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Fantastic game, loved the music. Thought the ability to fling yourself was a really fascinating risk vs reward dilemma, do I fling myself to go faster or go slowly to avoid falling. Really enjoyed playing it!

Things I liked:

Art style was fab, I am always a huge fan of pixel art and yours was super polished! I liked the overall style of combat, with champain being long range and the alternate being more close range short bursts. Having your enemies basically get "pacified" back into their correct forms was a genius idea and allowed you to play around with all kinds of yogscast memes.

Things that could be better:

This was overall one of the more intensive games graphically that I have played and my computer did chug a bit surprisingly. It might be a good idea to look into some performance enhancing code structures in the future. In addition while playing I didn't have a strong sense of "goal". I understood I had to go through portals to progress but other than that and ultimately dying I didn't feel like I had a real direction to go.

Ultimately however, definitely one of the big winners of this jam!

Things I liked:

Truth be told I played this for a lot longer than I would care to admit. There is a natural addictiveness in watching numbers rise that you capture quite well here. Between that and the act of repeatedly abusing lazy elves I got to say it was actually really engaging. 

Things that could be better:

I got to say after you unlock everything, the overlapping sounds gets to be quite a lot, especially considering it seems like it doesn't really matter where in the map you are so you are just constantly hearing hammering of toys happening all the time. In addition, it felt like a big let down that when I saved up enough to unlock the portal and even upgraded it a few times that all it ended up being was an additional toy maker. I feel like an opportunity was lost their to have that be your end game.

You have made probably the most addicting game made in a game jam yet,  definitely something to be happy about!

Things I liked:

First of all you made a god damn MMO. Props to you for doing that, I couldn't even begin to imagine how much work that would require out of someone. Once I figured out what I was doing and got into the game, everything felt fluid. Combat was simple and easy to understand but required also a decent amount of understanding to perform effectively.

Things that could be better:

The first time I tried playing everything was janke. It fixed itself on the second go through but the first time I couldn't attack and the movement and maps were all messed up. Afterword's it worked better. The combat has a fun increase gain but once you gain a few kills even if you stand still you still hurt yourself as your fireball just gets too big. In addition, despite being multiplayer, there really isn't any reason for it to be multiplayer. Some mechanic or reason why greatly improve it I imagine.

Overall, a real technical feat to be happy with!

Things I liked:

I thought the voice clips were very cool additions to the game and your game definitely had a lot of very good "feel" to it. Mining felt fun to do, and gave good block feedback when hit. There was not a moment in your game where I wasn't immensely amused by everything going on.

Things that could be better: Your box colliders could use a bit more work, I found myself falling into the cracks quite a few times. In addition, you should consider having the controls be displayed on the main screen as well. As soon as I left the menu, if I wanted to go back to the start I would need to restart the whole game.

Overall I got to say I was pleasantly amused as soon as the game started and I greatly enjoyed the experience. For the first game I have played this jam this is off to a great start!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Things I liked, honestly this whole game was a lot more fun than I expected it to be. I loved the fast pace management of all the tapes and I got to say after awhile I even found myself talking back to the customers as if they were actually there XD. The candies where also nicely done as they allow enough brevity for the player to hold out till they find a tape someone actually wants.  I can tell you also had a lot of fun with the naming conventions behind a lot of the movies, very nice touch!

Things I dislike, normally this list would be longer but you actually catch a lot of that in your disclaimer so well done on that XD. The only thing i'll say then is that I feel like your game would definitely benefit from some sort of career mode or story thing to help interest the player along. I was actually fairly motivated to see each next day, out of the simple challenge of having to manage extra genres, but having some sort of story or characters to follow along with would elevate this from simple game jam to full on GAME. (no jam included)

Overall this is probably the game iv most enjoyed playing in this jam so far! Hope you keep working on it so I can see what a full game version will look like!

- Von Harley

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed playing!

Things I enjoyed, I think you had a really good racing feel! The actual drag of the car while turning was very heavy but that is the entire point of racing games, you have to balance speed with control and I honestly want to applaud you for not taking the easy way out with that. In addition I also want to say good job on not resorting to the "you can rewind time while racing gimmick". It technically would be the easiest one to do but it has been done obsessively in this jam (although I am not blaming anyone who does) as well as in forza.

Things I didn't like, despite the overall turning and momentum being pretty good the collisions in the game felt very wonky and one-sided. Any time you hit or get hit by another car you are thrown out of control while the other car just careens ahead. It should be a general rule of thumb to fall back on that whatever happens to "me" should have just as equally a chance to happen to "them", or at the very least appear equal. If your not going to do that (probably due to time constraints) then give the player a story to believe why it's one-sided, such as maybe the car they are entering with is the granddads old handmedown and its all they have and its very difficult to clash with as a result.

Overall though I think it's awesome you made a racing game! I hope you continue to make more and learn and build even better games in the future!

- Von Harley

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing!

Things I liked, the sounds for this game is very charming! Nice to listen to while trying to figure out how to get out lol. I loved that you had a visual of the actual room to the right, helps give more character to the environment that's being lived in and not just the one spoken about in text. The controls were also super simple. Nothing overally complicated, just three things to do and that's all you really need for a game like this.

Things I didn't like, I felt you could have had a compiled list on on the side of all the interactable things just so that the player doesn't have to constantly scroll up all the time. In addition whenever the player types in anything new it should fast track them to the bottom of the page to save them time when they do need to scroll.

Other than that I thought it was a really cute charming game! Hope you keep making more games in the future!

- Von Harley

Things I liked, I honestly adore any arcade themed game and yours knocked it out of the park. Your MENU! Fabulous. The layering you have with your enemies in your game with having some get hurt by normal time and others getting hurt in rewind is a unique use of the mechanic and its awesome how you applied it as something that could stack on different enemies. A really good take on the theme! I managed to get to 750 points before I finally succumbed to horrible death explosions.

Things I didn't like while the inherent ability to rewind was very intuitive the ability to bounce the bullet with your character seems slightly off? I think its due to the fact that your already trying to just dodge whats on screen to begin with so having to manage anything else just results in it getting lost. At a certain point i just used the large beam enemies to kill of everything else more than my actual bullet ball did.

Overall though a fabulous game and one that I would definitely be proud of! Keep up the good work!

- Von Harley

Things I liked, the actual puzzles you have here are bonkers, I loved all of them! Your mechanic idea for the chickens(?) is very cool and definitely plays well with the theme. You build well off of each previous level and it gets really cool and complicated later on which I adore.

Things I dislike, the walking animation sound gets a bit repetitive after a while, either soften it or diversify the sounds a bit more and that should work well. Also you should give names to the chickens. Im actually dead serious with that, not only would it be cute but it would allow the player to distinguish the two minion chickens apart so they know which is which.

Overall a fabulous game! Can't wait to see what else you make, keep up the good work!

- Von Harley

Things I liked, The concept was a bop, loved having to race around everywhere to find a portal and avoid dying! Controls were pretty simple and the overall flow of the game was safely fast paced which I liked! Your level design with this is a lso very good as no portals are too close together and yet all of them are*just* in your reach. Really well designed!

Things I didn't like, I think your passageways were a bit too narrow, made jumping over spikes too hard too do without waiting for them to retract and with a game like yours that emphasizes such fast play id give the player a bit more breathing room when it comes to that. Your turrets are also something that falls into that. Given how fast the game is I can't really wait for them to shoot and then go so if you had a visual cue for them it would make it a lot better.

Overall I really enjoyed your game! Keep making more games in the future and I hope you get better and better!

- Von Harley

^ All of these are really good games that definitely deserve more attention, should be more like these honestly.

Things I liked, Your art style in this is fabulous! You do a very good job of giving the environment color and life despite the limited palette and you still are able to distinguish objects to the player that they can interact with. Your whole world in this game has a ton of life and narrative in it and that's awesome considering a lot of games in this jam tend to forgo that.

Things I didn't like, sadly your UI scaling was a bit wonkey, Its actually really impressive you made a dialogue system and everything but you could use some proper space allocation when it comes to your inventory and your escape menu. It was also difficult to figure out how to combine information I had on hand. I eventually figured it out but it took a bit and that's never a barrier you want to give the player. Also your game crashed when I used the hand tool on the computer in the second room.

Overall though I really liked your game and I definitely believe it deserves more ratings than what its getting. Keep making games and I look forward to what you make next!

- Von Harley

Things I liked, This is actually a very fun shooter game you have here! The concept of having a bullet that can only harm enemies in one direction and then you need to reverse it to harm others is awesome and you didn't clutter it by having too many bullets. Only having one bullet allows the player to focus more on whats going on rather than being some sort of bullet hell. I can tell you had a lot of fun thinking of the different ways to use that mechanic!

Things I didn't like, the ability to slash felt sort of useless to me and just like extra garble to give the player. If they are that close to the bullet then they could easily just require it rather than hit it and hope it goes in the right direction. Also in level 7 I believe, the one with the deep pit, the bullet wouldn't go all the across despite fully charging it. Lastly try not to make your builds saved in a rar file. Nothings inherently bad about rar but when it comes to a game jam, and just sending your games out in general, you want to avoid adding extra barriers of  entry when you want them to play it.

Overall though I really had a blast playing your game and I hope you continue to work on many more games in the future!

- Von Harley

Things I liked, honestly you have a large amount of player feedback in this game which is awesome! The sound effects are nice and the characters face even lights up when he shoots. All very nice touches. The actual shooting experience is very fluid and I liked how most of it went with exploring the map.

Things I didn't like, the player character would always end up at the end of the screen while they progressed resulting in running face first into an enemy a lot of the time. In addition to that there wasn't any real way to regain health or do anything about the fact that people had corrupted your thoughts or anything so it felt a bit of a stretch making any long term progress towards the end of the game.

Overall though I had a lot of fun playing the game and y'all should be very proud of how the game ended up! Hope you all keep making games in the future!

- Von Harley

Things I liked, Your game was so cute and funny! I loved how much character you built into it. The fact that everything is in time with the music too makes it all that much better. And when you beat a stage and it zooms in, Fabulous. 

Things I didn't like, not much. I think you may be inclined to work on the graphics for the lazier a bit more but other than that it was a slam dunk of a game!

A really fantastic game, keep up the good work and IO hope to see many more games from you in the future!

- Von Harley

Things I liked, You had a great artstyle and I really enjoyed swimming around and trying to get past the clownfish lol. Your idea for rewind as in playing in reverse is cool and I would love to see some extra things done with it.

Things I didn't like,  I feel you could have benefited both from a menu as well as instructions. I didn't really know  what the buttons were and I had to figure out how to shoot. In addition it felt way too easy to get hit and die, the one bubble for initial health was useful but I feel only served as an extra hitpoint and nothing else besides that. If it was something that came back after awhile I feel it would help out immensely.

Overall though, its a pretty fun game and you should be proud of how much you got done in week. Good luck with any future games!

- Von Harley

Things I liked, I liked your take on the super hot game! I think it was a very clever rendition and even if it wasn't, the actual superhot remake is very well done as well. Love how much you stayed faithful to the original concept of it.

Things I didn't like. I feel that the bullets were maybe travelling a bit too fast? It felt like as soon as I stopped walking backwards id get immediately shot, so it became impossible at certain points to make forwards progress. Also some quick bugs, I completed the first level without killing everyone and the second level i fell out of the world twice.

Overall its a very good rendition and I hope to see more games from you in the future!

- Von Harley

Things I liked, Overall you made a very good retro arcade game! Really loved the artsyle with it and the controls felt super smooth. The sound track was also a bop and helped to make it even more hype. 

Things I didn't like. The rewind, while sometimes useful, I felt required too much forethought to be useful in a pinch. The fact that you couldn't use it after you died made it feel like a slight waste as it is already difficult enough to get fully charged up. I feel giving that to the player would allow to feel that at the very least they didn't waste there rewind by not using it.

Overall though a very fun game and I think you should be very happy with where it is at!

- Von Harley

Thanks so much! I am glad you enjoyed it!

Things I liked, I really liked your arty style, I found it very cute! Jumping felt nice and overall your controls were very smooth. I also appreciated that you gave rocks and everything colliders as it made the snow more realistic as it clung to everything.

Things I didn't like, when you can, try not to have the player restarting into text. You want to allow the player whenever they die to get back into it as quick as possible . Clean scene resets may be the easiest option but they can be frustrating for the player if they are having difficulty with a particular section.

Overall though its a very cute and charming game and I hope you make more in the future!

- Von Harley

Thanks for playing! Yea the jumping animation was always a bit weird, partially from how the character was designed but also from how jumping worked and was coded. In the future Im definitly gonna front load working on the jump and movement code for my characters.

Things I liked, I liked the full control over being able to change time at will, I also appreciated that in some of the later levels, the way it is set up, you can't just have it paused the whole time as there are missiles blocking the way and that is some pretty good level design.

Things I didn't like, you give the player way too much control over time. Having just a limit or even making it harder to use would honestly help you out. In addition, you have too much of an info dump at the start in both setting up the plot for the player as well as introducing the controls. Pacing that out and letting them learn to use each control at a time would help ease the experience.

Overall I liked playing your game and you should be proud of what you got done in a week! Hope you keep making more games!

- Von Harley

Thanks for playing! Yea i tried to have the instructions be a part of the environment but I get how doing it that minimally  might be a bit confusing for some players. Glad you enjoyed it though!

Things I liked, just the overall craziness you put into this game is unreal. You have a really cool concept by binding the right direction with reversing time and then on top of that you have all these tools and platforms that make use of that. REALLY well done! On the top of that your such a mad lad you even put in a level editor of all things. If there's any thing such as flex in this competition that's it. 

Things I didn't like, honestly not that much was bad. Maybe could use one or two more checkpoints but for how hard that is you can take that or leave it.

You should be really happy of this game, good job! Hope to see more games from you in the future!

- Von Harley

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Glad you enjoyed it! Yea I'm making a list of things I need to add after the jams over just to polish it up.

Things I liked, Honestly I found your game super charming, the minimalist art style really did your game wonders and I felt the at the controls and everything about it was super smooth. I love how you managed to squeeze in narrative into this with ending your own brother and then having to save him XD.

Things I didn't like, if your going to have high up jump platforms bare in mind that the player needs to at least see themselves when they make precise jumps. Not the worst thing but definitely something to bare in mind,

Overall I think you should be really proud of your game! Hope to see more from you in the future (PS. I found your secret heart stash ;) ).

- Von Harley

Yea, a bit more polish could be added to the animations, a lot of time was sunk it debugging movement and jumping so unfortunately not much got spent on animating it. Level design has been something iv been getting a lot of feedback on so Ill work to better incorporate that in the future.

Thanks! Ill probably make some quick fixes once the jam is over from the feedback iv gotten so far.

Things I liked, I really liked the concept of moving through time and I love how that was represented in the environment with the player moving at different speeds. I think you had a very strong narrative aspect to your game and I really felt it through the eccentric scientist character.

Things I didn't like, the ending to your game just started to tank in fps there for some reason? Probably all the grass but it did start to run a lot slower. In addition I feel if you are going to pull an ending like that it needs to provide more of an answer to the player? A lot of the game is spent wondering through time in confusion so I feel it might give the player more clarity behind what happened if you end it with a tad bit more explanation.

Overall though I liked it a lot! Hope to see more games from you in the future!

- Von Harley

Yea, the camera script needs a bit more fine tuning, there's been a lot of issues with people not immediately knowing where there supposed to go at first. Glad you played the game though!

Things I liked, I felt you had an awesome concept for rewind and I liked how in the last level you showed a way to even interrupt your past self. Taking a mechanic and then building variations is exactly what needs to be done to make puzzle platformers like this interesting in the long run. It was also intuitive as in a lot of the puzzles if the player was observant enough from the start they can solve them in one go which is very appreciated.

Things I didn't like, honestly felt a bit short to me. You introduced a new mechanic in the last level but didn't build upon it after which was unfortunate. In addition I feel like it was lacking something else in gameplay to add some depth to it. That can easily just be chalked up to a time constraint though so no biggie.

Overall I really enjoyed your game and I hope your proud of where it's ended up after this week!

- Von Harley

Glad you enjoyed!

Things I liked, the art style reminded me of those retro arcade cabinets and I like the vibe it gave the overall game. The concept is pretty cool as well as you have to both try and make sure you get the green orbs in the future without missing the blue orbs.

Things I didn't like, I think the mouse and ship movement could have used a bit more work, it felt a bit weird moving around especially considering the ship it self would turn and I felt like I was missing points because of it.

Other than that I think its a really good game, and I look forward to seeing what other games you end up making!

- Von Harley

Glad you enjoyed the lighting, I am really proud of that part. Thanks for playing!