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Pretty neat idea! I found a bug in the L-shaped level with 3 water tiles and 3 crosses, where a bug makes you complete the level if you:

- Place the player and a sea tile on the leftmost cross, and another water tile in the middle cross
- Activate the left water tile causing the player to die
- Moving the activated water tile to the middle cross with the other water tile, making it die
- Moving the flag in the same water tile. When it died the level got completed.

Note: It happened to me once, I didn't try it again.

Thanks for playing it!

But yeah, the game is usually a hit-or-miss for players, so your comment got me in the first half, not gonna lie.

Yeah, the achievement were tested and I'm pretty sure they work properly!

The hidden achievement is just for competing the demo normally, and the "original joke" one is for the extra scene after dying to the spikes 3-4 times.

The extra secondary endings are on the "escape" and "hole" deaths.

I will actually try to get it to work on the steam deck, since I have a friend with it and a fellow dev that managed to do it. C:

I checked the two games you mentioned, and it seems only the working one had their files crypted into the .exe, so it may be a matter of packaging. 

But other than looking at different ways to compress my files, I don't know what else to do.

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Also, I have zero knowledge in the matter, but  the steam demo version is not strictly "windows", but "web", and greenwork files for linux are uploaded with it. Are RPG maker web games compatible with linux? Because in that case MAYBE it might work without Proton.

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Thanks a lot for reporting! It may be because of the updated NW version of the engine, or maybe incorrect greenworks files? Also I don't have experience in Proton: do you perhaps know if games launched in that way are considered for Linux or Windows by Steam? I'll look for it.

Itch has the updated demo as well, does that work?

The new demo is just the itch version with some fixes. There isn't extra content, apart from a single extra banter over the spikes.

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Long time no see, fellow devs!

I hope I'm not necroposting by that much, but I really want to let you know that I'm actively continuing the development of "The Respawn Banter"!
I did a lot of changes after the IGMC 2022 version, the most notable one being the portraits that got a complete overhaul, but still keeping the original character personalities.
Perhaps I took too long to plan the rest of the game after the jam, but now the game has its own Steam page with a new demo! (I also somehow managed to add Steam achievements on RPG maker) 
The demo is also available in Spanish and Italian now.

I realise that the game got very conflicting opinions during the jam, that's why I'm always updating the dialogues to avoid boring or cringe parts, even if I can't make everyone happy, given the game's reliance on "witty repartee"-ish humor, which is highly subjective.

I now realize I made a mistake on describing the game as "comedy", because that's misleading and not its central point, which is instead trying to focus on engaging dialogues. I think that might had influenced people's expectative before playing the game.

I believe my internship employer had a very fitting comment for this game: "But they're just saying stupid things one after another!"

I think that as an indie game developer I shouldn't focus on making a game that will appease anyone, but instead think about a target. And as long that there'll be people interested in the project, I will see it trough!

Thanks again to the Indie Game Making Contest for bringing out the creativity in us creators ♥

Thanks! C:

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Thanks! It unfortunately took a long time to recover from the game jam, because I took maybe too much time to rethink and fix all the story, art and character design. But the project is slowly getting together! ;)

The attack animation is programmed in a weird way, I'll have to rework how it works on the complete game, thanks for the report. I'll also look for the slime bugs, since that part is more complex that it seems.

RPG Maker MZ behaves in a weird way, so I unfortunately I don't know how to make it overlap with other games.

Interacting with the hole makes you fall to avoid just checking and avoid the hole banter, but I might add a dialogue and a stupid excuse to make him fall anyways.

You always win! Also, the game doesn't really need a menu.

There's no menu, only victory C:

Congratulations on completing the Aker route! There aren't many hints in the game, but some are present outside of the game in a game folder.

The "hazardous terrain" refers to events that prevents you from getting out of bounds at the village exits, as some sort of metaphore.

Thanks for reporting the errors, I'll fix that when I have time!

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At the time, when I started playing this game for the first time, I had no idea what I was getting into. From the screenshots it appeared to me as a well-made JRPG with serious tones.

I was not wrong about the quality, but seeing how the game keeps it up and continues to surprise for its entire course is honestly surprising.

And for the tones of the game, I was partially wrong. The story is really deep with a lot of twists to keep the player on its toes, but it has a lot of fun characters and whacky moments to alleviate the player from the constant crying (no ok, I'm slightly exaggerating here. But some moments honestly made me cry a little - I have video proof!)

The gameplay is really engaging, the teambuilding part is simple but still really deep, and battles are fun and engaging. It's a miracle it runs on the 2k3 engine honestly.

At the end, I really suggest this game, I guarantee that if you're a fan of JRPG you'll surely like it.
In my opinion this game should not be free, but for various reasonable reasons it is. So It's like getting a paid game for free. :D

Yes, I love inserting a small reference there and there in my games. 

The secret route is really hard to crack, it's easily missable right at the start, but when you do the right things, you're locked in.

The walking on water is not intended, I missed a collision check there, thanks.

Thanks for playing the game! And also thanks for the grammar/typos report, I fixed it! ^_^

Some banters are split in two parts, so if you die in a different order, you'll see the same dialogues but in a different combination. As for the sword, you can't die to it later so if you die there first you miss the dialogue.

This game is actually genius. I think it didn't even need battles, but they are really simple so they're fine.

Very fun and challenging game! I love the work made on the music!

Really cute idea! I like it! :D

Thanks! Happy to hear that!

Thanks! ^_^

Top 10.000 for sure :)

Thanks! :D

Thanks! I'm happy you liked it!

Yes, remembering actions is a good alternative, since the sorceress and warrior both deal the same damage to the only target. I think with more enemies (and attack moves) it might get more challenging to do.

Thanks! I wanted to add passives to heroes too, but I was out of time!

Thanks! ^_^

Thanks! There were some things I didn't have time to add, like status effects. It might be fun making a complete game out of it!

Very cute game! Using the police car is so funny! XD

Really nice idea! I love the bus design. XD

Thanks! ^_^ 

Unfortunately that's a bug, I will fix it immediately when the jam voting ends. It reverts to the first form, but the graphics part doesn't update.

I just made an update, where I changed that prompt to a completely different one. Thanks again for reporting!

This issue happened to another user before, I tried to fix it making the "Delete" button an alternative to "Canc". That doesn't work too?

Unfortunately it's a issue that happens to a limited number of users. I thought I fixed it, I'll make an update, thanks for reporting! 

You do not play. You win.

(If there are problems, you can play the game either in browser or by dowloading it on windows)

To not win, go back in time where you didn't open the game, and then delete it from your system. Congrats for winning!

Mwahahaha! At least you won. °W°

Thanks! Congratulation for winning! :D

Aha, thanks! Congrats on winning! ^_^