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"Dressing up" my game with frames, borders, etc

A topic by Vassildador created Apr 07, 2016 Views: 978 Replies: 4
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Hello everyone,

It isn't directly stated in the rules, so I'd rather ask.

I'm making something which looks quite retro in HTML5. I would like to dress up the page around it for creating an even more old-school feeling. Of course it wouldn't cover/affect the 64x64 game itself in any way at all.

Think of it like a border or frame used by the old Super Gameboy

What are your thoughts :)?


I initially thought about doing this too, when I was looking at an engine that wouldn't allow me to resize the window properly, so I would have needed to leave a border around the 64px anyway. (The same Pokémon borders came to mind :-P They're cute!) I suppose as long as it doesn't have anything to do with gameplay (and since you're working with HTML5, you don't even need to keep the borders in your game's code, just on their page's code as any other webdesign element) it should be alright. That's what I'd think, anyway...


We're obviously allowed to make as fancy game pages here on as we want to, as that's not related to the game itself. So I'm (very confidently) guessing yes you can do that, if you just want a cool looking background image on the game's page or whatever.


My plan was to frame my game so that it looks like an actual device, like a 1990s tamagochi with buttons . The 64x64 display would be embedded in the middle of that.


Hehe, that's a great idea.