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Hi, tekkonkinkreet!
Thanks for dropping by and lol, this question is somewhat familiar. I think someone also posted a question about bodyswap--but it doesn't include Maya lol.

I'll take note of it and see what I can do! x'D (maybe next week, this is a hard question)
Here's hoping you're doing well~


Hi, ZeaZeala!
Thank you for dropping by and showing me your support! ^///^

It's always a relief and I feel warm to see you guys patiently waiting for me QuQ
I'm really blessed and yes, I'll definitely do my best to meet your expectations! 

You too, please take care of yourself and stay healthy!
Here's hoping you had a great week!


Hi, ArunikaPutri!
I'm not doing too well over here due to some big changes involving my wedding date--I'll explain more in today's update QuQ

Thank you for being here and supporting me as always <3 it's soothing to come here and see you guys waiting for me ^///^

Your question is noted! I think it hasn't been asked, I published a fun fact about their favorite tv show, but not about books o.o

You too, please take care of yourself and here's hoping you had a great week!


Hi, Yukina4evr!
Thanks for coming again and I'm really glad to see you like the updates ^///^ I really appreciate your enthusiastic support--I can feel it all the way over here!

I hope you like the musical! It can be pretty dark, but somehow, I found myself leaning more and more towards dark-fantasy nowadays😂 If you prefer a lighter one, I'd recommend The Witches 2020!

I think your question have been answered before though o.o
Let me take a look...oh! Here you go! Update 6/8/2020!

2.) What would degree would they go into if they ever went to college?
-- by: owo

Kahlil: "That's a hard question. I'd probably take the arts design degree, you know, so I can become a toy designer. I believe I can revolutionize the industry!"

Guntur: "You mean, with those 'brilliant' traps of yours? Parents would never allow their kids approach the things you call 'toys' within ten feet."

Kahlil: "Oh hush!"

Guntur: "As for me, hmm... what do they call college with pilot training program and degree? Aviation? Yeah, if I go there, I can ride a plane, travel, and I heard the salary is great too. It would be a dream come true to me. What about you, Arya?"

Arya: "Me? I'll go for Information Technology or Computer Science. Technology is the future and money gathers whenever a computer is involved. Not that I need to go college or anything, I'm already the best programmer there is. It's just that not many can afford my services."

Kahlil: "That... and not everyone can handle your bad temper."

Arya: "Fuck off, Kahlil!"

Unfortunately, I'll have to pass that question because it's already been answered--but don't stop trying! I really enjoy & look forward to see what questions you come up with ^///^

Here's hoping you had a great week!


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Hi, kidanshiro!
Thanks for dropping by and for being so understanding >///<
I really appreciate that and yes, I cried at the ending Q_Q the music is so catchy though! I can't stop listening to them 

I also usually recognize an actor from the face, I often forget names, but what made me a fan of Johnny Depp is because he have so many faces! I was really surprised when someone told me Willy Wonka from Charlie's Chocolate Factory is the same as Captain Jack Sparrow! The same with Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland x'D

Your question is noted! I think I've published a fun fact regarding their favorite tv show though, does it count? Let me take a look... aha! Update 11/25/2019!
3.  Consecutively, Arya's favourite tv show is Inside the Criminal Mind, Kahlil's is Mr. Bean, and Guntur's is MasterChef. When Arya finds out about G*rdon R*msay, he praised him for having a  good taste.

Can you guess why? x'D
Here's hoping you had a great week!


P.S: What are you talking about? Your english is fine! x'D

Hi, Shiawase!
Thank you so much for the love and info! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed yourselves and congrats on finishing the routes <3 

And you're welcome! The weekly updates are the least I can do for you since I know too well about the pain of long wait ><
I try to be as transparent as I can so you can be rest assured & knows where I am/where the project is currently standing--but honestly, you guys are saints! How long has it been since I released Winged Ones? 5 years? 6? And the fact that you're still here, supporting me, is really amazing QuQ thank you so much for your everlasting support! *bows*

I didn't know about Ratalaika Games until you mentioned it :o I never thought about porting into switch--I never thought it was possible until now! I will definitely take that into consideration and contact them later for more info ^.^)/

Wherever you are, I hope you are well and healthy!


Hi, Tathalia!
Thanks for dropping by and your vote is well-noticed and taken care of~ 
I'd say the final battle CG turned out better than I expected >///<

You too, please take good care of yourself and don't forget to eat your meals + drink plenty!

And lol, you're pretty on point there. I can imagine Kahlil & Rama being that 'naughty boys' terrorizing the neighborhood with their antics--especially that bits of Kahlil switching Arya's sunscreen for suntan lotion rofl! Don't give them any ideas now x'D

Thanks for making me smile <3


Hi, violacrest!
Thank you! I suppose the solid color makes it easier for you to focus on the characters and story--as always, simple is the best <3  

I'm also glad you like the Q&A session! Here's hoping you'll like the cameo when it's out OuO)b
I'm not sure about making a fandisk though--I'll need voice actors for that, right? I'm not quite ready to take that step >< I mean, it'll be hard to find a voice actor that can speak/understand javanese for Guntur lol

Your question is noted, thanks again for participating!


Hi, ro-ses!
Lol, me too! Which reminds me: when I was in college, there's this task where we need to draw one thing every day for a month. The lecturer encouraged us to draw people, so... lo and behold, we drew every day objects + each other in almost the same standing pose 😂

Personally, I envy mangakas who can draw pages of fighting scenes from different angles and sucked the readers into it QuQ
Like, how?? 

I'm glad to hear you like my CGs though <3
I'll do my best t improve! >:D

Thanks again for visiting and see you around~


P.S. I'll tell Guntur about your suggestion x'D

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Hi, violacrest!
I see you came out from the shadows to join the fun! 
Your question is noted--the situation is somewhat similar to what will happen in game but I will humor you and try to answer without spoiling anything x'D


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Hi, Yukina4evr!
Ah, I forgot to mention that the one above is Guntur's CG revision x'D
I'm glad to see you like it though! 

Don't worry about Kah'lil, he's a scaredy cat lol, there are going to be lots of moments like this in game so I hope you can be patient when he's acting like this 😂 I haven't seen that game--at first sight, it looks really creepy O_O; I don't think I'll play it. I'm like you, I can watch people play a horror game but if you ask me to play it? No way in hell x'D

Your question is noted, but take note: the chances for your question to be picked is low because it only addresses Arya. It'll be better if you address it to all three ;)
Thanks for visiting!


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Hi, ArunikaPutri!
Thanks, it definitely helps motivate me when I thought about how I need to write a weekly 'report'-slash-update x'D

It seems we have a similar problem lol, my male friends also usually only wear T-shirt + jeans or short pants. I, myself, is not a fashionable person so this is a challenge~ Especially for Arya. I experimented a lot with him... and I ended up with more than 3 varieties for him. If you support my patreon, look forward to the sneak peek and choose which variety you like the most ;)

Your questions are noted <3
As always, thanks for dropping by!


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Hi, ro-ses!
Ikr? The boys around me usually only wear a T-shirt with jeans/short pants so I'm a bit clueless when it comes to men's fashion 😂 I think we have the same taste though! Cardigan + Arya is also the first thing that popped up in my mind. I experimented lots and ended up with more than 3 varieties for him alone... I think I'll post them in my Patreon and let you guys pick one :'D

And while you don't see the bachelors' feet... they are all wearing boots x'D

Your question is noted <3
As always, thank you for visiting me~


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Hi, ShinRannie!
Glad to hear you love the sneak peeks <3
And yep, I'll continue to work hard! >:D


You're welcome, LainyBug!
And yeah, I tend to delve too deep into the mood ><;
But like Tathalia said, it's a necessary evil! Thanks for being here for me though ^///^

I... Kahlil dressed up as sparkly unicorn with glittery tutu...
Pfft--Hahahahahahahaha! Oh dear, thanks, Tathalia, you just made my day!

No comment to the bachelors' status tho, they'll get angry at me if I reveal anything, especially Kahlil xD

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Hi, LainyBug!
I hope you're doing well and thanks for dropping by! Things are progressing slowly but surely as usual over here~

Your question is noted <3
Don't forget to drink, eat your meals, and rest plenty!


You always asked the most interesting question, tekkonkinkreet x'D
Noted and see you soon!

Hi, El.Seth!
Yes! You too, please drink lots, rest well, and don't skip your meals! 
Stay healthy and live long~!

Hi fakeshadyemi!
Thanks for sparing your time to write me this review!
I really enjoyed reading your comments and critiques, especially the last part, but let's start from number one!

1. First of all, congrats on finishing all three routes and thank you for giving all my boys a chance ^///^
You've grasped the essence of Reksa and Mitra--as for Rama... wow, you're the first person to suggest a reborn ark/plot! 
I did consider to do a 'make-over' for him when he was miraculously cured, but when I thought about it... hmm... how do I explain this... his scars are a part of him. While it might remind him of the past and put him in pain, it is something that cannot be erased/instantly disappear. He must overcome them and come out stronger than before ><

Still, thank you for the input! 

2. It was a gamble for me back then since I didn't know whether people will like my 'originality' or not x_x
I mean, I was trying to combine Indonesian culture + fantasy + anime, which is a strange combination. But the warm welcome I've received made me have no regrets :'D 

Thank you for giving my VN a chance and I'm glad to hear you had fun! *bows*

3. You noticed the NPCs! *happy dance*
Not many people mentioned them so I'm really happy you took notice of them ^///^ I wholeheartedly agree! While their role is not much, in my heart, they are still as important as the main characters. 

I also agree that good music is important! Sometimes, I spent a long time to find an alternative just because I thought this one music isn't fitting or being repetitive (used too much). 

Last but not least, yes! I do agree that Tamara could've been better at conveying/hinting her traumatic past. It was one of my dilemma--actually, still is. Back then, I didn't know how to tell her story without making it look like a filler or distracting the readers from the bachelors' + the main story. My priority back then was to tell the bachelors' story and the main story, so Tamara's story ended up being... neglected? I'm sorry Tamara Q_Q

"It would've made sense to me to know more about Tamara's family in depth with Mitra's route and in Reksa's give full depth about her own father (it would've been cool to see Tamara and Reksa talk about their fathers throughout that route for example."

Honestly, this hits me hard! If only you were there to make this suggestion back then, I would've definitely tried to implement it!
Alas, I've closed the book for Winged Ones and currently, I have my hands full with Bermuda... 

As for the issue with the Goddess and Her sending Tamara back...
Well, I think it's not easy to pick a new world over the world you grew up in? >< I mean, I get what you're saying. The new world is so beautiful with caring friends and even a lover. Why would I go back to that bleak world? To get back at my uncle? I'm afraid it's not as simple... Tamara grew up in that world, her parents' graves are there (I believe I mentioned this in the game? O_O;), and if she choose to abandon it, it will feel as if she will abandon her past and everything she is familiar with. 

Still, I get what you mean. I think it's my fault for not being able to convey Tamara's story in better words/way QuQ
Thank you for pointing this out! *bows*

I will carry this critiques in my heart and strive to be a better author! Let the Winged Ones stay in its original form, with its strengths, weaknesses, and I shall learn from it.

Again, thank you for dropping by and for telling me how I can become better^///^
Here's hoping to see you again in the future,


Hi again, ArunikaPutri!
I'm glad to hear you tried Bermuda and like it ^///^

Your friend is also coding a VN now? :o 
Whoa, thank you for being a great friend who listens to our woes and nightmares x'D 
Lol, our complaints are probably similar! I can definitely relate to that! It wasn't easy to study from scratch and when the difference between no space and with space results in an error, you'll find yourself with lots of gray hair... but in the end, our efforts will be all worth it! 

Good luck to your friend and thanks again for supporting me <3


Hi, ArunikaPutri!
Thank you for sparing your time to write this review and I'm really sorry for this late reply--I sometimes missed the notification D:

I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed Winged Ones though! And you even played Mitra's route like 5 times! O_O Wow, I... I have no words! Thank you for loving him and for giving the others bachelors a chance, too! *offers a hug* 

I'm also flattered that you like my art >///< I still have rooms for improvements, like quality-control and such, but I'm very happy to hear you love it! I'll definitely do my best to improve and deliver better VNs to you >:D

Last but not least, congratulations on finishing all the routes and here's hoping I'll see you around in the future ^///^


Hi, owo!
I love your nickname already!

And yes! Things are doing fine over here, I hope you are, too?
*highfive* Us art students gotta stand together in the face of these art blocks! Lately, I've been reading a manhwa called 'Solo Leveling'. It really have a great art--especially the fighting scenes and poses so I've been screenshooting like crazy x'D 

Other than that, maybe looking for references at ArtStation will help? There are lots of pros posting their works out there and sometimes, I can stare at their works for hours O_O I mean, have you ever thought about 'how do they do these brush strokes?', 'oh this composition is good! I can learn from this!', 'the color combination is really good and soothing, I need this on my pallete', and so on, and so on x'D

And wow, congrats on your engagement! *blows a confetti*
Due to worsening covid cases, I ended up postponing my wedding to next year and the new date is 16th September 2022! I honestly felt relieved--there are lots to prepare and it's definitely a weight off my shoulders now that I don't need to hurry/follow our parents' pace. My fiance and I sometimes joke about our parents being 'jet airplanes' x'D

I think you should discuss with your partner about your priorities and set a comfortable pace~
It's a big day that happens once in your life so there's no such thing as being too careful! OuO)b

Last but not least, thanks for dropping by and see you around!


Hi, Yanonako!
Don't worry, I know you guys are always watching me from the shadows ^///^

I understand your worries too well! I also followed some promising projects in lemmasoft, but somehow, most of the developers ended up missing? D: It's saddening, but I guess something happened in their lives and they have no choice but to 'postpone' their projects? I say 'postpone' because in my opinion, there are no failed projects! They are only postponed, waiting for their creators to finish it :'3 

In my case, you don't have to worry~ I always think communication is key so if anything ever happens that needs my attention, I'll definitely write an emergency update and tell you beforehand!
After all, you guys have been very patient through my game development process so this is the very least I can do for you, right? 

And thank you for asking! I'm doing well!
My wedding got postponed so I'm having a lot more free time and honestly, I feel a bit relieved x'D
The new date is 16th September 2022!

I'm also happy to hear you like the sneakpeek <3 
I'll update it today so look forward to it ;)


Hi Kairichan! Thans for dropping by! ^.^)/
For your question, the songs are all by Kevin Macleod: Heartbreaking and Touching Moments Three - DeeperI'm glad to see you love the songs enough to ask about them :'3

Congrats on finishing all three routes! It's always heartwarming to see people enjoying Winged Ones and loving it as much as I do if not more ^///^ Mitra is definitely a sweetheart and a family man to boot, so I can see why he's your first pick (Honestly, compared to the other two bachelors, I think he is the most mature~). I agree, you either love or get creeped out by Rama x'D I'm very glad to hear you like him though! Not many people have the patience to finish his route so a thumbs up for you, who is able to get his happy ending in one try! OuO)b
You might be one of the few people who likes Mitra & Rama--with Reksa being the least one, still, thank you for giving them all a chance!
Just from reading your comment, I can feel how much effort and love you poured into it so I can't help but to feel a bit flattered >///< 
Thank you so much for your support and I hope to see you again in the future! *bows*

*highfive!* I also love the idea of winged people and fantasy creatures--and because there are little to no VN/games featuring them, I decided to jump headfirst, creating this VN despite not knowing anything about programming x'D The effort is definitely worth it though and I can meet lots of people with the same interest like you! I'm a bit slow at making games, but here's hoping you'll check out my new projects in the future ;) I really look forward to hear your thoughts more often!

As for Rama's eyelashes... I admit, I didn't notice this until you mentioned it :'))
I hope it doesn't distract you too much x'D 

Once again, I'd like to thank you for the support and love! 
You don't know how happy I am to hear you like Winged Ones so much, that you played it like 6 times and still not getting bored with it--don't forget to rest and don't skip your meals though! I remember a few people who ended up playing Winged Ones until very late and while I'm happy, I don't want you to get sick :'3

Here's hoping to see you around in the future!


I'm glad you like the updates!
I really appreciate your patience and support, Slaughter_CP ^///^


Aww, you're welcome, foliana! <3
Thank you for being such a warm supporter and for being here ^///^ 
You say I'm amazing? For me, you're the one who is amazing! I mean, I'm still here and working on my 2nd project because you and the others gave me the courage to!

*cough* getting embarassed
In any case, I'm glad to hear my work inspires you and I'm crossing my fingers for your novel! We can do it! Let's work hard together!


Thanks, ZeaZeala! Last week was a blast--both in a good and bad way 😂 so many things happened! I'll let you know in the next update/emergency update

Hi, PandaManiac!
Thanks for dropping by and for the wishes <3 I'm having the time of my life x'D

Hi, ro-ses!
I had an awesome break and happy news: I ended up finding more references for Bermuda x'D
I'm crossing my fingers that you'll like the Antagonist ><; he can be a little too much--I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts later! 

And I agree! It's hard to find men looking good with long hair--they should be protected! They're endangered species! Q_Q

Hi, scriptomancer! 
I had a beautiful birthday and vacation~ thank you for visiting <3

Hi, potatoAvocado!
Thanks for the birthday wishes and yes, I fixed it! x'D
Sorry for that--one or two mistakes often slipped out of my radar :')) *preparing myself for when beta test is open. I'm sure lots of grammar mistakes are there*

Hi, PangHerHeart!
Let's slack off indeed! Thank you for dropping by and for the greeting <3 *hugg

The people here seems to like the bad endings x'D I guess I don't have to worry then lol
But I get it! I didn't like tragedy because they always make me cry--but somehow, I always return for more rofl. 

Good guess with the hot spring event, but you're wrong this time~
Someone is doing something stupid but for once, it's not Kahlil! Look forward to it and I hope you have a good laugh OuO)b

I agree, writing Arya can sometimes be painful :')) I don't want to, but Arya is being Arya and I can't exactly prevent it OTL but don't worry, Maya is not a pushover! imo, they have the greatest relationship development compared to the other two--which is why I will advice you to do his route last xD

As for him quoting who, here, let me give you a link!
Don't be too surprised okay? This is just for fun and I think this person who I'm going to show you is as sassy as Arya x'D

Last but not least, good luck with Guntur! 


Hi, LainyBug!
You guys are really awesome >///< Thank you for being so understanding and for sharing the positive energy! You too, please take care and stay healthy!

Your question is noted! Surprisingly enough, no one have asked about it O.O

Aww, thank you PangHerHeart! :'3 The positive energy I received from you guys are astounding! Thank you for being so amazing and understanding! *group hugss

I suppose it's fine to indulge myself now and then >< I also agree that in order to stay creative and inspired, I should read more books and play games to stay updated to the latest trend! >:D

The weekly update is more like a drive for me to stay motivated than a pressure though~ so you don't have to worry about that, but still, thank you for being so considerate ^\\\^ I'm really grateful for your attention and for being in your care <3

With that aside, LOL I also reacted like Guntur at first 😂 I had to Google it before I understand what is going on! 

Last but not least, stay tuned cause I definitely will feature ro-ses' question next week~ ;)

Glad to have you here with me,


SweetChiel <3

Hi, ro-ses! I did my best 😂 believe me, it's also hard for me to multitask! I barely managed OTL thank you for reassuring me though <3 I really appreciate it >\\\<

I'm also glad to hear you like the mini encyclopedia! This time, in addition to Indonesian Culture, there will be some fun facts about which medieval period I used as reference for the Spring Village. I don't think it will be very accurate so I hope you'll be forgiving x'D of course, I welcome any revision/opinion in this matter!

Your question is noted! And coincidentally one of the bachelors also doesn't like picky eaters ;) can you guess who it is?

As always, thanks for dropping by, Tathalia!

I'm glad the Q&A session made you giggle x'D
You're right about Kahlil though! He won't let this go anytime soon lol, much to Arya's annoyance and dismay, pfft. And yes! He's definitely the snuggly type! The one who likes to say 'Make space!' and fit himself between two people. It doesn't matter if the bed is already overflowing, you have to make space for him!

Oh and don't worry, Arya is prepared to be bitten back. Just... just make sure you're ready to take responsibilities x'D there are consequences~

Your last sentence made me laugh! It's definitely what Kahlil would do and I can imagine both of you doing it for fun/just to annoy your friends rofl, your comments never failed to make my day brighter so thank you for that ^///^

Here's hoping you had a great week!
Stay hydrated!


Hi, tekkonkinkreet!
You always have the most interesting questions x'D
I might have to google 'this is my swamp' first though--I mean, Shrek is not really popular in my country so don't be surprised if most of the bachelors didn't get it :'))

Hi, ro-ses!
Yep, we're still not quite there yet, but we've come a long way! QuQ
I hope the beta test can start at the end of August, but I can't say for sure when since I have lots of CGs and new outfit to make! Not to mention the mini-encyclopedia that I haven't touched :')) I hope you still have the patience to wait *puppy eyes

D'awww... now that you mention it, getting someone to cradle your head sounds really nice and comforting <3
Now you're getting ideas in my head x'D

Last week was... I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you this time Q_Q I got distracted by a lot of things--I'll tell you more through the update!

Hi, Flionne!
First of all, thank you for giving my game a chance and I'm sorry for this very late reply ><;
Sometimes, I missed a notification or two

1. Congrats on finishing all the routes! And I understand that Rama is not everyone's cup of tea, but hey! I'm glad to see you gave all the bachelors a try -^.^- cheers to Mitra though! 

2. Thank you! As a fellow otome game lover, I agree that the damsel in distress type can be annoying. I did my best with Tamara and boy, I'm glad to hear a lot of you loving her :'3

3. I really appreciate the detailed answer you've written for me QuQ You noticed the smallest things and I feel really flattered! Especially the movements of the sprites--yes, it was a lot of work and effort. I think the testing took a lot more time than the coding itself, but hearing you, I felt it was all worth it <3

And yes! The dialogue small differences matters. I still have a room for improvement, especially when it comes to whether to italic, bold, or color important texts (I sometimes got this mixed up, my quality control is still sub-par so thank goodness I have proofreaders!)

It was a risky move for me to include Indonesian Culture (I was afraid I won't do it justice), but I'm sure glad I did now -^.^- the warm welcome I received was astounding! You guys are awesome and I'm glad we can learn together about Indonesian Culture! 

As for the evolving relationships... phew, it was a relief to hear you like how they developed! I didn't know how many times I went back and forth editing and re-reading the scenes x'D

I also agree and some of my sprites/CGs need quality-control. I'm not the best at it QuQ some can be bad, some can be really good and I'm honestly frustrated at it. I'm doing my best to improve in this department!

4. Yup! The re-naming feature has been implemented to my 2nd project, Bermuda! ^.^ Lots of people have been asking for this, so there you go!

I also agree that the textbox can be better--I'm looking for some GUIs references, but personally, I'd like it if the textbox isn't long OuO; I mean, it might be just me, but reading shorter sentences can deliver better than longer texts. With more 'compact' box, you can easily see the sentence in its entirety with a glance and catch what I wanted to deliver better.

In any case, I've been planning to use bigger resolution later! Let's hope I can find a better solution by then!

The BGM should be played in a loop, but I might made a mistake so let me apologize for that ><;

As for Tamara's dream... *SPOILER ALERT*
It was Sari, she sent a 'vision' through dreams. Hoping for someone to save Rama. In the dream, Rama was suffering and was in the middle of attempting suicide (the loud CRACK was from the time he broke his wings after trying suicide through falling off a cliff). I hope this clears your confusion!

Overall, I'd like to thank you again for the attention and love you've poured into Winged Ones! <3
It's not every day I get to read such a long review and I'm very happy about it ^///^

Here's hoping you'll return once I finish making Bermuda <3