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Upload says its missing UnityPlayer.dll Might want to upload it as a zip with all the needed files.

When I try to run KeepingTabs.exe it asks me about a missing .pck file. Are you missing the game data files?

Ok, I updated to love 0.9.2 and the game ran just fine.

It was a very nice game and quite a bit of fun. It feels quite polished for a game jam game. A few thinks I noticed while playing.

It took me a minute to tell the difference between walls and unseen areas. Perhaps some visual distinction would be useful?

While running into dead ends with a horde of zomboids behind you can be exciting it also seems like getting far is a matter of lucky navigation. Perhaps some way of hinting towards the right direction would be a good mechanic. Footprints? Bloodstains?

Neat and interesting game although the mechanics seemed a big opaque at first (maybe that's just me). Definitely one of the more polished games in the AI game jam.

This is very neat. It would be nice if you could download individual faces as images. I think they would make good forum avatars or game characters (If you are willing to allow people to use them in such ways).

Hello I am attempting to play and give feedback to the other games in the AI game jam.

When I attempt to play this in Ubnutnu Linux version 14.04 and Love version 0.8.0 (default version in software center) I get an error message.

The error message reads

main.lua: 80: attempt to call field 'setDefaultFilter' (a nill value)

I am not sure if this is a problem with my system or the game. Do I need a different version of love?