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Hi electrolyte!

I just finished demo, so here's my feedback.

Graphics - visuals is strongest part of Nascent Prophecy. I have just to wonder that this is one man project. You have even voice acting!
Sound - also good work with sounds, however some of them need tweaks (e.g. too loud)
Story - very good idea having Joey as your sidekick. Because with that you can play a lot when telling a story (look in example Primordia adventure game). What such game really asks is finding some lost e-mails or voice logs (System Shock 2 is perfect example), where you can get even more curious what's happening.
Weakest part are enemies / combat: I take it, this is really very early build so you just placed something there, however as the game has quite dark sci-fi setting, there should be situations when player is feeling to be in danger. It doesn't need to be almost constant dread, like SS2 or Soma, but definitely there should be situations you need to pass over and will be dangerous for player.

Generally, game looks very good it has great atmosphere and good sci-fi story can be told through this game.

Just watched video now. Great! I have 15W laptop with Intel IGP currently as dev machine. I think UE4 will run very crappy on it.

Looks atmospheric!

Uff, that looks creepy.

Wow, that nostalgia!

Hi! Man, your projects look brutally good!

Looks nice! Procedural FPS is interesting idea.

Creepy that trailer.

Worth to check it out! Interesting idea, which is underrated. Thanks for making such game.

So that looks intriguing plus art is very nice.

I use Screen2Gif on Windows. However I use it to export to APNG, not to GIF (much better quality, which I keep as reference for later conversions). Then depending on limitations of every particular site I convert. For my web, I convert to WEBP animation (good compression compared to GIF/APNG, full 32-bit palette, supported in every browser except Safari (damn you Apple)). For, I have to convert to 3MB GIF, which is quite draconic limit IMO, but still achievable. For conversions I use FFmpeg, for further GIF optimization I use gifsicle tool. It took some time to master them as they're command line with lot of parameters, but in the end, it's much better than relying on online converters.

Hope someone will find it useful.

Hello there! Seems like hard-core quality title. Good luck with further development.

Very near art! I like the concept. In fact, I'm also working on puzzle / platformer, with also untraditional art / concept.

Congrats to your first release. Even if simple it looks neat.

Great to hear. I'll give it a shot. Literally. :)

I guess, Zark Island can be played also casually right? As I'm also game dev, I don't have much time to play. But casual things, I can find some time. Casual zombie shooting sounds fine to me. :)

Hello, looks great your game. Good luck with it and with further development.

Screenshots look great. Like this reduced color palette, neat art style!

Hello, don't have time to play much (as I'm indie dev as well with not much time to play), but I want to praise the visual of the game and fact that it's under the DOS. It's heartwarming to see those screenshots, strongly reminds me of Tomb Raider 1 with color palette from System Shock 1. Thumbs up!

Looks brutal. Love those pixels!

Hi Jakub, looks great for one man project! I love space thematic. Going to check your Steam page.

Great atmosphere! Thumbs up.

So that's admirable, given the scale of such RPG game.

Kudos for bringing such cute idea 2D action platforming. :)

Hi! Looks great your game. Is this one-man project?

Interesting idea that light based fighting

Looks kinda relaxing game with no rush. What gameplay time do you estimate for release version? Reminds me of Mist a bit, with those puzzle elements. :) And will you have controller support? Should be nice for such type of game.

Cool. :) And great productivity releasing new version every few days. This is nice example of how CI/CD project should look like.

Finished it, short but great. I start with cons as they are far less important: there are some typos, grammar errors (you´re not native English speaker), and as I mentioned, it's a bit short and quite easy (I played normal version, I guess easy version is just reading the novel). Also I see that you're more novel writer than programmer. I can image the game more polished from programmer's perspective.

Now pros (far out-weighting cons):

- great art
- great reading. Reminds me of reading hard-core sci-fi novels, when I was younger.
- I liked humor very much. Not f.cking around with it. Smiley
- great value for everyone who knows a bit about current physics (relativity / quantum mechanics / a bit about particles)
- playing the game induced in me feelings of existential crisis. It happens to me every time when I think too much about Universe, entropy and inevitable end of everything. Big rip or vacuum decay are merciful, most gruesome for me is the thermal death of Universe.

In short: great hard-core sci-fi visual novel. I can recommend.