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Thank you for your feedback. Glad you liked it.

Congratulations, it's my first Jam as well :).

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The writing is so good, combined with the house and music design it makes for a really well put together chapter of storytelling. Really well done!

The concept is fun and engaging, a very good start.

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it, will definately check out your game today.

Thank you for your feedback, I definitely should have budgeted more time for playtesting too.

The music is relaxing and shines beautifully as an intrinsic part of the experience. The Achievements, missions and puzzles are well put together (Setting fire to something as a fireman was interesting). The art is clean & consistent, I particularly like how the fire looks. It's an excellent experience.

Dying, getting my legs chopped off,  having friends. Don't know what is more horrifying :P

All of the endings that I found were well thought out, the music track was spot on too. Well done!

The ship looks really cool, the temperature mechanic was well implemented. I liked the soudtrack as well. Visually the elements don't feel repetitive. Maybe consider adding checkpoints and increasing the speed of the craft as the player crosses each successive checkpoint as a mechanic.

I loved it, the clouds, the wavy grass, the difficulty scaling, the controls. You could reorder the boss fights I found the bugs too easy. Overall really excellent work!

Excellent visuals and animations. Using heatwave as a story element was also quite different, I liked the whole story. The inverted moving platforms with the gravity mechanic was a nice touch.

Really well done!

(Checkout and rate my game Ice Quest)

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I managed a score around 13K.

The expression of the naked villagers cracked me up.

The explosions were cool.

Chickens were notoriously hard to click.

I also liked, how if I got overzealous with my clicking, the collisions  between villagers would cause them to knock into each other and fall away.

Suggestions: Adding variations to the clickable items that optionally also affect the time left would add a lot of fun. Adding a custom cursor.

Overall, Well done!

Loved the parallax effect and transition between areas.  

I liked the theme,  running out of water, a torn landscape,  NPC story narration, the break in pace with the safezone.

Adjusting the walking animation speed and run/walk transition would have made a lot of difference, at least for me.

I couldn't get past the second desert but that could be me being bad at jumping mazes in general.

The ground detection and hit box size requires time to test out so I understand it not being on point.

The decision to make the trees a foreground element added to visual variety (something I forgot completely in making my game).

Overall a cool game.

Thank you! I'm happy that you found it fun.

Praise the sun!

Yes, that was a rookie mistake, I playtested all the mechanics in lvl 1 and it became too easy for me, so I made it harder each time I played.

I was thinking of making the level easier but keeping the timer.

Thanks for the feedback.

My knee welcomes the arrow. Thanks. :D

Thanks. My first Jam so I made a few rookie mistakes. I unintentionally made the first level too hard; as I was playing it again & again, I adjusted the difficulty upwards each time and it just ended up that way. Smh

Haha together we've got the Juxtaposition sub-theme in the bag. I am looking forward to playing your game.

Thanks, I'm glad you like the music, took me longer than I had planned to select the tracks. 

Please Use W Jump,  A-S Movement, 

Space -Jump, Left Ctrl: Ice Blast Skill (only lvl 2)

Played the WebGL version. It was fun to traverse. The drop down over the  lava pool into the grab, preceding the final vertical section took me a couple of tries. 


Movement was fine in  my opinion. If I were to change something I would change the general bounciness of the player, if that fits your overall design.

Random Suggestion

Depending on the pacing, you may also adjust the long pool areas to have a platform in the middle with some obstacle like a timed geyser, which would add a timing element to the jump and grab mechanic.