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Thanks for playing.

I forgot to update a value in the spring arm for the camera, so sometimes it clips inside the walls.

Thanks for the feedback.

When the game opens there's a small tutorial, it tells you to press TAB to see the objectives. It also makes the arrow opaque. The arrow is working fine, maybe you missed the TAB menu and couldn't see where it was pointing. I should probably put a timer so that players can't instantly close the tutorial. 

I boosted the air control over the character which should make platforming easier (haven't uploaded it yet, I'm waiting for the voting period to end).

The lighthouse stairs are a bit annoying, but if you stop moving the camera for a bit, it follows the player movement and you can just hold left and forward to climb. I'll try to fit an elevator in there.

I'm using a camera attached to a spring arm, which should prevent it from clipping, but I forgot to set the margin, so the camera is placed inside the walls.

Very nice. 

Is that the Sky Fish in the pit?

I really like the music and the cute art style, but the hitboxes for the obstacles were terrible. I'd die even thought I was far away from the tentacles.

Very surreal and funny.

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I jumped on the big rock besides the one that is being held up by the small rock in the middle, where you can see the green key from, then to go back I wedged myself between two trees by the rocks that are away from the library and spammed jump until I was through.

I tried holding the yellow key with the right hand and clicking either of the doors. When that didn't work, I changed hands and tried again, then I started spamming left and right click while changing hands quickly and my right arm disappeared, leaving my left hand holding the key. I had the dagger equipped on the other hand.

Thanks for playing.

The sled is the main mode of transportation in the game. I designed the map and the objectives to encourage using it.

I didn't have time to implement options, but I'll definitely implement options for mouse sensitivity, full screen, etc.

Thanks for the feedback.

I hadn't thought of doing an auto jump for the surfing. Great idea.

I wanted to make the game way longer, but I spent way too much time surfing around on the maps I created and ended up running out of time lol.

Oh no! What have I done? 

They mad now.

Very unique idea.

The models look really nice.


The cubes are a bit janky. One time one of the green cubes got really small, freaked out and clipped through the map. Toning down the push force the player applies to the cubes and giving the player some air control would be nice.

Also, first UE5 game I've played that doesn't run like crap.

Really nice game. I wish I could finish it, but I got stuck in the library. The yellow key didn't work on the doors. 

To get the green key I had to clip out of the map after restarting the game, and to get out of the space between the fallen bookshelves where you find the map to the green key I had glitch out by jumping at a wall then jumping backwards, which propelled me higher.

Then I spammed the door with the yellow key and lost my right arm lol.

This was awesome.

The god's alphabet is well made to the degree that at a certain point translating becomes second nature, especially since the letter start with the same letters on the Latin alphabet.

Very nice. Sleek style. Straight to the point.

Made me think of The Calamity from Mr. Outlaw's stories.

Thanks for playing. 

I'm glad you liked them.

I will definitely update some stuff after the voting period ends.

I want to port it to Godot 4 and make it a longer game in the future.

Thanks for playing.

That platforming section was too difficult. Especially considering it's the first one in the game.

Thanks for the feedback.

I definitely should have increased the air control threshold, but in the final stages I was testing the story stuff and ended up forgetting.

The speed sounds should always play when above a certain speed, so it might be a bug.

Yeah, the elevator quest platforming section is too hard. I got a lot of practice and could do it every time, so I only really noticed it was hard when Luke streamed it lol. Increasing air control should make it much easier.

Ip's ears (and all the other bunnies' ears, you can interact with them and there's even two way ear coupling lol) have inverse kinematics applied to them. Two rigidbody spheres connected to the head by joints are the targets to the IK. 

I wanted to use Godot's ragdoll system that supports this kind of stuff, but currently it's bugged and the ragdolling parts lag behind the mesh and it looks awful.

Pretty cool game.

I wish it'd autosave though.

Jacob was off to a rocky start when he arrived. Guess we shouldn't take things for granite. You'd think he hit rock bottom when he was told off by the priest, but of quartz he had to ignore his teacher's advice and visit the quarry.

Awesome game. Good art and nice edgy but not too edgy writing.

Cool art, interesting mechanic with the darkness effect. usually in games you have to stay in the shadows.

The climbing mechanic is a bit glitchy. Sometimes I'd teleport back to a previous obstacle, so I spammed space and the character spasmed out and I was able to climb the next obstacle.

I was extorting myself the whole time?

I'll never trust a ninja again.

Solid foundation. I really like the flesh that starts to take hold of the apartment.

There are some issues tough:

The interaction hitboxes are kind of janky and hard to find.

The player has infinite reach and can telepathically open the microwave, fridge, etc. From across the room.

I don't know if there's supposed to be sound, but there isn't on my end.

And most terrifying of all: you can never get up from the computer chair if you sit before the game tells you to. Eternal chairnation.


Got lost a lot, but I used the ground texture to get back to the tent lol.

I really like the notion that the fisherman knows to check before reeling the fish in. It makes it seem like it isn't such a rare occurrence to catch something bad.

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Cool game.

At first I had no idea how to actually start the fight and stuff, but soon enough I got the hang of it.

Having  a Deep One as an ally is pretty cool.

Shoot Ghost

Also, nice couch.


I love these pick up and drop type mechanics. Graphics look awesome. You used Godot's strengths really well.

Very cute game.

If life gives you a chained up box, don't open it.

Mom: The neighbor's kid isn't that bad.

The neighbor's kid:

Very nice game. Cute visuals, nice soundtrack and good writing.

Very nice. I like these stories that involve people from ancient times visiting the future.

Awesome stealth/shooter game. I kept beating the crap out of Ashok, then I noticed you have to press E on him for to expose snake.

I like the concept.

Very cool. Reminds me o Karateka from the NES.

Very cool. I like the reload mechanic, but it would be nice if the "safe" area of the reload wheel was a different color.

Very cool. Is there a different ending if you don't get spotted?

I kind of like the not jump mechanic, makes it so you have to think from where you'll jump.

4th level crashes the game for me.


Might be my favorite game from this jam.