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Nice game. Shame it was so short.
Also there's I found a bug: if you hump the wall you can climb it without the need to use the pixels.

Ow, my ears!

Hope it's not too late to post the video for the reel

You have to freeze the wooden pallet with Q or X on a controller and use it as a platform. But I made the whole thing really hard, I'll fix it after the jam ends.

Yeah, it's really hard, sorry. I'll have to fix it after the jam. It's possible though.

I'm gonna post a video showing how to finish it on Monday.

Pretty fun, and had an actual end.

It was maybe too easy,  and the firts part of the map is kind of laggy.

Great atmosphere and art. It looks really good, but the controls are kind of sticky some times.

Didn't get to the end because I got stuck after the third power thing.

The art is really good, but the movements are too floaty and you don't deal nearly enough damage to the enemies.The first jump is really hard too.

The level selection screen is a good idea, but the grappling hook was underused.

Also there's a bug where in the first level the enemies don't shoot, they only deal damage to you with no visual representation.

HaHa, your project is named almost like mine, but mine doesn't have underlines.

Anyway, you seem to have put too many particle lights, which causes a slight lag when shooting fireballs, you could use GPU particles and only a few CPU particles with light. I think the rate at which you can shoot fireballs is too fast and the enemies seem to endlessly spawn, making it hard to move around in such a small space. Maybe you could put a limit to the spawning ghosts that increases over time and also expand the arena a little.

I really liked the art though, and the controls are very responsive.

You have to look up a little and press shift repeatedly.

Cool, but the constant getting stuck is annoying and the narration stopping me dead in my tracks avery 30 seconds was a little irritating.

I noticed two bugs:

-I could jump off the balcony to the kitchen and skip some dialogue.

-I got teleported out of the house because I threw the teleport thing where the roof is lower than the character, at which point I quit the game because I didn't want to hear all of the same dialogue again.

-View range is too limited.

-The character can only attack when standing still.

-The character seems to have unlimited jumps.

-The 5 second piano loop gets very annoying.

Also there seem to be a bug that when I jump on the enemies, the start spinning uncontrollably.

Can't really play that well because for some reason up and left are mapped to Z and Q respectively. Also I have no idea how to use the neurons.

I don't really know what to do in this game. I can't seem to kill the enemies and my attacks are really slow and delayed.

When I attacked the star, it started spawning anemies infinetly and nothing else happened.

It shows a lot of potential, even though the models are very simple and the lighting could be inproved.

The biggets flaw I encountered are the inconsistent hitboxes, both for the enemies and for the knives. Maybe you could make them bigger?

Also there were two bugs, one where the first enemy's knife sent me flying and took half of my health and another when I threw the knives in slow motion they just flopped.