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Hmm now that's a hard question x'D
I read a lot of fantasy romances, but if you ask me which one is my favourite, that would be 'Koibito no Ryuu' by paws-bells! However, I also read a lot of fanfictions, especially Inuyasha. That's where my interest about Mythical beasts/Legendary monsters started. It got intensified by Narnia, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, etc -so yeah, all of that inspire me to make an original (or at least I tried x'D)

Hi and thanks for visiting, Ilyiashah!

I'll definitely work hard to meet your expectations >///<
I have two proofreaders now, but I hope you'll forgive me if there are still grammar problems in it :'D
I think it's because I edited the script a lot and I sometimes forget to tell them about it *cough* but maybe it's also because we read too much texts and our eyes dulled over time x_x I dunno, but I appreciate every readers that point out some grammar problems/typos every now and then :'3

Thank you for your offer! I'll keep it in mind and I hope to see you again in the future when Bermuda is finished!


Hi and thanks for coming by, yohanlove!

And yes, my first game (Winged Ones) only have 3 bachelors, but Bermuda will have 4 bachelors (last one will be unlocked after you get all first three's happy ending). You're welcome if you have any other questions~


Sometimes, it's best to step back and make some decisions in the best interest of the game. 
Your struggle will definitely bear fruit! Never give up & good luck! ><

Hi, PandaManiac! 

Bermuda is going to be 5 chapters long + 1 extra chapter. Each of the chapters will be longer than before and the script progress currently is up to the Autumn village, which is close to 50% 

I hope it answers your question ~ 



maaf, saya tidak main RPG maker jadi tidak bisa memberi rating jujur. Tunggu saja ya ginger, rating itu butuh waktu tidak bisa cepat-cepat.



Hi gingersun, 

Sebelumnya mohon maaf, tapi market kita berbeda. Saya genre visual novel dan market saya itu orang luar jadi mereka tidak akan mengerti jika gamenya berbahasa indonesia. Game saya berbahasa inggris dengan elemen adat indonesia karena goal saya adalah mengenalkan budaya indonesia sedikit demi sedikit ke mereka. Jadi mungkin kita tidak nyambung jika saya coba mempromosikan game anda disini.

Saya sarankan untuk post game anda di komunitas RPG game atau grup FB. Kalau gamenya bagus, otomatis orang pasti akan comment/review. Tapi coba tambahkan review/pertanyaan macam apa yang anda ingin mereka jawab. Apakah soal cerita, karakter favorit,dll?

Kita memang sesama dev indonesia, tapi sayangnya kita berbeda jalan. Saya doakan market indonesia makin luas dan game anda sukses.

Salam hangat,


Hi, coreana!

Thanks for visiting and telling me your thoughts! >\\\< I'm also glad to hear you're reading and enjoying the updates! (I don't get that much people commenting so you just made my day :'3)

Other than paypal, I have a Mandiri bank account. It's an indonesian bank so I'm not sure if you have it there o.o; 

Still, thank you for your support and warm thoughts <3



It's Purnama and thanks for asking x'D 

I'd really love to see him in the sims 4 <3

Hi, Jules! Thanks for visiting and leaving this warm review! I just woke up and this made my day ^^-

I'm glad to know my game cheered you up! And yes, grammar error has been a long time problem that I'm still fighting now >< I already have 2 proofreaders, but somehow, something always managed to escape our radar x_x (Maybe I should read it outloud like you o.o)

I still have a long way to go but I hope you'll bear wih me if if there's more grammar error in the future :'D 

And yes! I'm flattered you think my game is good enough until you want to make a video and post it on youtube >\\\< the suggestions in there will definitely be a good guide for me to notice the grammar errors and other things. You can post the video link here or find me at a facebook fanpage: SweetChiel's Visual Novels

I'll post your link over there too! People might come to your channel for a walkthrough after all x')

Once again, thanks for your support and I hope to see you around!



Hi Julia Luna!

Unfortunately, due to it having a lot more content & more complicated story than Winged Ones, Bermuda is going to be commercial.

Early birds can get it for $10 while the normal price is $15. You can go to Bermuda's page and click the Paypal button if you want to x')

Thank you for asking! 



The comic is up! x'D

Hi OkamiChan!
Thanks for coming again and telling me your thoughts!

I'm glad to know you like the characters >///< but they won't meet Tamara here. They might encounter Mitra/Reksa/Rama as a cameo though~ And yes! The pace in this one is a lot more slower than Winged Ones & there's definitely more choices in the future x'D 

I wish you best of luck for your surgery! I hope you're not losing sleep trying to finish all the games in one go >< won't it be better to save some so you won't be bored after you're done with surgery and put on bed rest? o.o

And really thank you for your warm support >///< it never fails to make me smile and it's what motivates me the most to keep going >:')
I hope to see you again in the future and tell me your thoughts once this game is finished!


P.S. Pssst, did you know that you can click on the Red text? It will show you their meaning/translation, like when Kahlil is speaking in Spanish!

Alright, here's a few big tips for them *SPOILER ALERT*

For Rama's route :
1. Save Reksa, but be honest and let him go away.
2. Focus on his events and don't see other bachelors events. If his event is not available at the choices, choose to spend time with Granny Sukma/Asih. (Rama hates liars and you need to keep an eye on him in case he tries to do anything rash or showing some suicide-tendecies. And of course, be patient with him.)

For Reksa's route:
1. Save him and Lie to him.
2. Always go and meet Reksa in every chance you could. If his affection reached a certain point when the festival arrives, he will leave and Tamara will chase after him.

That should get you to their good ends ^^ ('Give them the Pink Crystal' option should be available for you)

Aah, that's because the text is hidden x'D

Try click + drag your mouse over the whites

Hi, OkamiChan! Have you tried following the walkthrough? https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?t=36095

I hope with this you will be able to get the happy endings!

Hi and thanks, Lucy!

I'm so sorry to hear your laptop died )': I hope your semester went okay? I know the lecturers are very strict with their homeworks, but I hope they understand your difficulty and give some leeway ><

 And yes! We should put the important files on USBs or backup them in our google drive once in a few weeks.

Hi Maria! So sorry for this late reply >< 

The Ren'Py version has less bugs and crashes compared to the old Novelty version. The story line isn't different tho 

Amen, Artemis_Ameretsu!
I also want to deliver my baby ASAP for you~>///<

(Edited 1 time)

Hi! The update every Monday is my overall progress, I don't have the habit of making in-game updates while the script is still in progress >< Usually, my in-game updates is scheduled after the game is finished (to fix bugs, typo, etc).

The deadline/original release date is July 2018. However, it might take longer depending on my speed of programming & script-writing (I personally have told my dear readers about this and fortunately, they wanted what's best for the game and willing to be patient ><)

x'D lol I feel your concern! 

Thanks for playing & enjoying it thoroughly MariaDarkchild!
Ahhh, nothing beats the feeling when I heard another person have read all 3 routes of my children QuQ 

It's also interesting to see so many people have typo on Reksa's name though x'D 
I hope to see you again in my next game!


(Edited 2 times)

You're not alone Andrea00842 x'D
Quite a lot of people get stuck trying to get Rama's Good End!

The trick is to save Reksa & 'Be honest' , later you will have to be careful; focus on Rama's scenes and don't see Mitra's scenes at all. Rama is very insecure & hate liars.

I hope it helps!


Hi JKJessica!
I hope I didn't disturb your sleeping schedule much x'D

I'm very happy to hear you loved it until you can't stop playing! Thank you for enjoying it thoroughly and I hope to see you again in my next game!

No problem at all x'D 
Find me on Facebook: Cecilia Sabrina Susanto 

Depending on our time difference, I might reply to your chat the next day though >< I did that all the time with my friend at Alaska/Egypt and other parts of the world :'))

x'D welp, we all have our preferences -but damn, the difference is sometimes mind-blowing! I've just finished Goblet of Fire and wow, it's much darker than I thought. They practically make the movie brighter and lessening the mystery parts. I'm going to start reading the next one now.

I'm planning to have 5 chapters for Bermuda with Chapter 5 being the longest, but I think it's going to be around 6 Chapters now since the Antagonist route would be very different, as though having its own chapter.


Aww, hi Sylvi!
I'm flattered to hear I managed to inspire you to make your own VN! O////O Thanks for your support and I hope you'll be patient enough to walk beside me step by step >< Bermuda is much longer than Winged Ones and the completion is still quite far in the future :'D

And yes, no problem at all! Thank you for the credit <3 
I'd be really happy if more people are coming to read my VN because of your recommendation ~

See you again!


That's weird O.O; 
I have another person asking the same thing but after choosing 'Be Honest' with Reksa, it worked.

As for "Ask Rama about his action"... I mean "Ask Rama for his condition" sorry >< I thought I already explained to ignore Mitra and Reksa if you want his good ending? x_x

Rama is a very jealous person and hates liars, so you won't get his happy ending if you miss one of his scenes or see one of Mitra's scenes. I admit that his route is quite tricky though ^^; 

Good luck!

So far, I'm liking the novel x'D 

The grammar is going to be a huge help for me and how Rowling describe things are very good! This is what I need lol, I need to widen my dictionary >.<; yup, a lot of people have lots of different opinion about the books vs the movies -my friend likes the books more though saying there's a lot of other things not mentioned in the movies? Oh well, gotta read and see xD

and congratulations for getting a job! I'm very flattered to hear you still remember me & decided to support >///< 
next month I should still be writing but I'm still accepting limited commissions~
>>> more info : https://sweetchiel.deviantart.com/journal/Commission-info-635898382

I'm available on Facebook if you want to chat too :3
>>> https://www.facebook.com/cecilia.s.susanto

Hi luvmyboyz!
Thanks for spraing some time to review! 

1. First of all, I'm sorry for this long overdue reply and thank you for giving all three bachelors a chance!
I'm happy to see Mitra getting popular lately, but I agree that the way he courted Tamara was very beautiful! It was very fun to write and I sometimes blushed whenever I re-read that particular event... *sigh* and thank you! There's nothing that can make me happier to hear my story managed to touch your heart until you cry :') thanks for playing & thanks for enjoying this game thoroughly from beginning until end!

2. You're welcome! I was pretty skeptical at first but I'm glad to see many people welcoming my concept with open arms!

3. You flatter me >< I still have lots to learn and there are rooms for improvement -however, I do believe that every character is important. After all, everyone has a story to tell and their relationships with each other are one of the elements that will make my VN feels 'alive'.  Thank you for giving so much love to Yuda, Asih, and Sukma :'D 

4. Yuup, my nemesis from the past years until now is still grammar x_x I have proofreaders and despite the multiple checking, there're always some things we fail to notice. I just hope it's not too awkward/disturb your experience ^^; 

and yes, I noticed that Reksa's route is much more 'desolate' compared to the others >< and sorry for making you feel guilty but the situation demands it u.u

5. Thanks for your support luvmyboyz! I progress much slower compared to other teams though so I hope you can be patient and walk beside me until it's finished :'3

Thanks again and see you again in the future!


(Edited 1 time)

lol, hi josephinex!

I'm really happy hear you love Winged Ones & even gave so much hype + enthusiasm for Bermuda >////<  I'm also excited to quickly finish & see your reactions/reviews <3 but as always, one step at a time x'D 

I hope you can be patient with me and read the updates every Monday!
See you again in the future~


Edit: Ack, again, I'm sorry for the late reply Q_Q

Thanks, Fei! Glad to hear you like my game <3
Klo VO masi blm brani krena butuh Voice Actor indonesia & blm ad wktu buat audisi nyari org"ny :'D 

Tp mngkin d masa depan akan terwujud, lihat sj yaa ><

(Edited 1 time)

Hi! Sorry for this late reply, b00o! 
I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed my game thoroughly and my story managed to stick in your mind O///O

Ah! and now you're even following my next game >///< Thank you! I still have lots to learn and rooms for improvements, but I do hope you can be patient with me since I develop my VNs quite slowly compared to other teams ><  

Stay tuned & hope to see you again!


Thanks, xXxIce_BearxXx!Glad to see your enthusiasm and patience to read my updates <3

I also can't wait to read your reviews later after this little one is finished x'D

(Edited 2 times)

lol, thanks Konoi!

With how things are developing, even I'm not sure which route to play first x'D 
I'm so flattered to hear you like the demo so much until you re-play it over and over again >///< You just made my day with your comment!

Edit: Don't worry about rambling, I love your ramblings <3 I like to read how people think about my characters/art/story/ and so on and so on :'3 I'm also sorry for the late reply ><

Thanks Frostfire175!
The title of the music on main menu is RPGTheme_v001 by Eric Matyas! He made a lot of free musics in soundimage.org!

Thanks rebelxpure!
Lots of people suggested it but I'm still somewhat skeptical >< let's just see in the future whether I will get a vision or inspiration to write small sequels for the boys ~

Oh, my! Thank you 69;)!
Hahah, I keep missing small things like these x'D 

That thing above Reksa's head is a colour in his sprite that I forgot to erase. So yup, it's from the sprite file x_x 
Thanks for telling me about it & I'm sorry about my clumsiness >< 


Oh iy, bs skalian tempel bukti transferny d sni? :'3

Aww thanks IoneWolfash >////<
Stay tuned!