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Aww that smoking monkey is sick!

I think you are talking about the vignette but I might be wrong. You just gotta import the post processing stack from unity and then make a profile and enable vignette. Theres probably some youtube videos about it.

lol nice


Ok thanks. I left the jam because of that. Looking forward to the next jam! :)

Do you guys have a discord?

This is super cool! Sucks that It started on Thursday instead of today, but Its fine. 

Really cool.  Things that would have made it better is maximum moves, coins, and sound effect/music.

This is so cool! The controls are really sluggish though. And the tetris section should have animal themed tetraminos instead of just blocks.


Thanks! I'm going to fix it.

Awesome! However, this game would be MUCH better if 

1. Had pedestrians, who wouldn't want to run over a ton of pedestrians?

2. A score system.

and 3. Some kind of threat.

damn what a nice game!! LMAO

1 thing that would have made this much better is if you made it so you can hold it a bit to do more damage (considering how long it takes for enemies to spawn in). 

I fucking love this game. Didn't participate in the jam but had to see what this was (in my feed). Your games always impress me Prox!

Best game from the jam. :0

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I was banned from your discord for telling a mod, "I was asking the other guy". He banned me without even messaging me or anything.

My discord is Lite#4211

whats the point of hide and seek if it is local?????? like, it would be fun if it was online multiplayer so your friend cant literally look at your screen!

Yep that fixed it lol! I made one on my itch as well since this one didn't work, guess I will make mine non visible lol.

How do you download?

Such a good game! I love your polish! All your games are GOLD.

The game was full of bugs. I wasn't able to play because the screen was just purple... If you have a working version, send me it at Lite#4211

Just started the game, haven't played at all, and this music is FIRE. Such great music! The ingame music is really good too! The smoothness Is what I love. I love the animations. The gun is REALLY SATISFYING TO USE! When you shoot it you get good feedback. I wish the music was a bit longer, but its really good. I love the screen fade effect between transitions. I wish you would have removed anti aliasing in the menu. There was a bug where the audio overlaps and stuff. The enemy attacks are so cool! The bone enemy is really cool. This game is so much too! Nice job!

The idea was really cool! The screen is way to big, you weren't able to chose many menu options unless you zoomed out. It seems like you have infinite health. There is not much polish, which could have made the game MUCH better. A lot of the game + menus are broken. Collisions are really nasty and bugged. Its impossible to kill any of the enemys. The player was constantly going up + down which made it look disgusting when colliding at the bottom of the map. I feel it was impossible to progress in the game, so I gave up. I can tell this game was rushed XD.

I really love the mechanic. There should be a rule where you can only uncover a hidden word once per world. Great game!

Really cool game, I loved the polish!


Hey, Im making a 3D 1-Bit Game and I need shaders like this with only Black White and Blue. This game has been in my mind for so long. Please add me on Discord, I need to ask a few questions.

THE INTRO SCENE IS SO NICE! I feel it was a bit to hard at first, but once you know the strategy, its so easy. I was able to get into the leaderboards using this strat, and I was going for 69420 kills, BUT I GOT 69421! I was so pissed. The leaderboards on its own, is my favorite thing about this game. It really adds incentive to try harder. Also, I wish there was a way to change your name. But whatever XD

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bugThis is a really unique game! The intro scene is REALLY cool. The camera and movement is really responsive and fluid. The camera shake and particles was really cool. There was a really bad game breaking bug where you can dash through walls, which made my first playthrough impssible to play, but then I restarted and continued with the game.

There was some kind of cheat detection, but i was able to bypass it.

Nice! I'm excited to see how the game would end up if you continue developing it.

kkk XD

Thank you!

Nice! Thank you for playing and actually beating it! XD A lot of people found it too hard for them. XD


Thank you so much!

Thanks! There is a warning disclaimer about how hard it is! XD

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THIS GAME! THE TUTORIAL IS SO GOOD! THE MUSIC IS SO GOOD! THE MECHANICS AND THE MOVEMENT ARE SO SMOOTH! Its so much fun! I beat every level. Such a  great game! I followed you, I am excited to see what else you made for future jams! Surprisingly, the third level was easier than the second.