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YESS!! A new game from SweetChiel! I'll be rooting for you!! :3

Oh my... When I saw the map, Loma village and the Dead forest were considerably small as an island, this story's gonna be a long one, huh. Will Tamara be mentioned in this Visual Novel?

Good luck with your new game, I'm expecting a lot since I really loved Nusantara!


Hi NeruOrdisi!

Congrats! Finally, someone pointed out the island in the middle is from Winged Ones! x'D

Yup, this one will be a lot longer than last one, I dunno whether to cry or laugh about this :")) The demo will be a long one too since there are a lot of new elements to introduce. There also will be cameos for a few characters but not all. I hope you'll be waiting patiently for it! ><

And... thanks for loving Nusantara >\\\< I'm always happy to hear someone loves my 'child' as much if not more than me :"D I'll definitely do my best to meet your expectations!



I'm looking forward to it!

Thank you for the patience, NeruOrdisi!