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The last puzzle requires use of the zombies. Try letting them fall into the acid. ;)

Very creative use of the engine! Animations were very smooth.

I like it! Unfortunately, I think the exe version has you starting at the top rather than the bottom. I may be misunderstanding the game though.

Thank you for the comment and play test! This design was, unfortunately, rushed; however, with the right amount of changes and modifications, we think it could definitely turn into something much better.

I agree with the other comments. This game is very solid and has some great potential. The concept is on-point and level design is great!

The newer, smaller, version has been uploaded! Enjoy!

We've prepared a smaller (faster-loading) build and are just waiting on an okay from the hosts to upload it.

The RAM issue, based off of what I've read, is happening because I didn't take the time to properly clean up the project and do an optimized build. Unfortunately, it was about two hours out and I was still importing assets and scripting so I didn't really have the time for an optimized build. (Lessons learned)

In regards to the progression problem, the resolution *may* be cutting off the repair option which is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Otherwise, the only thing that will prevent repairs and/or purchasing new equipment is not having the "Cash" to do so. My suggested strategy would be to spam the "Megger" in the beginning and perform low-end experiments to earn quick cash and buy "Hampsters". They'll keep you afloat until you start doing bigger experiments.

Right on. Unfortunately, I'm not entirely convinced that's what this statement means. I may be reading too much into it, but just because you own something or have the right to use it, doesn't mean that it's not pre-existing intellectual property. From my understanding of game jams, the idea is to create all aspects of the game within the allotted time period. I understand that this puts a damper on the capabilities of one person / very small teams and I honestly dislike mentioning this subject at all. I believe the point of a jam is the challenge presented by the time frame, otherwise, why have a time frame at all? If the jam was for fun or no prizes were at stake, I would leave the issue uncontested; however, since this jam doesn't fit that criteria, I can't help but feel that it's unfair for my team to have worked so hard on our product under the time constraints, only to have it judged against products created over the course of days, weeks, or even months. AGAIN, I REALLY dislike bringing this up as it can seem a bit harsh and I apologize if I have "read too much into" the rules. At the end of the day, I'm seeking a fair competition between individuals / groups who's products can be rated against one another on an even keel with consideration to the size of the team involved.

If pre-existing assets are available for use in the contest, I'm confused about this rule then:


  • All entries are prohibited from the use of established and pre existing IP, Entries including such will be voided from consideration

Team of 4 heading your way on Saturday.


Right on. Thank you. We will go ahead and upload the smaller build now.

That's cool. However, in the submission feed, it looks like only submission has uploaded a new build. This is our first game jam, so we're uneducated on the usual protocols. It doesn't say it in the rules, however, it doesn't seem logical to be able to alter your project after the deadline???

Is it against the rules to re-upload a smaller build of the game after submission? Unfortunately, we (Chris and Kyle from Brutiful Games) only had time to do a fast build which caused the file size to somewhere around 111 MB. With the new build, it's been condensed to 26 MB. If not, we understand that there's no way to tell whether or not we tried to sneak in modifications after the deadline. In the end, we're simply worried that the large file size and wait to play is keeping people from playing.

Fun to play and simple. However, I'm not sure if the enemies got harder for each wave after 20-something. I built the longest route for the enemies with a line of each color across the screen by wave 26 and have only lost one life. My only suggestion, make it harder :D.