all the judges for the really useful feedback, some elements I had already considered after the fact but all of it was really useful, I’d love to come back to this effect once my semester wraps up with this feedback I’ve gotten!

thanks again!!

Thanks, that was probably the hardest thing to get looking nice, thankfully I had some amazing feedback from my peers at university!

Thank you so much, I'm kind of obsessive when it comes to making things functional, if I can't have fun in my own little game then what's the point haha.

Thanks! That was my main goal was to get it to deliver a satisfying punch!

You've done a fantastic job, I hope things get better for you soon, the world needs more of ReeceKuby's work in it!

Really well made effect! The lighting on it is perfect, actually looks like engine flames, really nice job.

Managed to get it in just under the wire haha, definitely worth any extra time you gave it, aside from the slightly squashed gif the effect looks great! Really cool, I can easily imagine this in a cutscene for diablo or something!

I absolutely adore this effect, it's so clean and neat and well polished, there's little room for constructive criticism it's just really solid, well made and beautiful. x

The flame looks amazing, and the way you have it flowing out of the tiki head looks really effective, no jankiness from the looks, really nicely polished effect!

Beautiful :0 Not sure if you can tell from my profile picture but i love oranges and purples haha

Looks great Cleagler, love the colours! x


I absolutely love it, really creative way of going about and looks awesome!

Looks incredible! You're definitely one of the people to beat!