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Thanks for the feedback! I agree that with how things turned out an enemy count would've been a great addition, to inform the player of how many party members are needed. The whole "level" system being based on gold owned came into being approximately an hour before submitting.

I still had a bunch of ideas to improve usability and gameplay, but had to cut most of them to get this done. The whole game had to come together in about 20 hours, of which 8 cut into my sleep.

Excuses, excuses, I know :)

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I uploaded a new version which added the missing import. The game can now be completed!

(Messy) source code is now also available at

If anyone likes the basic idea of this game, check out Dungemoji, another game I made for a gamedev challenge. It implements the core gameplay far better in <20KB, but lacks the death twist.

Updated with the necessary fix.


I had very little time to polish, balance and test everything properly, I'm sure it would've ended up better with an extra day.

I'll have a new build up in a couple of minutes which can be completed :)

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Fun game, and quite big! Would've liked to have a zelda-like on my 3310 :D

Did you do anything with the "Death is good" theme that I missed?

As feedback I'd say the walking speed is a little too slow, I often see the solution to your (pretty well-designed) puzzles but it takes ages to walk over :)

Right now this is unbeatable. The game crashes when you start a level with > 1500 gold. I will upload a fix for this later today.

This likely has to do with line endings. Either it was made on a system using LF as line ends (something Linux/Unix based, windows used CRLF), or you're running the latest, buggy version of notepad on the windows 10 October update which supposedly works with LFs but sometimes bugs out with CRLFs :D

Try opening it in a different text editor, it'll probably look better.

@PhoenixBoltS That's odd, arrow keys should do the job. Did you try clicking the canvas?

You also might need to refresh... I didn't have the time to properly handle game overs or make an intro screen, so the game will start while you're reading the instructions.

It'll throw an alert when you die, but the game will still keep running. Refreshing should allow you to move/look around again.

There's a lot of things I could've handled better if I would've had the time, but unfortunately that wasn't the case :)

@emotionalrobots Thanks!

Worked correctly now! Quite interesting to see a cookie clicker where you don't automatically "win" but can actually lose, I like it :)

I really liked the puzzles, they were creative and funny :)

I like the idea, it's quite creative :)! Submitting a gif as cover is also really smart as it really stands out from the other submissions. Picking up the last 10 is a bit slow though, it probably would've been more fun (in my opinion) to increase the amount of spawns over time.

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Quite funny and cute, the gameplay started boring me after the first transformation passed though but I guess that's got something to do with being made in 48 hours :D. Pretty good jam entry!

Got a bit confused by the doors, as I thought they were used to go to the upper/lower parts, but it played fine once I figured that out :)

Your sound effects made me laugh, especially the jump one :D

The visuals are really good! I either got really lucky or something broke though, because it was only after seeing a friend play it and get turned into a chicken that I realised you can actually "lose" (even though I'm almost certain I ran under some "angry" doors :D). Quite fun though!

@chongdashu Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! Really wanted to get the opening and ending cutscene right as they feel like a vital part of the game, and as such there was unfortunately no time left for sound. If there was more time it would definitely be part of the game though!

It's probably just Unity (Defend your Lab also has this issue, but to a lesser extent), but for some reason this hogs up about 2-3GB RAM on boot.

Visuals and music are quite nice, but I can't seem to progress much in this game. It won't let me buy any equipment and whenever my initial thingy breaks it won't let me repair it. I'm using Chrome on windows. Any clue :(? I'd like to properly play it before rating.

An easier version for people having trouble (about twice the reaction-time)

You're supposed to click the potion matching the effect :)

The tubes at the top light up in a certain color, clicking the potion of that color will make you immune to the effect.The only effect "without" a real color is the black one, being a minigun.

I tried making my entry without taking any time off work or delaying the day-to-day things I had to take care of. On top of that I tried implementing some mechanics I hadn't really worked with before (lighting and masking, in this case). It didn't turn out too great due to an enormous lack of time to produce anything worthwhile, but hey. At least I learned a couple of new things :)

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Hello everyone,

It isn't directly stated in the rules, so I'd rather ask.

I'm making something which looks quite retro in HTML5. I would like to dress up the page around it for creating an even more old-school feeling. Of course it wouldn't cover/affect the 64x64 game itself in any way at all.

Think of it like a border or frame used by the old Super Gameboy

What are your thoughts :)?

As I'm working with Phaser (which uses PIXI for its graphics) I still ran into issues due to the canvas being scaled with CSS instead of HTML attributes.

It took me ages, but I managed to fix it in most modern browsers. I'll add my solution for anyone with the same problem :)

canvas {
    image-rendering: optimizeSpeed;             /* Older versions of FF          */
    image-rendering: -moz-crisp-edges;          /* FF 6.0+                       */
    image-rendering: -webkit-optimize-contrast; /* Safari                        */
    image-rendering: -o-crisp-edges;            /* OS X & Windows Opera (12.02+) */
    image-rendering: pixelated;                 /* Awesome future-browsers       */
    -ms-interpolation-mode: nearest-neighbor;   /* IE                            */

Looks good! If I end up using it for my entry I'll give you credit :)

Sounds great!

Hi everyone,

First off, my colleague and I are glad we decided to join this game jam (our first!). We had a lot of fun during the weekend and had a good incentive to finish a project for once. It was incredible to see how everyone interpreted the theme and made a creative game with it! We'll probably be participating in the second episode as well if possible.

Now that the results of both the community and judges are in, I was wondering if we (all participants) could request some feedback from the judges on our games. As I assume most (if not all) are professionals in the games industry their feedback could be very valuable for improving our future creations, possibly making the next episode even better :)

Will do!

Given that situation it sounds like the right thing to do :) thanks for clearing it up, though! I was just curious.

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Our first game jam as well! :) I'm pretty sure it's not intended. Unfortunately it just seems to be the way itch works :(. Either way, I'm staying away from any post-deadline changes, just in case.

There is actually an easy way to tell, and lots of people are doing it ;)

Just check the submission - you can see who changed their submission when. The timestamp seems to be GMT though, no timezones taken into account.

This was the first game jam I joined and I've had a blast. I've gotten some more experience, learned some new things and had a lot of fun! I just noticed I can still alter and reupload the files I've submitted without any consequences, though. Doesn't that somewhat void the point of making a game in 48 hours :)?