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Willian Holtz

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Thanx!! :)

I liked the character, and I'm pretty sure I've played something like that hahaha. Mighty #9 maybe?

I know it's a short amount of time to work on a game for a JAM, and every Topdown game has certain collision issues, but I'll give you a tip. To improve the collisions just leave it at a certain point of the character, and not the entire collision box on it..

Hahaha cool! Good luck!

Great game. The music reminds me a bit of country and at the same time Harvest Moon LOL!

Thanks buddy!

Excellent game to pass the time on your cell phone. Games with puzzles and times to solve certain things or even yours with scores, are awesome!

Thanks! We know the game has some bugs, it's not easy to do something in a few days and test everything! But thanks for playing it :)

I enjoyed your game, the idea is cool! I just think the enemies' rate of fire was too fast! Otherwise it was a show!

I like platform games, but I died and couldn't come back hahaha

That was the idea, glad you liked it! :)

NIIICE! Good luck! 

HAhaha coool! Very creative!

Glad you liked it!

Hahaha thanx man!

Hello, the game is short, less than 5 min you finish, if you don't get lost haha!

Hey PANDAKO, I made an extension using parts of your extension. It turned out really good. If you are interested in testing and contact me on Discord. willianholtz#6880

It's just that I do tests of Builds that will be released and so I look for bugs and other things, and when I saw this bug I decided to let you know.. However. If you are going to modify the code, would it be possible for you to add a way to generate the objects through the layer name (the tiled) instead of the Number?

Hey Pandako, I believe you will have to update. According to my tests here in the next version, this extension stops working.

Even if I change it to (0,1,2,3,4...) nothing works.

And when adding BEHAVIOR, those numbers that are there appear.

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A while ago, I released the pre-alpha of my metroidvania style game, using this character I named "Aya". You can follow the project on my twitter:

Game Here:

What I would really like was to be able to have a unique character for my game, for now I'm using her.

Heyy,I fix the game ! 

Hello. If the game is well-received by the community and gets a nice spot in JAM, yes, maybe we will continue with the game and there will be that possibility. Thanks for playing :)

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Yes, we know the flaws of the game, as you said, when you die, everything comes back. Initially it was going to be something like a Rogue-Like, but we decided to make it easy! However, for this jam we decided to put more lives for the player and thus avoid doing a checkpoint. But the game itself can be done in under 5 minutes, and that was one of the reasons why we didn't consider it a "checkpoint" or something.

glad you liked it! :)

Thanx for playing :)

I always die no matter how many "meats" I get hahaha

Ulises always innovating. It turned out really good :)

Could work more on character movement and collisions. But otherwise, I liked it.

Minimalist, beautiful and simple. Like :)

Thanks for the compliment.

Hahaha this is very cool. Laborious, but cool. 

Really a very well done game. 

Cooool! I liked :)

Cool game :)

thanx.. I believe it's not a bug. probably the layer "pause" even not appearing, is activated when you click on the center of the screen. a simple "if layer is visible" would do the trick. 

Obrigado Ian!

Glad you like! Thanks :)

Thanx Lim95 :)

I liked the voice of the game. "correct" haha