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Some of the things does not have download links.

A topic by Vorador created Feb 11, 2021 Views: 76 Replies: 2
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Some of the items in the bundle say that "There is nothing to download yet" What does this mean? Can you fix this? Also I would like to ask you what is the license of the assets - the textures etc. Can they be used in commercial games and projects for example. Are there any other limitations besides the fact that we cannot resell them (obviously).

Thank you for your work.


STOCK MEDIA (Asset packs): The various stock media asset packs are all licensed in a fairly straightforward way, you can make derivative works using them as a resource (eg games, VFX shots in videos or cutscenes) with no real constraints, and there are no other limitations to that usage really aside from the obvious, that you cannot just resell the package of content as is. Any more specific or unusual use cases, let me know. I will try to answer those questions but in most such cases the answer will be 'yeah, you can do that.'

GAMEDEV PROJECTS: The game dev projects listed all exist in a state of completion that is well over half done and therefore it is possible to show some material to the public, but some of these, asstated on their respective pages, may not be fully completed until late 2021 at the latest. I am putting a great deal of time and effort into them generally, and some of these projects are now very close to ready to release, with far more there in some cases than what is posted on the game pages themselves.The game pages all include text noting the status of the project as an effective preorder. The typical pricing will climb on these individual items generally after each item launches. 

As each game is debugged and the last remaining graphics elements, etc, are implemented and fall into place, I will be posting them and you will be able to download them (over the next few months) but for now, the timeframes described in the text on those game pages are usually pretty realistic assessments. Panoramic Worlds, for example, I am really trying to get out before the end of February (this month) as it is actually pretty close to complete. And then the minigames, will be posted over the next four or five months as I spend some of that time working on those and the rest in the background filling in bits for Miniature Multiverse and the new Vivid Minigolf, to be posted later in 2021.

The trickiest one is Miniature Multiverse, and it is also the most discussed and anticipated generally. There are about 150 hrs. of work left on it still, which sounds like a ton but I have already poured in close to a thousand working on it since 2016 so... I am thinking it isn't too far off at this point.

Some of these might run into unanticipated obstacles slowing them down, I cannot predict exactly which ones and where, but I will keep at it and get them all out there even if it takes more work than was initially planned.

But you will get to play them as they're released. Even if in some cases it takes a while.

REFUNDS: If the fact that you did not notice the 'preorder' status on games specifically is upsetting to you, I recognize that I am largely at fault for this and will definitely be willing to refund your purchase and (still) allow you to keep the stock media packs as they are, and use them in your projects. I realize some of that was not marked clearly enough and that not everyone reads all the text, and I will attempt to fix it today to make the nature of those particular listings more visible and obvious for future buyers.

I did see the most recent PayPal transaction which I think is likely yours, and can absolutely refund it if you want given the situation.

Thank you for your response. And No - I do NOT want any refunds.
Just for some of the links said nothing yet, and with that in mind, I have decided to ask you.  Sometimes when you buy bundle you can get confused. And for the license - it never hurts to ask. I may miss something and so said I have decided to ask you.