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This was just sooo Amazing! I loved the art, music, background, everything! I really loved how Ginger acts with every route. Especially in Carver's route! LOL! I literally couldn't stop laughing at her pick up lines! They were so.... Original! XD Their argument was also refreshing, and actually, everything was really awesome!


My goodness! Radley is too cute! He's too cute! <3 I can definitely see a child given candies everytime Ginger 'flirts' with him! And he's so diligent at work which is a big plus for me! XD I'd definitely want a guy like this, even if he has a phobia ...Well, as long as he won't drag me with his pranks, all's fine with me. :P

As for Benjamin, I knew from Day 1 that he was always level-headed and kind. Cause when speaking with a Rude Ginger, he still didn't lit up his fuse and stormed away. I see him as someone I can rely upon.... Only if he was more conscious of his surroundings... Xd

I'll keep on supporting you guys, and I'll look forward to your next projects! ^_^

Yes, the pick up lines were so fun xD We love hearing we brought laughter ;u;

So happy you liked it, and I hope you enjoy our future projects just as much!