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Thank you for the quick response and very extensive I can say. This reminds me to something in the past and I am excited to hear that. I wait for it.

One small wish - cannot say recommendation because I cannot really want anything from you, but a wish - For a long time I am searching for thing that I can manage, review and search my resources without poking in tons of folders and without the program to copy and reorganize my things in a way making them difficult to search them... On top of that do I understand that it will have database? That is really good feature.

If you want you may consider – if it have database it may only index and remember paths to resources maybe instead of copying them entirely to another location - something like local index with the features you consider. If you are alone you may not need server to share whatever with other people. Something like just for one guy version - It is quite hard to sort and remember what is where and if it have option to mark the license available for it...

Just a thought. Otherwise it is wonderful program, I am waiting for thing like that for a long time – and web list feature is something very, very, VERY cool - if it have web interface that you can record and browse your stuff.

With respect, thank you very much for your work.


Hey Varador,

I hear you, and its similar to what I have seen with other software. I see the benefit to simply targeting a folder directory and loading something. Though I put some thought into it and have good reason to do this differently.

Consider this. You buy a 3D model online and when you import it into your game engine, the file has weird names. Textures are not correctly mapped to a material etc, and you have to clean things up. With the next release, you will be able to rename individual components of a 3D model. That way when you export it is in line with your own naming convention, right down to geometry,  textures and material etc. 

I will however bee adding the feature to do a full export of the database, either to a single DB file for transport or broken up into folders with each asset exposed. So if someone decided they wish to no longer use the app, all the files are handed back over in a usable manor. 

As for the Server, an indie-dev would not notice the difference. It will be able to install on both Server and Desktop. During the initial setup, the user will be able to set an option to make it public or privately accessible. If private for say an Indie-Dev, they just go so a URL like localhost:0000 and use as normal. 

Sounds wonderful. Actually sounds wonderful. I wait to see this with excitement to be honest. So if we are able to set the copy folder for the program (to set up the folder where the assets will be copied), all will be fantastic I think - my curiosity was actually if this installs hypothetically to c:\something\appdata\something whatever and starts copying assets to your C: drive for example, or it's root folder wherever that may be by default which will soon be full. But I see you are thinking of this in much more debt which is fantastic.

To be honest I am telling you that, because I think the work you do is great and I am curious – I saw the preview and I find great promise.

I think that this is finally what we need. I am searching for something like that for a... well let us just say very, VERY long time and cannot find anything that suits my needs – regardless if it is paid or not. I understand the idea of duplicating now – cool if you index stuff from DropBox or some other server/cloud.

With respect and best regards. Once more – thank you.

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Thanks for your kind words.

I just finished some training last night on Microsoft's new Blazor platform. So I will begin porting the software shortly. Im having a Baby however so don't know the deadline haha :)

Something you may be interested in the meantime until it is built. This is what I was looking at using before I decided to build my own app. 
It does not do all the asset types AssetCat can do, but it looks extremely powerful in regards to 3D models. And requires no copping of assets.