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There is actually an easy way to tell, and lots of people are doing it ;)

Just check the submission - you can see who changed their submission when. The timestamp seems to be GMT though, no timezones taken into account.

That's cool. However, in the submission feed, it looks like only submission has uploaded a new build. This is our first game jam, so we're uneducated on the usual protocols. It doesn't say it in the rules, however, it doesn't seem logical to be able to alter your project after the deadline???

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Our first game jam as well! :) I'm pretty sure it's not intended. Unfortunately it just seems to be the way itch works :(. Either way, I'm staying away from any post-deadline changes, just in case.


Indeed, it's a weird quirk that itch allows updates after the game jam is over. I'm going to take your word for it that it was just to make the build smaller. Next time we'll definitely be looking at other jam options (or roll our own) - this is a good learning experience for us as jam hosts, and we really appreciate the feedback! Thankfully, we did play them all as they were submitted, so the final judges decisions - outside of the community votes - won't really be affected by late updates.

Right on. Thank you. We will go ahead and upload the smaller build now.