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Your work is INCREDIBLE, cannot find any other definition! I look forward for more. Especially for more alien, space, sci-fi... I hope we see more on that (and any other).

Thank you.

P.S. I wanted also very much to try your game Sector 12 looked very promising.


Thank you! I should probably put a link for Sector 12 now that you mention it, for anyone who might be looking for it:

Thanks again!


I see you released new cool stuff, thank you! By the way - yes I tried that link. Dropbox returns ERROR 404, and cannot find the game because of some... its dropboxian reason :D so we still cannot see it:

"Error (404) We can't find the page you're looking for."

Best Regards and thank you for the amazing work you do.


Hmm, looks like that website no longers hosts the games from that game jam. Here is a direct link to the rar file:   I also updated my webpage with the updated link. Thanks for pointing it out!

I humbly thank you :) I was so eager to see that one.


I just replayed it a bit since it's been years. It has its flaws for sure. There are a couple of bugs in there, and it's not the easiest game to get a grip on right away (again, this was made in only a month), but man, the interconnectedness of all the ship systems still makes me proud.

The game is awesome. It is also challenging, and like that in games.  I think you should be proud as you said.
By the way I see you have legacy assets too and some cool heroes... Can we buy them also on Itch? Do you plan them to be available, I found them to be very cool, also watched your tutorials in youtube. I hope there will be more soon :D.


I am probably going to "remaster" the older assets (the High Fantasy stuff, Wild Steam, etc) and color correct them and put them up for sale on itch in the future. Lots of new stuff though is being made which will ultimately end up on itch as well that is currently only on Patreon :)