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I like the concept.

Very cool. Reminds me o Karateka from the NES.

Very cool. I like the reload mechanic, but it would be nice if the "safe" area of the reload wheel was a different color.

Very cool. Is there a different ending if you don't get spotted?

I kind of like the not jump mechanic, makes it so you have to think from where you'll jump.

4th level crashes the game for me.


Might be my favorite game from this jam.

Thanks for playing.

You can turn on the flashlight by pressing F.

Very tight controls.

Damn that last level was hard, at least until I discovered you can just fall when getting the last thing.

I liked it a lot.

Just one thing, if I click too fast, I can shoot like a machinegun, which in turn lags the html5 version because Godot's default lighting system is very intensive.

Very nice looking.

Not much gameplay, but very relaxing.

Love it! Hope you expand on this game.

The songs are great.

We really should stop indulging Jansson.

Thanks for playing!


The game is completely 2D though. I don't know what you mean by sun glare, but if it's too dark, you can use F to turn on your flashlight.

I'm glad you liked the lighting system I made. The default Godot lighting is still too resource intense to use in large numbers, so I made a simple "single pass lighting system".

Thanks, I took inspiration from Bunker 16 for the sound design, but I didn't have time to implement all the spooky sounds I wanted.

(btw, don't tell anyone, but the doors are just two rigidbody2d nodes pinned by pinjoint2d nodes)

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I explain stuff in the description.


He's fast af boy.

The controls feel very nice.

Pretty cool.

Some things could use a bit more feedback.

There's a mobile game called Only One that nails this kind of gameplay, I recommend you take a look.

Fun game, shame I'm terrible at rhythm games.

I forgot I was a plant and tried to eat the rat lol.

Has potential. Is there an end goal?

Pretty cool. 

Although CTRL + W closed my tab lol.

Very fun platformer.

Looks nice too.

Thanks for playing!

I didn't have time to make a tutorial level, so I had to explain everything in the itch page lol.


The sounds came from one of those free Unreal asset packs (it said I could use them in other engines lol).


I was going to put instructions in the menu, but I ran out of time for that, let alone a tutorial stage lol.

Very addicting. 

The music started playing in one ear after the first time I finished, while the other sound effects were normal.

Quite frenetic, but just as I was getting into it, I died with three hearts left. Also, sometimes a flower finishes growing, but the water prompt is still showing and I lose a heart for not watering it.

Very nice turn based RPG. I like the death animations, it looks like they're being swallowed by the ground.

Nice idea. Just lacking a bit of polish.

This has potential as a full game with some more mechanics.

Ficou bonita a arte do jogo.

Very cute game. Very intuitive too.

Pretty cool seeing the massive hole you leave behind when destroying the buildings.

Very nice and relaxing. Sleek graphics.

The enter key doesn't work to pick up seeds sometimes.

It'd be nice to have something to do while you wait for the plants to grow.

Short and sweet...

I'll see myself out.

On a more serious note, the character movement is a little stiff. Keeping a bit of momentum when you stop moving and sliding a bit up when you barely clip an edge would make it feel better.