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currently the only way to do that at the moment is, to go to the registry
Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Waldemar Umaniz\Eleven

and delete a entry that looks like this one lvlId_h174066462, the main key is "lvlId"

Oculus XR Plugin


The Time Trial mode is basically a relaxed mode. I've just added the time limit so the player can compete against each other. But in the upcoming version there will be a zen mode.

This is a simple action-adventure-platformer which I made back back in 2014 for the #lowrezjam, with the resolution restriction of 32x32px.

The game

Thanks for your feedback!

"4 cubes in smaller container" this was intentionally. In this situation you can just discard this tile. My intention was to make the game fair. Each session is based on a seed and therefore can be replayed. That means that the type and the order of all tiles remains the same from session to session as long the seed does not change. I made it this way so the player could get the same seed from a player with highest score. This way no one could say "you got your highscore because you was lucky with your tiles set".

"selectable durations" this is already possible, also some other modes like puzzle mode are already build to some extent. But wanted to keep the released prototype as simple as possible to test out basic mechanics.

CUBRIS is my take on tile matching genre but with cubes in VR. It is a prototype (a proof of concept) and I could only test it on Windows and Oculus Quest 2. So, no guarantee that it will work with other devices as well. But every feedback is appreciated!

The game

Move 'n' Bloom is now a also playble on your android device!
To celebrate this occasion, you can grab one of the limited promo codes!

The game

It's cute, colorful and simple but also deceptively challenging!
Move 'n' Bloom combines a variety of match and Sokoban mechanics in a new and fresh way.

Sounds good!? Check it out now and enjoy playing!

Hey folks, I'm working currently on a game called Move 'n' Bloom.

It's an very simple puzzle game based on sokoban and match 3 core mechanics but it expands on them and gets very challenging overtime. If you like games like Jelly No Puzzle or Snakebird then you might like this one, too.

Today I've released a alpha demo of it, so give it a try :)

The game: Move 'n' Bloom - Alpha Demo

Great! Thanks for the response and have fun playing :) 

I've uploaded a version without Steam client connection. I should not make any call to Steam client anymore.

I've uploaded a version without Steam client connection. I should not make any call to Steam client anymore.

Thanks for the feedback. I've uploaded a version without Steam client connection. I hope this woks now :)

It's actually checks for steam (so you could use steam features like achievements) but it shouldn't start the steam app. So, thank you for the report. 

I'm very sorry about that, I'll try to find and to add some colorblind friendly color schemes. Thank you for the feedback :)

Oh, sounds like a bug. Thanks for the report, I'll look in to it.

Thank you very much! :)

Thanks for the kind feedback! I'll consider it :)

Thanks :)

Only a short loop based on this track
But if you wanna listen to the loop here it is :)

Thank you very much! I hope I can :)

Hi, everybody. I've been working on this project for some time and somehow I managed to finish it at the right time :D 
It's a small puzzle game and tribute to one of my favorite shows. I hope you like it :)

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Hahaha ok! Thank you very much :)

Hi, sorry for the very late answer. The game was made for the ludum dare jam 43, so thats why it's very limited. Currently i'm working on a new Version in my spare time, every now and then, but only for desktop. I've already tested it on mobile and it's nearly impossible to play it unless I change the controls but this change the gameplay entirely (also tested).

Thanks! :)

Actually I wanted jut make an post LD version of the game but somehow it got out of hand :D
How ever, now I'm redesigning the whole game, hopefully without breaking it and so I thought I'll share some progress with you :)



Thanks! :)

Just uploaded my Ludum Dare 43 entry, BOUNCY ARTS
A fast paced, kind of bouncy platformer, so check it out and have FUN! :D

I've just uploaded a post Ludum Dare 42 version of my game, here on

It's a pretty simple fast paced puzzle game but with the twist that you can play it co op. The one player on the pc and the other as support on the android device.

So check it out! :)

I had this idea for a while and now it's playable! Tada! :D Something small, fast paced which you can play alone or against your friends, parents, kids or just heading together for highest score.  But the best thing is to play it by yourself and form your own opinion ;)


Greetings! Thank you very much for playing and making this great let's play video :)

Thank you very much, this is very kind of you :)

Hey everyone!
It's been awhile now that I released the game on Steam and it was long overdue to publish it here on 


It's a mathematical puzzle game and yeah, it sounds maybe tedious, but it's actually about building chains and combos. As I've realized now, the game is more challenging as it meant to be :D
So, if you love to be challenged by a puzzle game, you should take a look at it ;)