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The horizontal ones caught me off-guard not gonna lie haha :'D

so cool

Great! :)

Still in work... My goal is to transform it into a playable prototype until the end of the jam.

I already started making a game and made a lot of progress before the game jam, but I lost motivation and momentum and didn't work on it for some time. I joined the jam to give me some momentum and a reason to keep working on it, is that okay?

OH!! :'D I totally misinterpreted it then.

Thank you :) and please stop playing if it hurts your wrist or something else.

Thanks :)

As for the theme: you get xp for destroying something valuable.

Wow, this is the coolest game so far. You nailed everything. The only thing I can point out is that it was odd that the tutorial told me to get out of that slime, but I just couldn't until the dialog ended. That play button animation sold the game for me instantly :P

For sure, keep up the good work :)

The controls are really nice, I like the art and the little jump animation. The concept of the map and player movement changing on death is really cool, but I feel like you didn't reach it's full potential. I died 3-4 times around the spawn area and then it became a simple platformer. You could have spaced out these changes to the map and player movement, because depending on how the player plays, all the changes can happen right at the very beginning of the level.

All in all really cool game, liked it a lot :)

Damn, would have tried out, there is no download.

The game is really good with nice visuals and tight controls. I appreciate the meme, although a bit too morbid for my taste. All in all solid game, amazing job.

Would have loved some sound fx (for coins or death for example). Also I kind of feel like I need luck rather than skill to collect all coins, the red slimes just overwhelm the map and just trap me. I would have preferred fewer enemies but with path finding. On the other hand I really liked the controls and the visuals with the isometric map, great job all in all :)

Really nice game with great visuals and fits the theme perfectly. Unfortunately I got stuck with the bomb, I either make a platform with my body or I become a bomb and I needed both :/

Great game, the colors were a little too intense for me.

The art is good, but the character sort of melts into the background, it isn't that easy on the eye.

Wow, such a cool game, and the toilet genie is so random, I love it. The visuals in game are super nice, but in the menu it is a bit blurry because it is super zoomed in and the play button is barely in the frame (I have 1360x768 monitor). 

I like the visuals, interesting game. It took me some time to figure out how to place a cannon, a little tutorial would have helped. Also nice animations :)

Great game, amazing visuals, but really missed sounds. Sounds contribute so much to a game, even if low quality sounds.

Really nice game, would have loved to see syntax colors in the levels, just like in the main menu.

The graphics are lovely and I like how the character is spinning sometimes. Sadly I couldn't get past the level with the jam, I was confused on what to do. 

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Interesting game, the amount of points received for explosion felt kind of random though.

Edit: I'm not sure how it fits the theme.

Really nice game, great use of the theme, the animations are great too. My only problem was the camera. It was inverted on both axis, it was super frustrating to maneuver.

I really liked that at the end of level 4 I just needed to fall down the middle to finish the level, but I disliked that the last platform on the very top didn't move back and forth and I had to restart the whole level once just because of that.

 Other than that it was a great game, really creative, nice visuals.

Same :) just waiting.

I'm glad :'D

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I did some testing and I suspect it is your level loading logic that is buggy.

I tried hitting the spike over and over again and there is a low chance that it actually drops to the next level (the level with coins). When the spike didn't work sometimes an image popped in for 1 frame which looked like coins (perhaps the coin level). Also when I completely reload the page and the game sometimes the 2nd level is this trampoline level.

I suspect, that the spike works but the game loads the wrong level.

PS: this is the "buggy" trampoline level by the way

Oh nice! Unfortunately I didn't know.

Ah I see, then I think it bugged out.

Yeah.. I agree, thanks for the feedback :)

Super nice game with really good visuals, animations and sound. 

My only problem is that it is not intuitive. On the very first level I found the gold and almost quit the game, because I thought, that I finished the game.  Also it was really annoying, that I messed up the 3rd level and the game restarts from the beginning :/

Aside from being unintuitive it was a really nice game, great job! :)

Nice visuals and atmosphere. I was surprised by the ending, luckily I didn't run around for too long searching for a key that works on the locks.

Also it wasn't that spooky for me, because I was a fast boii.

In one of the levels I fell into a spot from where I couldn't jump out and there is no restart sadly :/

All in all nice game, I liked the meshes that appear/disappear on jump :)

One of the jumping sounds was really loud.

Unfortunately I couldn't beat it, I got stuck on a part where there is 1 little orb, 1 big and 1 little on top of a ramp. Interesting concept, but to me it felt more random, than being a puzzle, I couldn't find a pattern.

Really interesting controls. Sadly I got stuck on the first trampoline level, it was quite confusing, because everything killed except the flag, but the flag didn't do anything, I just bounced off the top of the flag.

Nice little game, super simple mechanics and visuals, great job :)

I was kind of surprised that the side walls kill me.

Really creative use of the theme and everything is really good about the game, but the combat wasn't that fun for me personally.

It's a really creative use of the theme , but I was confused by the game mechanic and I got stuck on the level with the snakes, a tutorial or some guidance would have been nice. 

At lvl 20 there is a surprise, that helps you get to the end screen. As for the theme, I answered that in one of the comments down below if you are curious, although I admit the theme is not the strong point of the game.

Thanks for the feedback.