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Absolutely Fantastic ^^

Brilliant ^^ Really love the game. It's so goddamn HARD!

Wow, very nice game. Also very cool sound ^^ If the controls were a bit more fluid and snappier and maybe let you jump I'd play the hell out of this for score alone :D great concept!

Love the graphics! Reminds me of the old Ultima Series :D

Love the animations! The fx are great ^^ Also the gameplay is nice. I'd personally like the speed to pick up faster, but that's about the only thing ^^ Great entry! One of the best!

Top notch music! Also the game plays really well. The controls could be a tad more snappy to cope with higher speeds. Overall very awesome! :D

Really dig the animations and graphics! The midway color change feels almost like a color clash on the Speccy. Pretty aweseome :D

Try with the new build I just uploaded 2 minutes ago. It should now even autocomplete as soon as you enter the third letter. After that you can restart the game with "R"

Fixed the Highscore List Input on second playthrough. The Highscore list still doesn't survive between sessions right now, but, I'll get there. I promise. I'll get there. ^^'

No big deal ^^ Cool that you like it, though ;D

Thanks for the info. Too late, too low on sleep ^^' Packed everything into a ZIP. So this should work now. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Fun entry and really great visuals! Would love to see this full blown! :D

Absolutely awesome! Great art style and fantastic ideas ^^ Love it!

This was really unexpected... such a slow start and then BAM. Hardcore bullet hell. Great fun :D

Great game. Enjoyed my time! Reminded me greatly of Myst ^^

Nice game. I'd like to see this as a full blown arcade release!!! :D

Stamina Regen is way to low!!! But the game is quite fun :D

Love the art! Nicely done. But movement is way too fast! :D

Looks pretty nice! Keep up the effort! Would wake a nice endless runner if there were more to do ^^

Great sound and visuals. The controls could use a bit more work ^^ jumping feels pretty jagged. But very cool overall!

Thanks everyone for playing so far. Just pushed a few bugfixes, including one that now enables the clock puzzle to be solved correctly (Which opens the path to the other endings :D ). Sound is in the works also...

Great game and concept! Great Pixelart! If you could switch walls by just walking into them it would control even better. But it's awesome!

Fixed the bug on the boss encounter on second run. Also fixed some randomization issues.

Hi ^^ I'll look into the bug later today. I pulled an all-nighter to get this online. I Figured that switching the pages might be a hard to tell... I will place some kind of icon there to make it clear. Thanks for the feedback!

Hi there! Awesome Game but... after the latest update, the screen will stay black after selecting a hero. Also, no sound. Windows 10. Ran fine before that update...

Seems to have fixed itself when I checked today. Maybe it was a quirk on my side. Thx for checking back :D

Is this on purpose? Just wanted to ask.

Awesome Game btw :D

Just pushed an update with a lot of fixes. Have fun! :D