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It's so cute and unique! I love it!

Thank you so much for making this! The art is beautiful and the interactions between the characters are realistic! I have to say that you're very talented for making this game alone(?) and also very kind for making this a free game (cause I'm still a struggling student and I can't afford commercial games yet XD) All in all, you're very awesome! Thanks again for sharing this game with us!

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WOW! I'm looking forward to your progress, you can do it SweetChiel!

We're rooting for you! XD

Ok, thanks.

I'm looking forward to it!

Thanks for replying, I'm looking forward to the release!

I'm looking forward to all the routes~

Does this have romance? What are this game's genres?

Is this the final version?

What's the game's genre(s)?

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I'll be looking forward to it.

Does this contain romance? What's the game's genre(s)?

Does this contain romance?  What's the  game's genre?

Looking forward to the release!

Looking forward to your release!!


I thought I had to say that before anything else, hehehe. You guys really never let me down! I really admire your artstyle, background, music, and... well, everything!! You guys even launched this for free. You have no idea how much that means to me.

First, I really love how you made Lucette's character. She really felt 'alive' since she has her own uptight and blunt attitude. Same goes for your heroes and supporting characters.

They each have their own story, making the world they live in more believable. I also liked to see more of your fairytale-based stories. You guys were so creative in making this game! I wonder how you guys come up with all those ideas. Hehehe.

My top 3 favorite routes were Waltz (obviously since I stated him above), Rod, and then Karma!! I would have loved to place Fritz in second, but there were too many deaths in his route... This was one game that I would never forget and would want to play it time and time again.


I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE ART!! It's soooo beautiful! O.o

I'll definitely wait for the English version. TT_TT

This is sooo Beautiful!! I'll be rooting for your release! :3

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YESS!! A new game from SweetChiel! I'll be rooting for you!! :3

Oh my... When I saw the map, Loma village and the Dead forest were considerably small as an island, this story's gonna be a long one, huh. Will Tamara be mentioned in this Visual Novel?

Good luck with your new game, I'm expecting a lot since I really loved Nusantara!

This is really addictive! I love the plot twists, and how I get to choose the important decisions!

Oh, Thanks! This is just my kind of game.

The art is sooo beautiful! O//o

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Then is Daphne interested in guys or girls? I'm straight so playing homosexual Visual Novels are a bit..... (No offence here)

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This was just sooo Amazing! I loved the art, music, background, everything! I really loved how Ginger acts with every route. Especially in Carver's route! LOL! I literally couldn't stop laughing at her pick up lines! They were so.... Original! XD Their argument was also refreshing, and actually, everything was really awesome!


My goodness! Radley is too cute! He's too cute! <3 I can definitely see a child given candies everytime Ginger 'flirts' with him! And he's so diligent at work which is a big plus for me! XD I'd definitely want a guy like this, even if he has a phobia ...Well, as long as he won't drag me with his pranks, all's fine with me. :P

As for Benjamin, I knew from Day 1 that he was always level-headed and kind. Cause when speaking with a Rude Ginger, he still didn't lit up his fuse and stormed away. I see him as someone I can rely upon.... Only if he was more conscious of his surroundings... Xd

I'll keep on supporting you guys, and I'll look forward to your next projects! ^_^

Wow! Thanks for uploading such a wonderful game! It was love at first sight! <3 I'll definitely play this once I've finished downloading.

Wow! I'll definitely bookmark this! I can't wait to see how the story unfolds! ^_^ I'm looking forward to the English Version!

Note: You'll have many stalkers viewers if you post the Eng. version on Lemmasoft! Xp