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I really the "pow pow pow pow" when you identify an object! XD
I also like some pre-discover denomination : "metal spaghettis"...

That was fun, well done!

I think I found a bug: I died after having collected everything (because the fox was stuck and thus prevented me to come back to the spawning point). When I rreappeared, I was able to build the incubator... And when I died after winning I was still able to build the incubator. Not sure if it was intended, it feels like the "ability to build the incubator" does not reset on death.

Wow, I wasn't ready for some WarioWarish minigames! XD

The graphics and sounds are really well put together! It feels really polished!

Very nice game, especially for your first GWJ!

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What an ambitious first game! O.O
I am amazed that you manage to do that well in such a tiny amount of time... Well done! As some people already mentioned, reliable pattern recognition, with projection of 3D lines in 2D, is not the easiest thing to code.

However, like the others, I struggled with the controls and felt that the tutorial could be enhanced. I also noticed that the music is not looping.

I didn't reach the end and kept destroying meteors forever... Is there one at some point?

Anyway, nice job! :)

Thank you very much for playing and taking the time to share your analysis! :)

We're very glad you liked the game and that your learning of the mechanics went smooth!

I really had fun playing your game! :D It is quite addictive!

Maybe it lack another building, or some more challenges? I feel like the placement and movement of the character don't matter much.

P.S. : Is there an end? XD

Very solid entry in this jam, great work! :O 

The graphics are beautiful, the atmosphere (music, sounds, rain, texts) is griping! I felt some Fallout 2 and Sheltered vibes put together... Sweet nostalgia...  

For me, the game is a bit long for a jam though... I went into a game over at 50 knowledge and didn't find the courage to play again. I feel like a check point or save system would really be a great addition (even if I know by experience that it is not the simplest thing to program).

Keep it up, team!

I'm really amazed that you made a 3D game playable on browser in such a tiny amount of time... O.O

Also, the fact that you are the forgotten knowledge and that lost pages are tutorial elements is clever!


The two issues I experienced:

- I'm french, so not being able to change the WASD to ZQSD for AZERTY keyboard was a bit fustrating... That's why I didn't play through the entire game.

- In the browser version at least, I experienced some weird audio glitches like music freezing while I was pressing a key... Not sure if it is my network or something...

I'm very glad you liked the game! :D

You're right, Loop Hero was an inspiration (at least for me) and, you're right again, it was awesome!

Yes, the readability of the bars seems to be one of our biggest issues... :/ I guess the solution would be to spend more time explaining how they work in the tutorial as Josephkhland suggested.

Thank you for your comment anyway!

Thank you for playing! :)

About intro texts, you can skip them either by using the button to skip the entire tutorial or by clicking on the dialogue box to skip only one text. Sorry if it wasn't clear enough... :/

About the end or game over, you are right, we have some issues with computations at end of turns, not really sure why... Sorry for the bad experience...

Anyways, thanks again for taking time to write a comment. :)

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Nice entry!
I liked how the stores are useless and that you have to buy your rocket from a vending machine! XD
The music is cool!

I would have liked a bit of challenge (enemies, some hard plateforming, ...). Also, maybe gravity is a bit weird?

(Were there actually teleporters? Because I didn't find them...)

Keep it up!

Interesting mechanics of drawing on the map! Also, the graphics are gorgeous, draw me back in the years. :)

About gameplay, the character is too slow in my opinion.

About atmosphere, I would have liked scary music!

Good entry anyway!

Nice game! I am amazed that you achieved a 3D game with good menuing in only a few days! It works well and the memory mechanics is interesting!

For me, it lacks a background music and an ending screen ('cause I finally found the great recall but yet I can't recall anything! :P).

(Just so you know : I am using the linux build on ubuntu 20.04 LTS and it runs perfectly.)

Thank you for the feedback! :)

Thank you for playing and taking time to leave a comment! :)

I was afraid that, as it is hidden, the pattern mechanic would be too hard to discover; I guess I worried to much. ;) I'm really glad you liked this feature in particular. We think of it as  second call to the theme because the player has to rediscover how to build farms, water channels, etc.

About the clarity of the gauges, that's a fair point. The idea was the following: you have to keep the production of each ressource at 100% because it represents the needs of your population (we didn't have the time to scale the needs to the population level). If you have less than 100% production, you don't meet the needs of your population, so it decreases.

Actually, we find particularly difficult to synthetize "you have to compensate that much techno-building production and you have that much low-tech production while the needs of your population are as much" in a simple graphical representation... We admit our choice may not be the clearest option so, if you have any suggestion, please feel free! :)

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Hey! Long time no see! :)

Very nice game you've made here! Assets are very cool! The visual impact of the "mounted turret giant data worm" is great!
The gameplay is nice, even if I have a few remarks:

- The character feels a bit slow to me,

- It is easy to find "sweat spots" where "turrets" can't hit you and "monsters" are to far to  assault you (especially the bottom corners in the two "boss" rooms). I don't know if it is intended?

Anyway, great submission, keep creating good stuff! :)

Thank you for you comment, glad you liked it!

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Oh I see, like a freeze during a transition screen... I assume it is linked to the bad performance (refresh rate) that the browser version can induce, or your connection quality maybe? Indeed, we already had similar problems with the physics of the mission sheets being glitchy or the pause menu causing the game to freeze in the browser version (at least those bugs have been fixed)... Maybe next time you should try the downloadable version, if you can.

Once again, thanks for the feedback! Hope you won't experience this bug again!

Thank you so much for playing and for your feedback! Glad you globally liked it!

For the gender equality, I think you missed some characters (especially a "brawl" female). But maybe you're right, I guess we could enhance that.

Otherwise, what do you mean by "The game crashed [...] a bit"? What did you experience exactly? Game closed itself? Game freezed?

Thank you again and good luck for the rating! :P

Really liked the idea. It is the first committed game I see; huge bonus point.

I also liked the fact that you add that list of parameters to allow the player to custom your game's difficulty, really cool!

Other than that, the controls are correct, I didn't see any bug/glitch.

Thus, it is a pretty solid submission, congratulations!

Thank you very much for that very detailed feedback!

First of all, we're really glad you enjoyed the game and want to know all the endings! :P Your suggestion about putting the number of endings somewhere is interesting! I think I'll make a spoilers section on the page of the game!

Then, we, angeldust and I, totally agree with you. We basically enlarged the scope too much during the development, letting only little time for balancing, or pushing the ideas. Moreover, I left angeldust alone on this part (because he is waaay better than myself at game design and because there were so many bugs to fix), so it was really tough given the tight deadlines. In any cases, thank you for your suggestions, we will think about it!

Thank you very much for playing and for those kind words! We are very glad you enjoyed our game!

Yeah, we are sorry for the difficulty balance... We are disappointed it put an end to many play-trhrough... But hey, getting shot is usually how you end up when you get into Mafia, so maybe... (what a terrible excuse) XD

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Nice little metroid-vania, the first I have seen for now! Graphics and audio are really well put together, the atmosphere is nice.

The game felt a little unfair though (some platforms are located at the maximum of your jump height so it is tricky to reach them and the enemies chain-pushing you backward as you enter their hitboxes is pretty frustrating). 

Is that only me or the boss doesn't disappear when you kill it?

Overall, a very solid entry, especially when having in mind the short deadlines. It reminded me of my childhood games, I spent a good time! Congrats!

Very interesting use of the theme and the "pet the dog" wildcard! Doing this in only nine days is pretty solid too! The graphics and audio are well put!

Only drawback I can think of: the flashlight lights barely nothing at the end of the cave, I struggled a bit.

Impressive job!

P.S. : That's a detail, but maybe you could put the arrow as inputs for non-QWERTY keyboard users?

It is a very funny game! Very interesting use of the theme, and it's really original too! I liked the multiple endings (especially the "final" one)! Amazing job, congrats!

Bonus point for Rick & Morty references!

It is really an original and very interesting concept! The art and audio are very good, nice job really! The feedback animations for the weddings are really cool.

Maybe adding a score would be nice? But it's a detail.

Overall, one of my favorite game of the jam!

It's a nice game! The art is very good!

Maybe instructions about pressing the space bar to throw sticks would be a nice addition!

Really cute puzzle game! The graphics and audio are very cool, the ambiance is chilly! The level design is also good!

Only drawback I could think of: the collision between mama duck and baby ducks; you get stuck pretty fast (it's okay since you can play the mama and the babies separately but it is a bit fustrating).

Good job, congrats!

Wow, thank you very much for this positive feedback!

It is a very good use of the theme! Also your drawing are also very good and the game is original!

Well done!

I totally agree!

A really meta game! I really liked your narration, seemed authentic (even if the audio was saturating by moments).  It was fun!

However, as the others, I struggle with the FPS controls.

That was a cool game. The atmosphere is very well put together until... The WTF ending! The sunset light in the background is very cool and the audio mix is reeeally cool.

However, I struggled with controls, especially in the crate-moment (eventually got stuck and restarted the game). I also think that mixing 3D background and 2D character sprites is a bit confusing, but that's a personal opinion (apparently other jammers enjoyed it).

Congrats for your submission!

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This game is so cute! The graphics and audio are sweet (bonus point for voice acting) plus it's fairly original as I feel like there are few sim games (and that's an audacious choice given the short deadlines) !

Pretty well done!

(If I may suggest something: maybe you should affect a button to the pause? I think it would make things easier when you play at full time speed.)

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Yes, you're totally right, the rolling jump totally does the trick! It's a clear reference to old ninja games like shinobi, it works well! It's just that, yeah, they're rolling pretty fast and for a pretty long time! XD

For the hidden feature, I'll try to find it by myself then! :P

I'm sorry to hear that you struggled with godot collisions... :/ But don't worry, it's far from a game breaking bug, it is a detail. Don't hesitate to contact me on discord, maybe I can try helping you (well, it's to late for the jam, but it can be interesting if you want to keep using godot), even if my skills are very limited... XD

Hope you didn't think I tried to make fun of you (sorry if you do), it was not the case! As I said, your game really reminds me of old ninja games vibes (and I say that as a good way, as I started playing with that kind of games).

Thank you very much for playing and for this detailed feedback! We are glad you enjoyed the atmosphere and story, that what we wanted to focus on!

Your queue idea is really interesting! At the beginning, we wanted to make it impossible to do all the "non-story" missions, but we changed our mind during development. But I guess you're right, some more thinking about this game feature is probably needed!

Thanks again!

Thank you very much for testing our game and writing such a nice comment! =D

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Wow, that's very nice, thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed the game and thought the controls were intuitive! Otherwise, yes, the game is pretty hard, that is one of the most recurrent feedback (it is really difficult to find the good balance), so don't be ashamed!  ;D Thank you again for your feedback!

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Thank you very much for playing and giving us feedback! Your comment is really nice!
Yeah, I guess we got a bit ambitious... We spent way more time in this project than planned (coffee surely helped). Glad you enjoyed it!
Your entry is also very interesting and original! Haven't had much time to rate and comment it yet but I promise I will!

Thank you very much for playing and for your feedback! Glad you liked our game!

Thank for rating to!

I played the game you and your kiddos made, pretty well done! Played and rated, as you say! ;D

Oh okay, I get it! And then you have to bark with Roy to unblock Darwin? That seems cool but, in that case, you can have your two dogs blocked with their respective fears at the same time, which prevents you from continuing the game.

You don't have to be sorry! I just would have liked playing a finished version of this game, so I'm glad you're planning to keep on developing it! Thank you and good luck then!