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Hi, MiracleCatZ!
Thanks for dropping by & cheering me up! ^///^

Yes, I guess I'm a bit of  worrywart >< A lot of script writing is happening and I'm just afraid it won't be too interesting for my dear readers to read Q_Q --but glad to know it wasn't the case!
And yes, don't worry! Just letting me know you're here every now and then will be an enormous mental support!

Thanks again, MiracleCatZ ^^- see you around!


Hi, PangHerHeart! Wow, fellow Indonesian! Makasih bnyk ud dtg & komen yaa x'D

1. Reksa once again prevails lol. He's still the most popular out here ~

2. I'm glad to hear it didn't disappoint you :'3 thank you for giving it a chance!

3. Oh lol, unfortunately the rating needs to be maintained at PG15 *I'm too shy to write more about the mating ceremony*cough* happy to hear you enjoyed yourself thoroughly!

4. Yup, I know >< my quality control is not that good yet -hence, I'm trying hard to upgrade the quality in Bermuda :'D and it's okay! Thank you actually, I like constructive comments!

As for Rama's scenes *SPOILER ALERT*

Yes, he's part of the main story. Remember the nighmare Tamara had? Sari was encouraging Tamara to save Rama or he'll succumb to the darkness in his heart (You know about Sari's true identity, right? And what happened if you didn't enter his route). Also, his 'crazy' streak will need some 'venting' sometimes so the poor Komodos became his victims.

But yes, I get what you're trying to tell me >< I admit that some scenes feel out of place --I'll do a better job intergrating the routes next time! Thank you for the heads up :'3

5. No problem at all! Just knowing you like my VNs and willing to follow to Bermuda is already a gift for me ^.^-  oh and I'm doing th CGs in Queen's Crown x'D the sprites sre done by someone else ~

And yes! I live in Tangerang lol. Which uni are you in? I was in UMN Gading Serpong but I'm working freelance at home now ~

Thanks you again and hope to see you around!



Hi Iciio! Thanks for dropping by & leaving a comment!

I'm really flattered to hear my VNs managed to catch your fancy twice >///< and without you knowing lol 
You even came back and made an account just to tell me this! You really made my day x'D 

I still have lots to learn and I have rooms for improvement, but I'll do my best so your wait will be worth it!
And of course, thank you for loving my characters! The bachelors in Bermuda don't have any particular arrangement, so pick whoever you want first and enjoy yourself! x')

Lastly, welcome aboard to the journey!
You can read my update every Monday or maybe join the shy crew that lurks in the shadows/bushes and eat cyber cookies while waiting x'D
Either way, I'm happy to have you! 

Stay tuned & see you around! 


Aww, thank you, dear :'D
Don't worry, I'll do my best to make it perfect! 

--Honestly, I think I can be a lazy person if the mood/muse is not present, but if it involves something that I love, I became a perfectionist and stubbornly wade through fire or ice to make sure the progress bar moves forward x'D 

It's just that I sometimes worry for my readers who had been waiting for quite a while now ><
So thank you for being considerate and patiently waiting beside me!



Makasih kak! X'D *postny dobel, jd sy apus 1 y?

Stay tuned!



(Edited 1 time)

Unfortunately the scriptwriting is waay slower than I thought it would be :'D I might be able to finish it in December/winter 2018 like the teaser video suggest, but stay tuned! 

I decided to give some compensation in return for being late *more info in my latest update devlog~* but yeah! So far, the mug Arya is thriving and one of my proofreaders is starting to get a bias x'D

Thank you for your support and hope to see you around!



Wow! Thank you very much, Sophia! QuQ 

Here's praying for a smooth sail for your playthrough! I have no words to describe how happy and flattered I am to see someone likes my game enough to shoot a video of it TvT



Hi CassiopeiaSD! Thank you for coming & for your warm support >\\\<

Yes, the scriptwriting is longer than I thought! The game will have a total of 5 Chapter + 1 Antagonist route, and I'm currently at the beginnings of Chapter 5! After that, CGs will be made along with programmig. So... I'm hoping to hit the racks at December/Winter 2018 like the teaser video suggested, but we'll see ^^;

In the meantime, to compensate my lateness, the originally cut down CGs will all be made + I'll add a few more BGs in winter and autumn area! *more info in my last update report~

And yes again! The final product will still be $15! However, there are still early bird packs for paypal users, so if you want to pre-order, click on the 'pledge with paypal' button for $10 early bird pack ^.^

Thanks again and hope to see you around! 



Hi destinycreate!
Thanks for visiting and your review made my day brighter! x'D

I'm really happy that you gave all my boys a chance & you even noticed all the small details! *^.^* I thought I will have to wait until the game is finished for people to understand the features -but you surprised me by guessing all of them correctly x'D

And yay!! I'm so happy when you said I still have my sense of humor --I sometimes doubt myself lol, and yes, there are more surprises about the ferret ;) all three sins are unique and I think you'll like the illustrations I've planned to tell their past later ~  

I can somewhat foreshadow that Arya is going to be popular because of the mug -one of my proofreaders already have a bias toward him :')) Kahlil...well, I think he's better than Rama, more normal and mellower than Arya/Guntur even, but I'll leave the evaluation to you when you're finished with his route x'D 

There's also a 4th route (Antagonist route) that unlocks after you're finished with all 3 routes! Part of the reason why I took so long just to write the script is this >< and because I like your enthusiasm, I'll tell you a small spoiler: to minimize repetition, I made many reaction variations in each route so I hope you enjoy them!

As for the 'characters suggested another character might be gay because they showed no interest in the opposite gender, and both times the lines were something like: β€œI was starting to worry that you were… like that…” and imo it’s kind of ridiculous they treat it in a scandalized matter rather than a normal one? '...Well, to be honest, I'm also dismayed by this kind of discrimination/Sarah's response, but in Indonesia, the rainbow flag is viewed as such due to the thick blood of traditionalist :( they're not as open as US, or any country that recognized same-sex marriage, but I hope we'll progress toward that future ><

As for the mirror... Aside from adding affection + 5 when you choose a mirror, this scene is an important one! Hint: After you finish all three routes, something will change. Don't forget to save ~

Alright, I'll stop here in case I blabber my big mouth with more spoiler x'D
I hope you'll be patient with me and stay tuned with the updates! See you around!


P.S. I also like Maya in the 'protect mama bear' mode x'D 

Thanks, Quimberlee! x'D

Thank you for the support, Angel253!
It's going to be quite a while to finish Bermuda, but stay tuned! ><



Thank you, jaegermeister24! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed yourself! >\\\< 

I'm flattered to hear you love the overall of my game ^^- I still have lots to learn & improve, but I'll do my best so you can return here and enjoy yourself again! 

And I see my boy, Reksa, is still occupying the number 1 in popularity x'D 

My next game is called "Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle". It's set in the same world but broader horizon --not a sequel mind you :'3 it's still in progress but I hope you'll come again later when it's finished!

Thank you for the warm support and see you again! 



(Edited 1 time)

Ah sorry for the late reply! My internet is having ups and downs these days ><

Itch.io doesn't have a messaging system, but do you have facebook? I'm really active over there!

If you do, please add me : Cecilia Sabrina Susanto. My profile picture is the same is this one.

Or maybe you can leave me your email? Since proofreading will take a lot of your time, how about becoming a beta tester when the game is almost complete? You can give me some notes about how to improve some specific scenes/pacing advices and I will edit them accordingly/adapt it better that way!



The indiegogo has already ended x'D 

And yes, I reply to every single comment here if I see one ~

It was going to be 5, but Bermuda sadly didn't reach the stretch goal >< 

Thanks for the energetic support!

Woah --Power received! X'D

Thanks for visiting, ladyhunale19! Your enthusiasm just made my day! I just wake up and your comment is like fireworks in the morning! 

Sometimes, yup! Especially if I'm interested with the synopsis.
Korea is very good at creating drama & the flow of their stories are really great compared to indonesian drama, which we usually call 'Sinetron' lol

Have you watched 'Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds'? It's a korean movie and it's pretty good if you believe in reincarnations ;)

Hi rlynnz! Thanks for dropping by and for the very kind advices! ^.^-

As you've guessed, yes, my native language is not English and I've been struggling with grammar errors/mistakes/flow for a long time now x_x 

I have 2 proofreaders to help with Bermuda's script now, but due to the very long story and duration, our eyes seemed to have grown dull or maybe it's just us missing a few mistakes here and there :"D (ah, I'm sure my proofreaders have their hands full with my less-than-tody raw script ><)

Hmm, I also often edited the script during the programming so yup, a lot of factors affecting the script x_x

Of course, I'll do my best to minimize the grammar error, but I do hope you'll bear with me if some still escaped our radar ^^;; 

As for the effects in the game; yes! Thank you for pointing it out! I usually check them myself and I admit, the shaking effect is a bit overused. Hmm I have half a mind to slow down the fade in and out effect from 1 second to 2 seconds, but some readers might find it a bit too slow since the story pace is already slow lol x'D 

Ah, but I'll take care so there are more effect variations available and hopefully, the time skip won't feel too dull!

However, if you maybe have a friend who you feel would be glad to volunteer as a proofreader, can you introduce them to me? I always look around for someone of native English that have some free time in their hands >< to help me and maybe teach me as time goes by :')

Thanks again and hope to see you around!



Hi n_ice05!

Thanks for playing and three cheers for you liking my game! x'D 
I'm honestly relieved; it was quite a challenge mixing Japanese and Indonesian culture together, but with people coming and telling me they like it like you, it makes it all worth it!

I don't think there would be a sequel for Winged Ones but I'm working on Bermuda right now so stay tuned!
Oh andQueen's Crown is my friend's game, not mine :'3 I'm just the CG artist~

You know every project I involve myself in and it's quite flattering >////< Thank you for your support!

Hope to see you around~


YAY!! *happydance

Whoops, the antagonist route is locked until you played all 3 bachelor's route x'D and yes, I play a lot other otomes!

Hmm? I'm using python in Ren'Py to code/program it later x'D I also don't know what script+ is lol what I mean by 'script + programming + CG...etc' is that I'm doing lots of work now *cry

I never heard of Hiddleston ><; -or honestly, I don't know many famous actor's names due to my ignorance. I only remember about Johny Deep and Benedict due to their unique characters lol 

I usually dont watch tv often so forgive me that I didnt know of him :"D 

But I'm sure you can do it! Keep on practicing and do it little by little ans it will be done befor you know it! 

Let's do our best together :'3



Hi yohanlove! Thanks for coming by! There are 5 chapters + 1 Antagonist route so... the total of 6? X'D we're more than halfway there for the script!

Wow! Makasih, otomefreak!

I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed my game thoroughly! Moreover, quite a few Indonesians are playing my game my game now >///< I'm embarrassed, but glad to hear you likeit! ><

I mean, I thought no Indonesians play my game :'D VNs isn't that popular yet in my community and when they do want to read, a lot is asking me for Indonesia localization. But my goal is to introduce our culture to foreigner so... sadly, there's little to none I can do for localization and that means I don't get much of reviews from Indonesians *cry

Sekali lagi, makasih untuk supportny & stay tuned ya! >///<



Thanks, Lucy! I'm glad you like the raptors x'D can't wait for the movie!!

Yes! lol I love John's and Sherlock's interactions the most -that bomb scene got me so hard and man, the wedding speech! I agree all the way that Benedict did justice to Sherlock. I mean, people have their own tastes, but for me, his face just screams it x'D

(Edited 1 time)

Hi Konoi!
lol, I didn't even know that Benedict played Dr.Strange AND Sherlock until a friend told me last night :'))
I swear, they looked like different people! Hairstyle & beard did a lot of differences in my defense x'D

And awww, glad to see you agree with me! >////< They're my adorbs!

Hi again, Sugar~! 

Aww thank you for giving it a try and loving it in return >\\\< congrats on finishing and I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed yourself thoroughly! 

Another Mitra fan! Yay! X'D he often got overshadowed by Reksa so I'm happy you picked him! Thank you for giving all three of them a try tho :'3 

I update every Monday, but I write scripts very slowly so I hope you'll be patient with me :'D



Thanks for dropping by, Sugar~!

I'm glad to hear you like it :'D stay tuned!

Hi, MegHazBottlz! 

Thanks for visiting and telling me your thoughts >\\\< 

First of all, thank you for playing and congrats for finishing all 3 routes! You made me blush and I smile from beginning to end ^^-

1. Thank you! It was a challenge, but I'm glad to see it all worked out in the end >< I don't know much about Filipino culture, but to hear there are some similarties and you enjoy how I write it is a honor! 

2 & 3. Ah, Reksa's fanbase is growing everyday lol why am I not surprised? X'D

You might've guessed it, but I'm a sucker for fluffs lol I hope you don't get diabetes when you finished all the routes x'D 

I'm also glad that you don't mind the 'dark' elements I slipped here and there :'3 I've been... attracted to dark fantasy these days and I think it will stay that way *cough* 

And yes, I see that Rama's events could be somewhat strange especially if you're not in his route o.o I'll take note of this so I can improve myself!

4. Hmm... this is a difficult question >< the script is around 65% finished (progress is at Winter Arc right now, still need to write Spring & Antagonist Route) so taking  account of making CGs, programming, and other small details, I'm hoping it will be finished at winter 2018. I'm a slow writer tho (slower than expected) so... unfortunately, I can't say for sure :'(

However, I do update every week at Monday so you might want to check it out now and then to see the progress ;)

Thanks for asking and thanks again for the warm support!



Ah, I don't dare to be compared to Mystic Messenger >\\\< I'm an old fan of Cheritz (Dandelion and Nameless are the first korea otomes I play lol) and I'm so happy to see a lot of people finally noticed their brilliance! MM ruined my sleep schedule tho :")) 

Thank you for your strong encouragement >\\\< my dear reader's support is what keeps me going. It's my fuel, my juice, my personal battery *cough*

Here, take some cyber cookies and hugs from me ^.^-



Hi chocochino! Thanks for coming by and reviewing!

1. Yay! A new chin fetish is created! I'm really glad to hear Mitra is getting more love from you :'D and thank you for giving all 3 bachelors a try! I haven't read/watch akatsuki no yona yet, but I'll take note to look for the similarties -And wow, quite a lot of people is liking Rama's bad end x'D 

2. This. Just this sentence from you is making my day :"D I never thought a lecturer would mention my game! It's such an honor and thank you for choosing mine as a reference! 

Hahah, I was really worried, y'know? I also experiment a lot in Winged Ones and sometimes I wing it, I'm really relieved with the warm welcome you guys give me ^^- thank you!

3. Hahah, you flatter me >\\\< I know that I still have lots to learn as a writer and I have rooms for development, but I'll do my best to lv up for you!

4. Yeah, I agree u.u I sometimes wonder how to not make the UI so clutter-y (I think I have no self control :"D like a squirrel stacking up nuts?)

As for the crowd... hmm, would it be better not to animate them and let the sillhouette stay still in the background? O.o I notice the animation could be confusing, but I thought it would make readers focus more on the colored characters x'D

Thanks for pointing this out! I'll try to decrease the crowd animation (make it slower) or maybe just make them stay still!

And yes, a reader told me that Rama would sometimes pop up by himself x'D I was trying to integrate Rama into the main story, but I guess making him pop when you're not in his route is not natural. I'll take note of this!

5. Thank you for your support! And yes, I'm planning to try steam for Bermuda. But I'll have to learn how to upload it over there and write many papers. So it will probably take more time instead of uploading it in itch.io

Thanks again for coming, chocochino! Nothing makes me happier than the return of a satisfied reader :")



Hahah, yeah Kiara has mastered poker face and feigns ignorance whenever I question her :") quite the contrary with Juno, who mastered puppy face and eyes to get what he wants *Sigh*

Thanks for coming by, Lucy! And yes! I'm glad to have one of my life-bucketlist to be checked >\\\<

Thanks, Eilonwy!
I feel warm whenever I thought more people is waiting and loving my game as much as I do :')

Stay updated and glad to see you around!


Hi AlphaGodith! Thanks for visiting and giving me your thoughts~

Yes, I agree that the pace is really slow in Bermuda, but it's necessary and your patience will be rewarded later in the end >< I hope you'll give it a chance and maybe follow a bachelor's route before you give me your final verdict :'3

It's still quite a long way until I released the completed version though x_x;
Either way, I'm glad to hear you tried the demo!



Hi there, DiskartetHaraya! 

Wow, a returnee from a year ago! QuQ I feel special and touched that you still remember this game and came by to drop me your review >\\\<

I'm really happy to hear and see that you enjoyed Nusantara thoroughly despite its unique elements -and you flatter me >\\\< I still have much to learn in order to make a good story, but yes, I believe that no minor character is unimportant. Everything have their purposes and they weave the story -no, breathes life into the story.

Ah and I agree that I should put more hints regarding Rama's feather! It just hits me that I only remember the old man that only said 'it was a tragedy' and your idea about making innocent question coming from a child idea really could be included in the scene to strengthen the impact -gah! 

I'll take care to re-examine my current script so I won't make the same mistake, and thank you for the insight! m(_ _)m

I'll do my best, but just in case -I'll apologise in advance if I do make the same blunder :"D especially the thing about the grammar. My proofreaders and I are apparently getting a bit 'numb' due to my textwall-like-script *cough

Oh and I'm so glad to hear you like Bermuda too! ^///^ some people dislike the slow paced opening about Maya's family so it cheers me up to see new people enjoying and understanding the appeal I was trying to convey. 

Lastly, thank you for the warm support! It had been rough lately so your encouragement just made my day...!



Yuup, the script is half-finished right now x'D 
The demo for Bermuda is also up in my page if you're interested <3 but it's still a long way to go for the complete ver. *I'm working on Script + programming + CG/BG with the exception of sfx/bgm, so the progress is slow but sure~ you're really too kind with the compliments >////< you made me blush *cough*

Oh and all of my dear readers -plus the ones that are lurking behind the shadows & bushes -are my friends already the moment they decided to give Nusantara a try x'D 

See you around, MariaDarkchild! 
You're free to come and go, but a visit always brighten my days, so thanks!



*Gasp* I also hate cliffhangers :S thank you for the warning! That settles it, I'm not going to watch it x'D

Thanks, Konoi x') well, we gotta move on whether we like it or not haha

I'm having mixed feeling about Infinity War lol, some of my friends said it was great, some not. But the surprising thing is the cinema is still packed now! I'm a lazy person so I think I'll wait for the DVD to come out to watch along with Rampage >< 

Thanks, yohanlove!

Actually, you can befriend me on facebook if you want to x')

I'm really active on facebook messenger, but I might reply late if I'm busy :S 
See ya around!


Hi MariaDarkchild! 

Thank you for playing and glad to hear you enjoyed yourself thoroughly >\\\< I'm very happy to hear you played all three routes!

Reksa is still the most popular I see ;) hahah, I sometimes blush when I remember what I've written... (what was I thinking when I write those scenes? *squirm)

As for your questions:

1. Purba doesn't literally mean Brother x'D he meant that he felt a connection with Rama. Therefore, he calls him Brother, it's half to provocate him and half happy that he met the same kin. 

I mean, Rama is pretty dark. Rama explains this in his Happy End epilogue, remember? ;)

2. Yes, some people also gave me the same advice as yours, that's why I made the name change-able in my 2nd project, Bermuda! X'D

Thanks again for the love and hope to see you around! (Hopefully in my 2nd game!)