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You're welcome <3

Thank you <3

The template currently uses the latest THNK version, and works perfectly without any issues, and yes if THNK got any new updates, I will immediately update the template with the latest THNK version.

I got many requests for THNK relay template, am not sure if THNK relay is fully functional currently, but I will give it a shot in the future and if it goes well without any problems, I will release a new template using THNK relay !

Thank you <3
Very happy it made you laugh ! 😊

Thank you <3

Glad the game made you laugh ! :D

Indeed, the pianist looks like spy vs spy character ! :o

Though when I draw him I didn't have that in mind, but I had the head shape ! :3

Thanks :3
You can understand world generation by going to :
World generation group events → (let's say the player don't have any saved data) → If the player don't have any saved data → world parts random positions → here you will find how the worlds are being moved randomly at the beginning of the scene, to make the map bigger, you simply go to the Game scene → zoom out till you find the worlds at the bottom → each world is 640 width → increase the object (WorldPart..) width to any new map size you want → draw the new worlds tiles in the scene on top of the WorldPart object (copy and paste the tiles, or drag and drop them to draw) → Go back to the events → world parts random positions → World number that you changed → and change the world variable (WorldPartXpos) from 640 to the new Xposition of the world you increased its size → do the same for all worlds and change their events as well like we did previously.
And that's how you increase the world's size :3

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Thank you <3
All the template events are commented so you can understand how everything works !
But if there is something you didn't understand, feel free to ask here !
ill be happy to help :3

Thank you <3

You mean that you want to use my Fighting Template to create a fighting game in GDevelop, and in that game you want to give players the ability to import their own characters to the game ?
In that case, sure !
You bought the template, it's all yours, you can build/add/edit/remove anything you want in the template :)

The only thing that you CANT do with any of my templates, is re-selling/sharing the template GDevelop project itself.

Your welcome <3

Hello :3
Sure !
I made a small template for you taken from my game The Haunted dungeon, it will teach you how to make the flashlight mechanic, i also commented the events to make sure you fully understand the flashlight mechanic :)
Please donate $3.99 to The Haunted Dungeon game 🙏 and DM me on my discord to send you the Flashlight template 💖
my discord username: vegetato

thank you for purchasing Online Multiplayer Template and any other templates I make ! 🥰
It helps a lot 💖

Hey :3
The template looked more like Super Smash Bros because I couldn't find any assets close to Street Fighter, but if you want to make a Street Fighter like game, it's exactly the same mechanics in this template, same controls/mechanics/combos/powers ...etc.

And for Street Fighter camera, here is how to do it in the template:
Step 1:
Fighting Template → Project manager → FollowObjectsWithCamera → Open in editor → Functions → FollowMultipleObjectsWithCamera → Scroll all the way down to change camera zoom comment → Right-click on the event → Toggle Disabled.

Step 2:
Game scene → Create new Sprite object → Name: LWall → Edit in Piskel → Any color will do → Size: 32x32 → Double-click on the object → Add behavior → Platform behavior.

Game scene → Create new Sprite object → Name: RWall → Edit in Piskel → Any color will do → Size: 32x32 → Double-click on the object → Add behavior → Platform behavior.

Drag and drop the LWall to the scene using this info:
X: -32
Y: 0
Layer: BaseLayer
Width: 32
Height: 360

Now do the same for RWall with this info:
X: 640
Layer: BaseLayer
Width: 32
Height: 360
Your scene should look like this:

Step 4:
Game scene → Events → New event → Empty condition → Actions:
Change the X position of LWall set to CameraBorderLeft()-32
Change the X position of RWall set to CameraBorderRight()

And that's it :) now you can play the game, and you will have the exact same camera as Street Fighter.
Optional: You can at the beginning of the scene hide both LWall and RWall objects.

Hope it helps :3

You're welcome <3

I do have a YouTube channel:
Currently, it's for my templates review, but I will upload tutorials on it in the future :)

Hello :3
Sure, first if you mean that the character is not in the scene, then that's because I create the characters directly from the events, but if you mean the objects don't have sprites, then something is wrong in your project, try downloading it again, and if it keeps happening please provide a screenshot of how it looks like, so I can understand more.

For the combos:

Open the project → Game scene → Events → Player 1 mechanics → Controls, or the abilities (energy ball/small energy balls...etc.), all events are commented, I explained how everything works in their just make sure to read the comments.


The objects' folder "Characters" contain The skins of the picked character from (ChooseYourCharacter) scene, and contains the actual controlled objects (Pink objects), when the scene starts, we create the Pink objects that we control, and we create the skins on top of that objects and make it follow the pink object.


Game scene → Spawning players, read these event's comments, it will help you understand how we are spawning the players skins and controlled objects.

Hope this helps :)

Hello !
The variables are not showing because they are not declared, i didn't declare the variables in this template, because most of them are like one time used, so it's not worth declaring, but if you want to declare any variable, just press on (Add a variable) the button showing in your screenshot, then it will show you all the variables used in the game :3

Thank you <3
glad you loved the template :D

in this template, you can actually add a sound effect for the enemies shots !

By simply adding a shoot sound effect on the client's side :3

Correct, if a client disconnect, the game will keep going, I programmed this template to do as:
if a client disconnect → delete all that client related objects (character/weapon...etc) for all players.

But, if the Host disconnected, the game will finish for everyone, because in THNK-P2P, the host is the server, and if the host disconnected, it means the server is down, which mean all clients will disconnect.

P2P ID (Hex key), is required to copy and send to the players you want to play with, you can replace that with an automatic system that will make everyone join together without using the ID (using Firebase), BUT it's not safe, because now, you don't know who are you playing with, and THNK-P2P leaks the player IP, so to protect the client IP leaking, i make it as: Copy ID → give it to your friend or people you trust → play together, like that it's safer because you know who are you playing with now (someone you trust).

Thank you <3

Thank you <3
Yes ! The template have a lobby where all players can connect to before starting the match.
But it also uses P2P, THNK works as: the host is the server, and when the host makes a lobby, it means now there is a server in the lobby other players can connect to, using P2P.

Thanks :3

Thank you <3

Happy you loved the game :D
Sure thing !

I am getting ready to start my YouTube channel to teach many things in GDevelop, ill make sure to add particles to the list ^^

Thank you <3

Indeed, I will add key binds to the game in the upcoming update :D

Thank you <3

Already played and rated your game before :D

Thank you <3

Glad you like it :D

Thank you so much for your sweet words <3

Very happy you enjoyed the game :D

did my best to make the game feel good :D

Great job on finishing the game ! B)

Enjoyed playing the game :D

i like the art style and the sound effects of the ghosts and the boxes <3

i find it a lil hard because the bar/timer to check the ghosts fills up so fast <.>

overall, well made !

Thank you <3

Glad you enjoyed the game :D

:o thanks for the feedback :3

i will make the buttons click area a lil bigger after the game jam to make things easier <3

Thanks :D

ill try to make the game a lil easier after the game jam :3

Thank you <3

The game looks fun to play :D

but unfortunately, the enemies stopped spawning in level 2 <.>

overall, well made !

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Enjoyed playing ! :D

i was able to get to level 8 ! B)

i found it hard when the trampoline is there :0

sometimes the character do moonwalk <.> faced right but moving left >.>

overall, great job !

Thank you so much <3

Very happy you like the game :D

:0 ill make sure to reduce the spikes collision even more to make it a lil easier :3

Thank you <3

Glad you enjoyed the game :D

after the game jam, I will add some key binds to make the game a lil easier for PC players :3

Thank you <3

Glad you like the game :D

I like the game idea :D

fun to play and to think of the game ideas to pass or trash them xd

Great job !

A gravity gun ! :0

that's really cool and fun to play :D

I got to the end of the levels too fast :3

overall, great job !

thats a genius game idea ! :0

Enjoyed playing a lot <3

the game is so hard though <.> but It's fun to keep trying :D

Great job !

Really enjoyed playing this game ! :D

i was able to beat the game and finish all the levels ! B)

if you can replace the G sprite with a door sprite would be cool :D

the background colors hurt the eyes to look at <.>

Overall, great job !

Thank you <3

Glad you enjoyed the game :D

i think steam game and mine both share the shapes art style :p

xD Thanks for playing <3