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Hi, KyiSoRo! Sorry for the late reply! >< 

I also can't wait to deliver this baby to you so I can hear your thoughts~ <3 

Well... My goal is to finish this game at the end of the year QuQ I hope I can reach it--but as you may already know, I'm horrible at predicting dates and as slow as a snail OTL so please take it with a grain of salt.

And the game will cost $15 when it's completed! You can also apply for the Early Bird package by clicking the 'pledge with paypal' button and choose the option ^.^ 

Lately, I've been thinking about revising the final price to $20 or $25 though >< because the duration/word count of the game is very long--like, at least triple Winged Ones ^^; 

I hope I answered your questions! Thanks again for your support and see you around~



Thanks again tekkonkinkreet! Man, I'm always late to reply, aren't I? ๐Ÿ˜…

@OnnaYuki D'aww, I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed Winged Ones and Bermuda's demo!  Um, while it's unfortunate for me to not remember you--I have a goldfish memory syndrome QuQ--I'm very fortunate to have your support! Thank you!

And yup, as tekkonkinkreet said, there's a button at the game page and if you click it, it'll direct you to my wixsite! You can pledge for an Early Bird package $10 or buy it with the original price of $15 <3

Thank you for helping me to answer OnnaYuki's question! x'D

Hi, jasmiiineteaaa!
Congrats on finishing all the routes and thanks for visiting and dropping me a review! 

1. Whoa... not every day I hear someone saying they love all characters QuQ thank you so much for the love!

2. lol, you're not alone, jasmine! x'D don't worry though, someday, you'll meet someone you like ;)
I'm glad to hear you like my art and story!

3. Yup, grammar is my nemesis from the beginning of time o(-(
No surprises there, even my proofreaders are sometimes overwhelmed with the script ^^; we're doing our best to improve though!

4. Thank you! I also can't wait to deliver my next baby to hear your thoughts!

Hope to see you around,


Hi, tekkonkinkreet!
Your question is noted--and lol, that's one way to break the third wall x'D

And you're welcome! It's only right for me to keep you guys updated--especially when I'm slower than other gamedevs QuQ I'm always grateful for you guys, who seems to have the patience of saints! *hugs & offers a plate of cookie

Me too, alucard.steyn! 
The workload is insane--what was I thinking rofl--I can only imagine that my supporters have the patience of saints >_<; really guys, thank you for waiting!

And lol, your question is actually going to be in the game x'D (The Goddess will grant one wish, remember?)

With that in mind, I'll take note of your question but the answer will stay a mystery~ *dun dunnn* 

You're welcome, cloudysky and thank You for visiting! -^.^)/
I also can't wait for this to finish but now, I'm praying for Ren'Py to be strong enough to accommodate Bermuda QuQ

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Lol, I know! This game is getting too big for comfort OuO;;
Me too, I'm not good with finance, maybe I'll deposit some and use some to live the life of potato couch o(-( but other than that? I dunno x'D

Thank you for coming as always, Pang HerHeart!

Hi, MermaidVictory!
Welp, it's still hot in here and my air conditioner is my only savior x'D

and yeah! My heart skipped a beat when my laptop crashed =_=;
Maybe it's old? I believe I've had it for almost 7 years now

Hi, sora_carmel!
Congrats on finishing the game!
Thanks for taking the time to write me a review and don't worry! Your english is just fine, I understand it very well~ ^.^ 
You're not alone though, I keep stumbling on grammar and such, my proofreaders are working hard editing the script for me x_x

1. Ah, Reksa, my boy, how many hearts are you going to steal? x'D
2. You mean fantasy? Yes, me too! I'm a sucker for fantasy genre--especially the ones with magic and mystical creatures~ I just hope I did them justice >< 
3. Thank you! I'm also very happy to have found those music, which are available to use for free :'3 
And yes, I have rooms for improvement! I'm doing my best to get better and better each day!
4. You're welcome and thank YOU for giving my game a chance -^.^-

Hi, fishsayno!
Welp, every gamedevs have their own strengths and weaknesses. For me, I may update constantly but I progress slower than the others QuQ I'm really grateful to have patient supporters!

And yes! Your hug is delivered~ thank you so much! 

Hi, SkyDragon3564!
Thanks as always and I also can't wait to deliver this baby to you! QuQ

Your question is noted <3

Whoa, that's a lot of money, Mishira x'D
Your question is noted!

Ooooh! Yes!
I just remembered about it! Thank you very much for your patronage ^///^ I'll definitely contact you if I have anything else I'm in doubt/need opinion with!

Hi, The Mysterious! Thanks for coming back to give me another dose of warm support! x'D

Glad to see you like the robe & trees~ Your question is noted~

Of course! I really appreciate your honest thought about the background ^.^)/ critiques will definitely help me to improve so I welcome it with open arms!  *my proofreaders have given me lots of critiques for my script and as I read the many fixes/comments plastered on the .doc file, I really like them-- I think I'm becoming a masochist ๐Ÿ˜‚*

And yes! I'll definitely try and contact you whenever I'm not sure about something later? Um, would you mind leaving your email here? ><

Hi, El.Seth! Thanks! I hope yours as productive, too!
And lol, Arya and his charm x'D

You too! Drink lots and take care of your health!

Hi, OtomeLove!
Thanks for dropping by and I'm so happy to hear you like the polished background!
Your question is noted~ <3

Hi, MermaidVictory!
I'm glad you like the robes and the trees! And yup, I'm recharging my battery right now~ thanks for worrying about me! *hugs

lol I also didn't expect the winter robes to turn out that way!
I even looked up Games of Thrones winter robes--but when I think about it, the enchanted winter robes were given by the Autumn Village's Chief Village, so it kinda makes sense that the winter robes have their ethnic patterns/style, right? x'D

and... I knooow! I get you!
Sometimes, I get jealous of my doggos. They only eat, play, and sleep :'D I wish I can be as carefree as they are~

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Hi, Yanonako!
I'm glad to see you like their winter robes! x'D

and--aaahhh!! Where were you when I was in a dire need of pine tree refs? Q_Q I really like the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pictures! The ones I found are not as good and I can't seem to draw the snow correctly--I think it's because I don't quite understand how snow works. There's only sunny & rainy season here :'D  

I'll definitely keep these refs for future polishing! I'm going to focus on programming for now though. So I'll polish this background along with the winter forest background later but do forgive me if I forgot to polish them  *cough*

Yes, I'm resting right now to pace myself :'3
You too, take care and stay healthy over there!

Hi, tash777!
Congrats on finishing all the routes and thank you for taking some time to write me a review! -^.^)/

1. You're not alone lol, many people seem to like the tsundere type--heck, in Bermuda, Arya is currently the most popular one despite his foul mouth :')) I'm very happy to hear you like all of the bachelors tho! 

2 & 3. Thank you! I also loved playing otome games, still is, but due to the lack of time, I find myself only reading novels these days QuQ
I do realize that I still need to improve though. Especially in the quality-control department! I'll do my best to become better and better>:D 

4. Sadly, no. I only have those two for now >_<;
My hands are already full with Bermuda and I'm a bit slow at programming OTL
BUT! I'll definitely complete it one day! We're already halfway there! Slowly but surely, and I'm posting weekly updates at Monday so you'll know where we're at :'3

Thanks again for dropping by and I hope to see you around!


...I take it back, the robe now looks like a new outfit *between wanting to cry & laugh*
I've been collecting refs from many resources for the winter robes, and before I knew it they became good enough to become outfits :')) 

This is half your fault, Yanonako! x'D 
*now working on basic coloring*

Thank youuu~ *hugs*
it'll take a lot more time if I were to make new outfits, so... maybe not, or I'll end up making you guys wait longer again QuQ

you too, take care over there!

Glad to hear you're enjoying college, inky! x'D
the baby fox is rooting for you~

Hi, Bioras! Thanks for taking the time to write to me! >///<)/
I'm really happy to hear you read & like my weekly updates! It's also a relief because I often feel bad for making you wait so long ^^;
All I can say is... you're welcome and thanks for having my back!

Ah I can feel how much you like foxes from your nickname, kitsune x'D I think you'll like the images~ but it's a sad story so you might want to prepare your heart.

And thank you for dropping by and encouraging me! It means a lot to me, hearing you'll support me no matter what QuQ

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Hi, MermaidVictory! I'm glad to hear that everyone is loving the little fox x'D um, the robe will be worn on top of their current clothes so it's more like an add-on, not a set of completely different clothes ๐Ÿ˜‚

and yup, you too! Take care of your health!

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Hi, Yanonako! Yeah, it's a lot ๐Ÿ˜‚ 

Thank you! I'm charging my battery as we speak lol
A sneak peek of the winter outfits? Maybe a peek through a  keyhole like before x'D they're not really an 'outfit'--they're going to wear a robe on top of their current clothes, so it's more like an add-on than a completely different outfit :'3

You have my back so of course I'll have yours! ^///^
And good question! Noted!

You can do it, Lizerette! I believe in you! 
It was not easy, I thought I wouldn't be able to do it, but if we push ourselves, we can break through the limit! :'3

And you're welcome! You can ask more questions if you want to x'D
Let's work hard together!


Yup, that's why I'm taking a short vacation x'D My lovely bed, here I come! *cuddles my pillow*

Thanks for dropping by, El.Seth! Reading comments always make me smile :'3
You too, rest well and hope you're doing fine over there!

Mostly CG making and programming x'D there are also props like new costumes for the bachelors (they wear enchanted robes to cross the winter area *you won't mind a little spoiler, right?*

You too, take care and thank you for dropping by, alucard.steyn!


Hi, MermaidVictory!
Believe me, it wasn't easy ^^; I've been neglecting my emails because of it but I'm glad to hear you solved your issues!

Him, Lossy!
Sorry for the late reply ><

Yup! There would be dragons in the late-game ^.^)/
In addition of Komodos and Avians, more mythical tribes will be introduced as villagers!  

Hi, MaiHarashi!
You're welcome and thank YOU for giving Bermuda a chance! I'm really flattered to hear you've been inspired to make your own games due to playing mine! ^///^ 

There are so many things to do in order to make a visual novel, but I do have some advises to share:
1. It's important to know how a story starts, the middle, and how it ends. You might want to make short notes, depicting the order of the scenes.
2. Commit to making progress each week! It doesn't matter how small, just don't stop. Little by little, polish it, give it your best so you won't leave any regrets, and you'll finish it before you know it ^.^

Good luck and I hope to see you around!


Hi, owo! Thank you for taking the time to write to me!
Don't worry about it, I understand that the majority of you prefer to silently watch over me like guardians/shadows behind the bushes x'D I'm already happy with the occasional comments~

And yes! I'm still accepting questions and that's a good question you have there OuO
For me, college is a lot more fun than high school. I met many people with the same hobbies/preferences there.

You too, stay fit and drink lots of water!
If you go out, don't forget to wear mask and keep some distance from other people ^.^)/

Lastly, I'm really grateful that you're being so patient with me--I update weekly but I often feels like I didn't do enough...and suddenly, it's already month 6 year 2020! OTL
I hope you'll stay with me QuQ we're halfway there!


Congrats on finishing all the routes, EveningTea! And thank you for dropping by! -^.^)/

1. Now this is a pleasant surprise! Mitra didn't get picked often so I'm happy for him~
2. Oh my, you have played Bermuda's demo too? O.O I'm very glad to hear you also like it >///<
It'll take some time for me to complete it, but stay tuned with the weekly updates~
3 & 4.  Thank you! QuQ I will definitely keep improving!

Thanks again for coming and see you around!


Thank you for the love and congrats on finishing Winged Ones, z00na!
Rama definitely needs more love. His route is the most complicated of all three so not many people can be patient/understand his complicated psychology--but when someone does, I'm always happy to see them gaining a better understanding/knowledge about Rama and his troubles! 

And yes, I'm a little struggling with sound effect quality-control because the sound volume is different when I compare using headphone with speakers. My laptop's speaker is a bit on the low side so maybe that's why? Sometimes, things that you can only vaguely hear on speaker is loud/normal with headphones--so if I increased the volume, it'll be normal at speakers but loud with headphones ^^; honestly, I have no idea how to fix this.