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Thanks for your kind words.

I just finished some training last night on Microsoft's new Blazor platform. So I will begin porting the software shortly. Im having a Baby however so don't know the deadline haha :)

Something you may be interested in the meantime until it is built. This is what I was looking at using before I decided to build my own app. 
It does not do all the asset types AssetCat can do, but it looks extremely powerful in regards to 3D models. And requires no copping of assets. 

Hey Varador,

I hear you, and its similar to what I have seen with other software. I see the benefit to simply targeting a folder directory and loading something. Though I put some thought into it and have good reason to do this differently.

Consider this. You buy a 3D model online and when you import it into your game engine, the file has weird names. Textures are not correctly mapped to a material etc, and you have to clean things up. With the next release, you will be able to rename individual components of a 3D model. That way when you export it is in line with your own naming convention, right down to geometry,  textures and material etc. 

I will however bee adding the feature to do a full export of the database, either to a single DB file for transport or broken up into folders with each asset exposed. So if someone decided they wish to no longer use the app, all the files are handed back over in a usable manor. 

As for the Server, an indie-dev would not notice the difference. It will be able to install on both Server and Desktop. During the initial setup, the user will be able to set an option to make it public or privately accessible. If private for say an Indie-Dev, they just go so a URL like localhost:0000 and use as normal. 

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Hey Varador,

In the current release of AssetCat there wont be any ability to not use dropbox. I am currently working an a rebuild though, and this will not require dropbox at all. 

Here is the design plan for the next AssetCat release:

  • AssetCat user software:  Similar to the current version, and will still be free! But it will be server based. This will run as a service on your PC/Server and you can access the interface through your web browser locally. This can be made private to just your PC or public on the internet for Organisational use. The assets you import will be stored locally on the device you installed the software. Users will be able to export there database to a single file in the event of changing PC/Server 
  • AssetCat Store:  Users will be able to browse an online store much like Unity's asset store, and import any purchases they make to their own databases. Users will also be able to upload anything from their own data base, and put up for sale on the AssetCat store.

Please note I'm still in first development stages, so If you want an update when this is done. Then follow my page  :) 

If you have an issue with the space limitation of Dropbox, please refer to this link here were I have listed advice to get more space :) 

Hey thanks for that.  A free license to InstallBuilder was granted due to the software being free and to support a dev community.  Im swamped with work/uni but currently trying to put a out a new release of Asset Cat and it will be paid, so Ill need to look at something like this so thanks for sharing and Ill keep it in mind.

If you like Asset Cat then I'd keep an eye out in the future for an new update. I will be rebuilding from the group up with a server/client model. Something more targeted to team developers and asset sharing, don't worry it will still have a free model :) Indie devs are my homies haha

Hi there, I have checked with Windows 10 1809 and confirmed it to work from Windows settings. Apologizes your having this issue, may I suggest running the original installer again. If it does not offer an uninstall option, complete the install then attempt to uninstall again.

Thank you for your feedback, it will be taken into consideration in the next update.

Hey Everybody.

I have hosted my app on

Its a tool for cataloging video game assets and storing them in the cloud.  So you can browse your own collection when making little games.

I'm looking for feedback as to learn weather this is going to be a useful tool for indie developers. And if I should commit further time into development (9 months so far).

GoogleDrive, DropBox etc does not offer the same sort of functionality the OneDrive offers for “App Storage”. For the first release it will just be for DropBox.

But so your aware of the future plans for Asset Cat. If this hits off and people actually like it. I plan to rebuild it without Unity, making a full featured desktop application with loads more functionality. Hosting in the cloud would be an optional feature and if so, done on one dedicated server. So no need for having an account choosing between DropBox, Google etc

Thanks for you feedback :)

Hey, thanks for the feedback. This is one of the first things that will be looked at.

Currently the reason for this is because I haven’t found out how to intercept the close button on Unity with a warning message if an asset is being uploaded.

Because the databases are delicate, it was done to protect the user. Until such method can be implemented.

Thank you :) 

Ahh, thanks for that. My bad.
Issue is resolved now but images added for reference if anybody in the future has the same problem..

Just in case anyone faces the same issue, I resolved it by adding these lines of CSS.
One will hide the images, the other will hide the above text like "A downloadable etc..."
By having the P next to header_buy_row, its accessing the text. If you want to completely disable the top download area, take out the P and the the visibility/height modifiers.  

.right_col.column {
visibility: hidden;
height: 0px;

.header_buy_row p {
font-size: 0;



I have disabled screenshots in the layout setting of the theme editor.
As I am designing my page with added CSS and am going for a different layout.

This looks as expected in desktop view, but when the width shrinks to a mobile size it shows either the feature or screenshots and adds a title text. This is not based on having custom CSS as it behaved that way before having CSS enabled.

Can someone please advise of a way to stop this?



Thank you in advance :) 

Development Stages

Core Features

  • 3D Models - Incomplete
  • Audio - Incomplete
  • Graphics - Incomplete
  • Tiles - In Progress
  • Animation - Incomplete
  • Skyboxes - Incomplete
  • Fonts - Incomplete
  • Code Snips - Complete

Future Changes

These implementations will be started once the core features have been completed.

  • Extend could storage from DropBox to include Google Drive and One Drive.
  • Create mobile application for viewing assets on the fly.
  • Extend Code Snips to allow .dll imports with full API views.

Post Beta

You might be surprised to find out Asset Cat has been built of the Unity Engine!! This was a decision based on the cost of development. By using Unity we could eliminate the cost and time of building the 3D rendering component, and be able to build a cross-platform app simultaneously. But there are cons to using Unity which put a stop to some of the original design intentions.

If Asset Cat can generate enough coffee money. Then the final release will be built from the ground up, developed under the WPF and Xcode platform. So why do we want this?

One of the biggest things I wanted to achieve with this app was to give users the ability to "tidy up" 3D assets. Though due to limitations of unity this is not possible. Ever paid for an asset and when you import it; the textures don't import correctly,  materials are named randomly, or worse the meshes have inverted faces. The idea was you could import a 3D asset, clean up and rename files as you please then recompile into a repurposable asset.

This is just one limitation we want to overcome and improve on.

So if you like what were doing here and want to see Asset Cat shine, then please keep us in mind and donate when downloading :) 

Asset Cat community · Created a new topic Issue Tracking
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Report any issues found when using Asset Cat

Please Include the following information:
  • Operating System
  • Asset Type
  • Error message if provided

If you have any feedback, maybe a feature request, or just want to share something. Then please post here. All conversations are welcome.

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Hey Everyone,

I have made a tool in .Net Standard for making API calls to the Itch server. It works of tokenisation with app requests.

You can easily request player info and verify Game DRM withought the need of the Itch App

There is a Unity package, or you can download the source and DLL from github to use in other Engines/IDE’s 

If you find this useful, please leave a review on the Unity Asset store page 😍


I have managed to get oauth working were a user can copy the token and verify their profile.
Im now stuck on verifying if the user has purchased a game, I know this can be done by checking if the game was lauched from the Itch App.

But I would rather the user just login and be able to run the game outside of the itch app.

Following the structure from this API reference

How can I take a oauth generated token, and find out if the purchased the app?

Thank you :)
I didnt have the time I would have liked to finish it, so I didnt get to fit in all my ideas. Would you say you still got an emotional reaction from it?

Hey Anneee, I confirmed the files do run. If you try run the file straight from the .zip folder than it wont work. You would need to unzip the folder :)

Hope that helped.