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Multiplayer combat video. New server list and game launcher. Team CTF news. Checkout my latest development progress.

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I have made quite a lot progress with Phoenix USC. We now have an early access dedicated 24/7 server and functioning client. If you are interested in testing checkout my dev-blog. I have included some  development video and images below. So awesome to get this project online and rocking the multiplayer. :)

Wide screen 5760x1080 server and 4 clients. :O

Indie DB news article on the Indie DB front home page. This games a game. :)
Phoenix USC Indie DB news article

Networked chat working! A server and two clients all connected, chatting and awesome in wide-screen (3 1080p apps ). Close to actual combat. :)

Close-up single client.

Here you can see a server on far left, then clients to the right. I've got the server sorting out each client and their names which you can see hovering above each ships. Networking dev going smoothly so far. :)

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Wicked parallax background and 2D Lighting. Marching to multiplayer. :)

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After a long absence for I've updated my project page and redesigned my website to get ready for early access to begin. It's been a lot of work, research and effort getting development to this point but the results are totally worth it.

Phoenix USC is a fast action arena space combat game that is on it's way to early access and multiplayer testing. Interested in testing early access? Follow us on Discord. :)

Phoenix USC ITCH.IO page.


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I have developed a new web assembly (run's in web browser) game demo that is pretty cutting edge and well beyond most similar offerings available here. I would like to know what is the best way to approach if you think you have a unique and one of a kind project? Does offer a path for ground breaking projects or products?

I guess the best way to put it is if you thought you had something that was ground breaking or unique how would you get's attention and the consumers as well. I have just released my game demo through my own website and would like to offer it here on as well, mostly to reach a wider audience. This demo is free play and no charge.

If you have some advice I sure could use it. :)

My current page:

My game Phoenix USC is available here:

Trailer video:

Post here if you have an issue or comment.

Oops.. Fixed link.. forgot to add. ;)

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Phoenix USC  on  ITCH.IO


I am currently testing my game engines GUI interface. I use a custom 'Window' based GUI so all of the windows within the game are movable, resizable and work much like any other window. This is an early test of my game engine and GUI interface using HTML and webassebly. The demo will run in your browser and will scale to fit at 1080p. Addition resolutions are supported upto 4K (3840x2160). 

Checkout the future in gaming. :)

Phoenix USC  on  ITCH.IO

I have posted a news article on Phoenix USC's IndieDB page filled with images and a video, Checkout the latest news on Phoenix USC.

It's alive! Checkout this video showing off a new bot AI. Phoenix USC comes alive in a battle with 40 bots. It also features custom colors for weapons impacts and satisfying bot kill explosions.

This is definitely worth a look.

Live bots! I have bots moving around and responding. Pretty cool to see actual space combat. Image on Twitter.

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Phoenix Universe of Space Combat (Phoenix USC) is a fast paced action shooter designed to be played as an MMO. If you're looking for head to head online space combat Phoenix USC is the game for you. Be sure to checkout our new Phoenix USC ITCH.IO page and the video below.  A pre-alpha demo will be available soon.

Phoenix Universe of Space Combat

Look for the pre-alpha demo. Soon to be released.