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Imma go ahead and be cheesy here:
Finding your channel on YT was my reward, no cap.
It's great to see someone not only teach people HOW to do something, but also do it the right way.

You have my respect, please just do keep uploading and doing your thing!

Haha, oh my god! 
I never realized until you said it, but I've forgotten R in the infograph!

I'll make sure to add that before saying goodbye to this project!

Thank you for playing, and thanks for the kind words!
Truly means a lot for me.

Thank you for the kind words.
I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you so much!
I was a bit nervous to upload the game as in my mind I was going "IT'S NOT PERFECT, DON'T DO IT".

Getting this comment from you sets my mind more at ease.
Thank you for playing!

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The graphics were really neat!
There is not a lot of games that actually changes the sprite state for when you are aiming up or down, and just that tiny addition makes the game feel so much more premium.

I don't know how you did the shooting, but somehow, even with no sound or feedback; Shooting the gun actually feels quite nice.

I hope that you manage to add the loading mechanic before the deadline, it'd be cool to see!


Just tried the game again, and I just have to reiterate: The shooting feels good af.

I had more tries with this game than I wish to admit.

The gameplay loop is simple, yet very addicting.
I like the zelda-type timeframe feedback when you hit a mole, it feels good.
The one thing I loved the most though was actually post game over.

I think the reason I played for so long was because when I lost I never had to press replay or mentally accept the fact that I lost.
The game just resets values and the action continues - that shit is good.

Although, I never did do better than 110.
I am blaming my CPI.

I think focusing on gameplay instead of models was a great decision!
Congrats on actually getting a gameplay loop going!

I like the little story about the shadow organization that you wrote on the page description.
The way you deliver it has a very unforced comedic value, I liked that. 

As for the game I think the idea was good (everyone likes stealth games).
However, I found myself asking why I was detected a lot, and since I couldn't find a quick reset button (I had to reload the page every time I lost) it was hard to test theories and tactics to advance.

I did manage to get that sweet dubs in the end though, so that's something!
I hope that you keep going at it with unity and that you participate in the next jam as well, it's going to be very cool to see how far you have progressed by then!

Good job!

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The game was a bit unpolished (as all gamejam games are) but "the game suck ('-' )" wasn't accurate imho.

The core gameplay loop is in place and the concept is actually great!
On top of that I really love the retro graphics (I'm a sucker for that old school Nintendo look).

The only thing (I personally think) this game needs is Feel and Balance.
If you continue working on the project, do consider tweaking the damage the player does on the meteorite, and adding a few particles to get that sweet feedback.

One thing that tend to work for a lot of games is creating difficulty in numbers instead of power.
What I mean by that is it would probably feel cooler for the player to kill a meteorite in say 2 shots instead, but be bombarded by more at once.

I'm no expert though. All I'm trying to say is:
The game isn't bad, and you did a good job!

Man, this game was so soothing to play!
The music was perfectly balanced and never "in the way".

The sound effects also fit the aesthetics very well, and wasn't too loud or punchy. Good job!

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I don't think neither the character nor zombies look all that bad.

You did have some scaling problems with the UI, but when working with Unity that's no suprise, that shit's hard! The gameplay was a bit hard to understand at first, but once I gave it a good few minutes I understood how to play.

I assume that you learned a lot as you went, and I just want you to know that it was pretty cool how in 8 days you actually tried your own unique thing instead of just copying an entire tutorial-project from Youtube!

I hope that this has been a good experience for you and that you continue making games!
It's really the best hobby (or job) one can have!

Might contain spoilers:

Bro, I was dead at the PUA.
"[...] they are actually connecting with the women, increasing our population".
That's peak fucking comedy, ngl!

Although the gameplay is very simple and repetitive it was never a drag to play this game. The conversations was written in such a way where I was looking forward to see what was going to happen and it provided great comedic timing. The music is also quite soothing and fits the theme of the game, good job!

My only regret is only managing to find 3 / 5 endings. ):

That easter egg was "Nice"  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This was a really fun experience!
Overall good game feel and fun graphics!

Hey, I just purchased this game and am trying to work my way through the story, but I'm stuck at the Summetown mission (where you need to find Carlos). I can accept the quest and all, but I am having a bit of trouble finding him...

Where can I find Carlos, and also, how do I use guns?
Also, what does the Fun Time DLC add? I can't see anything new at this time ):

- ps: I got the Assasins creed reference in the Egyption zone, that's pretty cool!