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What child variables a structure variable contains depends on the project you created. Please check the contents of the variable with the debugger.

Check the GDevelop documentation for information on how to access structure variables.

I noticed you are using ToString(). That's wrong because variables are structures.

Please check the contents of the variable with the debugger.

The "Request scene information" action is asynchronous. You are updating the text before the data retrieval is complete.

Try moving subsequent actions into the same event.

Maybe you are using a version older than version 0.0.9? I remembered that there was a problem with older versions of "Request scene information".

If so, I recommend updating to the latest version.

Could you please post a screenshot of the event you created? This will allow me to give you appropriate advice.

Maybe it's "Request scene information"?
It's working fine.

Thanks for letting me know. I am currently working on the issue.

If you want to solve the issue right away, please add a 3D box to Scene objects (no need to place it in the scene). That alone will solve this issue.


なお、「IME なにそれおいしいの?」な さんが用意してくれた掲示板は日本語入力の難度が非常に高い仕様となっております。

See the second half of this video.

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This issue has been reported as resolved.

I updated the ISRG certificate and the error resolved. It was just a mac os update problem

I am not disclosing my personal information, but I am not a team.

Hi astasio,

Your game has some events to fix.

But before that, could you show me a screenshot of the developer tools console screen? (Command + Option + i in preview window)

Hi Beginnerman,

I recommend using the browser version instead of the app version.


Version 0.9.0 is not backward compatible. You must correctly re-set the parameters of all actions and expressions related to 3D.

If it is difficult, please download version 0.8.5 from this page and import again.

Thanks for reporting.

This problem is somewhat improved by using version 0.1.4 of the "Mouse Pointer Lock" extension. If you are already using it, please wait until further improved versions are released.

Thanks for your opinion.

I'm sorry. I do not offer examples for free. Instead I will continue to provide videos with tips.

By "shooter project" are you perhaps referring to the "FPS Example" example I am distributing?

Unfortunately I don't have a Mac so I can't confirm the problem. Are there any Mac users experiencing similar problems?

Make sure you haven't removed the skybox image from your resources. There are also reports that placing the skybox image in the project folder instead of the assets folder fixed it.

These were supported in version 0.8.1.

Hello reina,

This extension does not yet support changing the "near" and "far" properties, but this can be done using Javascript.

"const Camera = gdjs.__WithThreeJS.get("Camera");"
This will give you access to the camera.

Please understand, however, that I do not recommend using Javascript to control this extension.

This extension will support changing camera properties in the future.

Thanks for the video. I now understand what you are trying to say.

This is a problem with the "Speed on the X axis" action in the "Top-down movement" behavior.

I will report this issue to GDevelop.

I could not confirm the problem on my PC. Please let me know the steps to reproduce the issue.

I didn't get any errors on my PC. I think you are simply getting the position and scale wrong.

Use Raycast to click on 3D objects.  The "Raycast Example" and "Change 3D Texture Example" will help you.

The image was so small that I couldn't read what was written. Since it does not seem to be a simple error, it would be better to share the zipped project with you.

I don't know what you attached so I can't give exact advice. Judging from the URL of the image, it seems that the image in Google Chat is posted. It probably won't be visible to anyone but you.

I don't have access to the image, so it's not showing.

You can see how the 3D model is loaded in the "Output 3D Model Information To Console" action.
Try pressing "Ctrl + Shift + i" in the preview window to see the console.

"MousePointerLock::MovementX()" returns the distance the mouse cursor moves, not the angle.
Therefore, it is not a suitable value for the "Rotate toward angle" action. Using the "Rotate" action instead might work.

Hi Abdullah33,

Are you trying to read an OBJ file?

Hello The Creator,

You may be generating bullets in the wrong position. Maybe by turning off the "Hide 2D Object" of the player (camera) and the bullets you may be able to see where the bullets are being generated.

Some scenes in the example project create 3D objects from events. (e.g. "Basic example")
Please check the event sheet.

Maybe this will solve the problem you're having.

Hi spintron17,

You can use "Create 3D Scene" to update the background without erasing the existing 3D objects. However, the camera position is initialized, so you should be careful about that.

Hi RudrakshGames,

It will automatically update when you import a new version. However, since this extension is under development, I cannot guarantee that it will update correctly.

Hi reina,

The cause of this problem is unknown, but if the problem does not occur when using network preview or previewing with the browser version of GDevelop, it may be an issue with Electron, which GDevelop uses.
(This problem appears to occur when using AMD CPU or GPU.)

If this is the case, unfortunately it would be difficult for me to solve the problem. 😥

Does your game render 3D scenes correctly in network previews or published games?

Hi UselessJAB,

I need more information to solve it.
Can you tell me what version of GDevelop you are using?
If you don't mind, press "ctrl + shift + i" in the preview window to open the developer tools and attach a screenshot of that console screen here.

Thanks for checking.
If you see it, GDevelop may not be the cause. More information is needed to resolve it.

GDevelop 5.1.156 will be released soon. Please update and check if the issue is resolved.