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Hello again from me,
My question actually was stupid from the beginning but I realized it just now. You are right. This would mean that you will have to program this for other game engines and this is ton of work to program on different platforms.

Best Regards and with respect for the great work!

Hello Cafofo,
I wish you Happy New Year!
I am big fan of yours. I wonder is this going to be released here too? Is it for Unity only?

Best Regards and thank you for your work!

Gorgeous! Can you tell me what is the license of your tiles - these and the walls. Can we use them in commercial projects? Are there any restrictions and details? Thank you very much for your fantastic work!

Thank you very much. Will look into it. :)

In this case Tiled. But I can use something else. If all is ok in the tiles - it is my fault and I will have to think of something else. :)
Thank you very much for your time and for your work.

Are then the middle water tiles ok? Can you help me please. I cannot fathom my mistake. 

Thank you very much.

Hello again from me :D

Can you please tell me what was the size of the tiles of the set.  Was it 16x16 or 32x32 or something else. Can you see the water tiles - if you see the second picture from top to bottom you have one big pool. I cannot make that  when I try. I think those tiles that are to be middle - not connected with a wall have some artifact maybe. Maybe I am wrong. Can you help me please.

Best Regards and thank you for your work.

Thank you very very very much!


Just saw this. I find it very interesting. But it says no longer available. And to contact you. Why is it cancelled? Is it in complete state?

Thank you in advance.

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Thank you, so this is false alert I guess. It happens from time to time.

Best Regards.

Did anyone so far got antivirus alert on this pack? I have on 4 files for packed.Win32.MUPX.Gen@129019204 something... namely on these:
beingone - from beingone to beingone 5.

Best Regards.

I think it was my fault, just the map was not of correct kind I guess. When you go in tiled and make new tileset and when you click on palette called tilesets - the program crashes. I detached it and it is floating window now but when you click in it, the program crashes. Anyone had same problem? I haven't made new map yet, only defined the tileset for it.

Best Regards.

Sounds wonderful. Actually sounds wonderful. I wait to see this with excitement to be honest. So if we are able to set the copy folder for the program (to set up the folder where the assets will be copied), all will be fantastic I think - my curiosity was actually if this installs hypothetically to c:\something\appdata\something whatever and starts copying assets to your C: drive for example, or it's root folder wherever that may be by default which will soon be full. But I see you are thinking of this in much more debt which is fantastic.

To be honest I am telling you that, because I think the work you do is great and I am curious – I saw the preview and I find great promise.

I think that this is finally what we need. I am searching for something like that for a... well let us just say very, VERY long time and cannot find anything that suits my needs – regardless if it is paid or not. I understand the idea of duplicating now – cool if you index stuff from DropBox or some other server/cloud.

With respect and best regards. Once more – thank you.

Thank you for the quick response and very extensive I can say. This reminds me to something in the past and I am excited to hear that. I wait for it.

One small wish - cannot say recommendation because I cannot really want anything from you, but a wish - For a long time I am searching for thing that I can manage, review and search my resources without poking in tons of folders and without the program to copy and reorganize my things in a way making them difficult to search them... On top of that do I understand that it will have database? That is really good feature.

If you want you may consider – if it have database it may only index and remember paths to resources maybe instead of copying them entirely to another location - something like local index with the features you consider. If you are alone you may not need server to share whatever with other people. Something like just for one guy version - It is quite hard to sort and remember what is where and if it have option to mark the license available for it...

Just a thought. Otherwise it is wonderful program, I am waiting for thing like that for a long time – and web list feature is something very, very, VERY cool - if it have web interface that you can record and browse your stuff.

With respect, thank you very much for your work.


I like your program very much, actually I think this is what I need to sort the resources I have, but will there be option to get program to work without DropBox?

Best Regards.

I see. Thanks.

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Hello, i would like to ask you if the moon, rocks and post apocalyptic is also included here in this?

Also what are the license conditions of your pack.

Thank you in advance.


Since I havce to work with many and different assets I have bought your program. Find it very handy and thank you for it.

I have however the following problem - when I go to settings and click on the Update button - it returns error that it cannot create file  "AssetManager.fmpur" - the error appears and then the program crashes to desktop - I am using windows 7 64 bit, the prtogram is  started always with administrative privileges, it is not on the system partition and the mentioned file is already there. If you remove it to be recreated it starts to look for it instead of trying to create new one. Tried everything - including cleaning the database.

Thank you for this cool  program.

Best Regards.


I wanted to ask because maybe I am failing to understand something - when creating terrain in Tiled, the tool works perfectly when tile is 16x16, but if it is for example 32x32 - it actually makes strange things. Do anyone have such problem also? It may be my error, I ran through the documentation but failed to see my error. Can we have a bit more examples and more thorough explanation when the tiles are bigger - how to mark them for terrain. 

Respect for the great work.

The game is awesome. It is also challenging, and like that in games.  I think you should be proud as you said.
By the way I see you have legacy assets too and some cool heroes... Can we buy them also on Itch? Do you plan them to be available, I found them to be very cool, also watched your tutorials in youtube. I hope there will be more soon :D.

I humbly thank you :) I was so eager to see that one.

I see you released new cool stuff, thank you! By the way - yes I tried that link. Dropbox returns ERROR 404, and cannot find the game because of some... its dropboxian reason :D so we still cannot see it:

"Error (404) We can't find the page you're looking for."

Best Regards and thank you for the amazing work you do.

Your work is INCREDIBLE, cannot find any other definition! I look forward for more. Especially for more alien, space, sci-fi... I hope we see more on that (and any other).

Thank you.

P.S. I wanted also very much to try your game Sector 12 looked very promising.

1.03 Works fine, this however indeed gives that error. However the program is great and we really hope that soon this will be fixed. Good work CodeManu. It's cool :)