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Fun game, really appreciate how simple the controls are!

Thanks for playing :) yes i added the option to donate to this game when downloading (it was disabled because it was a jam game)

No its just a random face from :D, it can actually a fun resource for stuff like this

You can see how many you have in the menu, but the game does not have any actual ending :p

Match Three or more gems in a row by moving the "tables".

Use gold to refresh all gems or purchase more "tables".

New unique gems will appear as score increases.

Thanks, I actually forgot to put what the super worker produced and fixed it now before the deadline. It produces 12 stone, wood and wheat each second

Great Puzzle!  

I think (not sure) it would controll much better / more easily using the mouse, clicking the arrow blocks to move them and clicking the magnet to enable/disable

Love it !

The link to ludum dare has the "/edit" so it does not work

Thanks for playing! Im working on a better verson of the game now and the controls are alot more smooth now

Yes, that would be awesome

Thanks for playing! It seems some other people were having trouble with 8 aswell, i think it was too easy to get the blocks in to a bad and awqward position

Thanks for playing! and for the nice comment

Thanks for playing!

Great,  my favorite game ive played so far this jam.

Liked how the level design had very little repetition

Thanks for the feedback!

I realized after posting that i forgot to do anything with the score systen :)

Simple 2D platformer with an odd visual style.

Wall jumping, zoom function and dynamic jump height.

Made in Game Maker Studio 2