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Hi electrolyte!

I just finished demo, so here's my feedback.

Graphics - visuals is strongest part of Nascent Prophecy. I have just to wonder that this is one man project. You have even voice acting!
Sound - also good work with sounds, however some of them need tweaks (e.g. too loud)
Story - very good idea having Joey as your sidekick. Because with that you can play a lot when telling a story (look in example Primordia adventure game). What such game really asks is finding some lost e-mails or voice logs (System Shock 2 is perfect example), where you can get even more curious what's happening.
Weakest part are enemies / combat: I take it, this is really very early build so you just placed something there, however as the game has quite dark sci-fi setting, there should be situations when player is feeling to be in danger. It doesn't need to be almost constant dread, like SS2 or Soma, but definitely there should be situations you need to pass over and will be dangerous for player.

Generally, game looks very good it has great atmosphere and good sci-fi story can be told through this game.