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Even if we knew we would only be able to submit a super short demo from the beginning, I'm glad I tried leading my first project. But Game Jams are hard. I don't know how people find just the right scale, just the right idea, just the right everything to pitch a doable game in such a short period of time. Perhaps it's not something I can do.

But I'll come back again. Somewhere in the credits of a game.

Before I can make anything of this idea, it needs a rewrite...

Just one word: clean. The title screen, the character art, the UI, the music choice. You had me rooting for Cypress by the time this little demo ended!

I can see it become a full short game. You got some solid basis.

We have the beginning done as demo that's like a kinetic novel of sorts. But it was the objective we set ourselves. Can't wait to see what everyone did!

I followed a tutorial from a French channel called Game Dev Alliance that covers the basics of making inventory items and a minimap with imagebuttons and imagemaps. But when it comes to actually make use of the items in an interactive way, we have a long way to go.

First time leading a game jam project here. The code and simple point and click mechanics are ready, music is done and art is on its way. But writing, proofreading and implementing the story is taking too long and I'm too slow.

I went in expecting we'd only manage to implement a demo/MVP. But I don't think that's a bad thing. A year ago I couldn't have imagined being in my position. It's a learning experience.

An amazing little game right there! Aside from a recurring bug where the run restarts directly after a Game Over (without going through the intro sequence), it's really good. More challenging than it looks!

After an entire hour of dying, screaming, DOOM ost and more dying, I beat it. I finally beat the game after it took pity on me by bugging and making me invincible during boss battles.

I want more.

A very nice game! Sadly it crashed during the cutscene following the first boss.

Also, this game reminded me the meaning of the word "hopeless".

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We have our winner.