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I love this, the introduction of each mechanic and the visual style are great! It was a joy to play through. The biggest issue for me is the lack of a save feature, I quit the game on level 38 and had no way of returning to that level.

Nice job using procedural generation in a 3 hour game jam! One gripe I have is the appearance of "gas blocks" seems to be pretty sparse, and they usually come in small veins. So it feels like it's hard to get very far before running out. I would tweak the generation a bit and add some sound effects, but other than that it's a very enjoyable game!

Thank you for the feedback! The water rising "mechanic" is what I considered to be my twist while making the game, however I do agree that it is not much of a twist. I'm glad you enjoyed it though!

nice enjoyable game! It's simple, but that's to be expected with a 3 hour time limit. I think this can really be added onto with some new mechanics. Good job!

Great game, such a simple but profound mechanic you used as your twist! I managed to find one of the shortcut solutions :) My time was 5:29

thanks for playing!

I like the art-style and sound design, but I do have to say that it's not very engaging. I'd love to see this concept added on to with some sort of puzzle mechanic. Nice demo!

simple but engaging game, nice!

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Really nice job on this one! Everything felt very solid and thought out, the soundtrack is amazing too. Also good incorporation of both the theme and limitation. It felt great being able to upgrade my abilities and being less worried about the reaper than I was at the beginning. The collision did feel stiff at times (mainly when I was trying to escape the reaper), but that's my only real complaint.

Very solid puzzle game, visuals look great too! I don't see how the limitation was incorporated, but still impressive nonetheless.

Interesting idea! You definitely took the theme literally. Nice experience overall.

I originally intended for the plug to extend outward towards the robot you clicked, so I can see how clicking far away from the player might be odd without it. I'm glad you enjoyed it though!

The player's death affecting which level you will play next... really cool idea! Good use of the limitation, I think it has a lot of potential!

Really good game! Great music, visually pleasing, and a good main mechanic. However the difficulty increase on the 5th level is a little jarring. A tutorial ui explaining how to swap the movement keys on the first level might help too. I can definitely tell a lot of effort went into this, nice job!

Very cool idea, I liked the 1-bit visuals too. I think adding some music to the different areas would wrap up the experience nicely. Great job though!

Interesting game with a good main mechanic, and great use of the limitation. As others have said, the biggest issue is the player collision (or whatever is causing the player to get stuck on tiles). Good job!

great use of the limitation, and an amazing amount of polish too!

nice atmosphere, also very therapeutic. I enjoyed it a lot.

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I copied the colors from the Lvl.18 palette of NES Tetris, I think it turned out nice :) The only change I made was making the grey a little darker.

name=Classic Tetris

this game is really well made, glad I could help my little bro find a new home

Absolutely amazing well polished game! I loved the little details with the chat box. Can be stressful, but I had a fun time playing it :)

Unity, but I'm planning on learning Godot

I honestly enjoyed this! I'm surprised you were able to work in this much content. However I found that I was able to cheat a little bit by staying on the dock, as most of the enemies would fall into the water. It would also be nice to be able to switch between weapons. Overall excellent game! :)

Thanks :)

Neat little platformer! You could definitely flesh this mechanic out a lot more. Also might just be my machine, but I get some occasional graphical glitches on the main character.

Yes! That was actually the inspiration! :)

Honestly really good game. Though it would be nice to know you can stomp on the demons. I also found myself making random leaps of faith on that high jump that leads to the second part, as I could barely see where I was going to land. Other than that well done!