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I read in the rules that Jokers are optional (and prolong the game) but I couldn't find rules for how to actually use them. It's entirely possible that I'm just not seeing it but could you clarify it for me?

When I was planning the Zinequest Kickstarter for this game 2 years ago (gosh), I added a Box of Leaves tier that entitled the highest level backer to a copy of the game handwritten on dried leaves. But I didn't really expect anyone to claim it!

However, someone did and then that someone was very patient with me while I collected and dried 204 leaves.

So now this is a thing that exists in the world.

To my knowledge, there has never been another zine that has been released on leaves.

Rod Rell and Fist was definitely a huge influence. In fact, this is basically an adaptation of RR&F into a mini game for a Tiny Taverns campaign I was running. 

And you're absolutely right. You can't hook a minnow! I'm shocked I didn't notice that before. I know the outcome of a 2d6 roll! Oh well, well call it a bonus fish that the GM can use however they like. 

It was a joy to make! I hope you'll let me know hot it goes when you play it!

Interestingly, when I ran it for my monthly teen group at the local library, they turned the story into a full-scale disaster movie.
I believe we were camping on a tropical island as part of a corporate team-building retreat. There was a massive volcanic eruption.

It was definitely a stretch for the system and not one I'd recommend but it still supported a cohesive story. The game did much better than I expected.

But, yes, please play this game for a low-stakes emotional tone!

That's spicy stuff, Paul! Makes me excited to see more MOSAIC things.

Nice! I've definitely had players try to bend Campfire Memories into a much more desperate disaster/survival story than it was intended for. There's demand for that kind of cathartic experience. 

This is pretty cool!

A way to export the finished map would be really handy.

Mice-Men of Mirewald got a pretty nice review in a comment on this Reddit post.

Check it out!

lol. Thanks!

I'd like to plug this into Goodreads just so I can remember when I read it. The PDF doesn't seem to have a credits section with the author or layout person's names or other publication information?

Neat idea! Having the cards makes it a lot easier to rearrange them till the story makes sense.

I've played this a couple times over the past week and really enjoyed it. Enough so that I sat down with a label maker and created a deck with all the prompts on the cards to speed up play.

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I'm glad you had fun with it!

And I really like the idea of offering up rules variants! Maybe I need to put together a supplement with some collected variations!

Perfect! Thanks!

I've been added as a collaborator to 2 of my 3 games (Maelstrom of the Arcana and Astrobot Explorers) but I don't see them listed on my profile.

Should they be?

If so, how do I make that happen?

No worries! Just didn't want to be holding things up :)

I didn't receive a confirmation email on my Round 2 submission. Are you waiting on me?

Will we find out who we collaborated with at the end?

I LOVE the inclusion of a top! What a great way to build the randomizer into the card.

Plus, games with cute animals are always great.


I've found generating some sort of relationship is super useful in getting games rolling quickly. And it's a lot of fun!

Making games based on player skill, as opposed to character skill can be contentious. It's one of the complaints against Dread, most famously. But it can be a fun thing to do if the game isn't too serious. I was inspired by a 200 Word RPG entry that used Nerf guns as a mechanic.

"How does a player lose to damage?" As in, how do you know when a character dies? Beats me! There's only so much game I can fit on a single card! But my hope is that damage to the card (folds) makes them harder to throw and thereby reflects the impaired capabilities of a damaged character.

Excellent simple game. Pick a number is not a dice-less resolution mechanic I've ever considered before but it works well!

I was wondering about that too. Scrambling them. Still very cool!

This is a pretty interesting concept!

it's possible that I defined things too much in the first stage. But I hope my collaborators don't feel constrained. I hope they tear my work apart like a swarm of locusts and build a idol in their own image from my game's bones.

But mostly I'm just patiently waiting for the 11th so I have something to do. Waiting is the hard part. At least right now. 

I should also note that I'll probably be posting the art as I make it on both WOE's Facebook group and my Twitter. Follow if you want to see! Links in the Beta v4 doc!

I really like this game. I would totally play it.

I need a game to help my tables of strangers at cons meet each other before playing. This would probably work better in a larger, freely mixing group but it's a good start!

I like this game. It's cute.

I would be pretty cool if each card on the sheet had a different cluster of stars!

How are collaborators being selected?

I'm excited!

I've got a half-baked game idea I've not been able to do much with for years. I would love to see some others take it and run wild with it.

Archipelago has been on my "To Read or Play" list for YEARS now! I was probably inspired by other games that were, in turn, inspired by it.

I haven't actually checked out Zombie World yet so it's a matter of parallel evolution, I think. I did copy the outcome bands probabilities from PbtA though! Anything to get away from a binary outcome!

Beautiful layout work on this one!

"One of you is dying". I like that. It's  juicy.

As much as I love lingering over collaborative setting creation (throwing Fan Mail at Questlandia and Microscope), I don't think I can afford any of that here.

With the goal of introducing complete newbies to the idea of RPGs in no more than 30 minutes, I think it's probably best to design a game with a clear and exciting situation baked right in. The players need to know where they are, what they're facing,  and what they can do about it immediately.

That's pretty easy to do with a physical conflict. Pick a familiar genre, threaten the players, go. Whether it's an Inn surrounded by zombies or a sky-ship being boarded by pirates, it works the same. The stakes are high and the bad guy is obvious.

I struggle more, always, thinking of similarly engaging non-combat scenarios.

What's your approach to creating a scenario for your game? What advice do you have for scenario design?
Or maybe you disagree with my entire premise and are taking your game in a very different direction?

I really like the use of professions/classes as stats. Very clear and flexible.

I love worldbuilding, session zero games! Now I need to get a tarot deck.