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Aww *hands a box of tissues to you

Thank you for playing and for boarding on my ship, whiteAugust007! QuQ Congratulations on finishing all the routes!

I understand too well about how you feel >< Rama's route is either good or not your cup your tea--a character with a complicated background is hard to flesh out but I'll do my best and keep trying to become a better creator and author! >:)

I see that Reksa is still our number 1 boy! So proud of him! And glad to hear you like Tamara and Mitra too <3 

I always want to make people smile when they read my stories, so you'll always see humor in my VNs x'D

I also look forward to hear your thoughts when Bermuda is completed! Until then, I hope you don't mind walking with me and read the weekly updates until we reach the goal line! >\\\<



Aww thank you, Steph :)! I'm flattered you remember my games after you binge watched an anime romance show >\\\< 

I still have a lot of rooms for improvements compared to the pros, but I'll do my best so I can make interesting stories that makes you forget about time! >:D

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Thank you so much for the patience and support, Rin! >\\<

Yes, I will definitely do my best and keep polishing until it's ready for you to read! *hugs~

Hi BhenChod!
Yup, I've resolved the problem and managed to insert a few humor scenes x'D hopefully, it's refreshing and able to make you smile later~

And yes! I've read 1/2 prince all the way to the ending Q___Q did you read the author's other novel too? Dominion's End? They're hilarious and I often make them my reference/goal so I can make people burst in laughter/smile x'D

And don't worry about the genre, I read a lot of novels/fanfics and thanks to, my library expanded to japanese, chinese, and korean novels! 

Thanks for the recommendation~ I'm actually waiting for Abandoned Empress until it reached 100 chapters or so since I hate waiting for updates @@ but I think I'll re-read it now >< 

thanks again, BhenChod!


Ah, it reminds me, my friend got a flu and the flu circulated through the whole family before it go away x'D

Take care of yourself, Seraiden! The weather has been unpredictable these days, so drink lots and don't get too tired :'3

Hi Elflady!
Thanks for coming by and dropping me a review! I just woke up and this put a smile on my face the first thing in the morning x'D

I'm really glad you love Tamara! She's my first heroine and  some of her lines aren't planned >< really, my characters tend to 'rebel' my original plot lines and create a new route for themselves :'))

1. Congrats on finishing all the routes! And yes, while Reksa's route has more content, Tamara's past didn't revealed here. I like to think Reksa occupied Tamara's mind so much, she didn't have time to think about her past x'D

2. High five! Reading is as natural as breathing for me x'D there's not a day I spent without reading light novel/fanfiction, so we're on the same boat! I also really like Fantasy, which is probably because Inuyasha and HunterxHunter were my childhood favorite TV shows :'3 --actually, still are and followed by Narnia, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones.

So... yup, a lot of fantasy content in my games x'D 

3. Thank you! I still have a lot to learn in the writing department though >< 
The grammar errors are much worse before. It's only thanks to my proofreaders that Winged Ones reached this state QuQ
And lol, glad to hear our sense of humor is the same! I always strive to make fun and interesting scenes, especially for the fillers since I don't want you to get bored halfway >< it's a big concern for me so I always polished and polished until I'm satisfied with them--I usually don't stop polishing until I get into programming and see if they're good when applied or not.

4. I will! I'll do my best and continue improving so I can make more VNs--preferably all my life ^///^ 

Bermuda still has quite a way to go, but I hope you're willing to wait and walk with me while reading the weekly updates ><;

Thanks again for the support!


Hi maason!
Thanks for playing and glad to see you like Purba! x'D

His past is briefly explained in Reksa's route, but yeah, I didn't explain them in great detail ><

Thanks! Us women are amazing creatures, you know?
We give birth, squeeze out milk, leak blood/have a bloody war each month, and we survive! x'D

Aww, I do hope you can catch up with your sleep & don't forget to eat/drink! Replenish yourself with a cold drink/ice cream too! ><
The hard time will pass *pats, and yes lol, drink milk x'DD

Here's hoping for things getting better! *high-five!

Thanks, Sugar~

I spent most of my time on bed this week + doing part-time jobs, but the Winter Arc is slowly coming to the way I want it to be!
As always, thank you for your support *hugs~

It does! I still feel it now :'))
thanks for worrying, Konoi *hugs <3

If you mean random pop ups & cameo, then yes! x'D

On second thought, I haven't had the time to update the demo o.o; thanks for reminding me!

Hi, Hobi <3!
Thanks for stopping by and dropping me a review! 

It's rare for a guy to read my VN, so I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed reading Winged Ones! I'm still busy with my second project, Bermuda, so I'll consider making an additional epilogue/short after-story after I'm done with it ^.^

1. Aww thanks! Reksa is one of the early reasons why I decided to try my luck in making VNs, so seeing him getting loved by so many people makes me happy ^///^

2. Lol, I guess we both agree that we need more novels with bird boys/girls? x'D 

3. Thank you so much! It's only through so much polishing and my proofreaders, that I'm able to create this story Q_Q my proofreaders played a big part as I'm having trouble with grammar and unseen plotholes! They're amazing and I doubt Winged Ones will be this good without them >< 

4. Aww thank you for the warm support! *hugs

I still have much to learn but I'll do my best to make more interesting stories for you to read! >:3 
Stay tuned with my weekly updates!


You too, Ailantan! take care and thanks for reading the update! <3

Of course! Let's work hard together! OuO)/

oh. OH. ROFL, what am I saying?! x'D

I guess the heat got me! Thanks for the heads up! *runs away embarrassed

Hi, NSAID! Welcome back! Wow you had been absent for quite a long time o.o 

and yup, I'm still progressing slowly but surely like usual! Thanks for reading my updates <3

Thanks, otakunoodle! Glad to hear you enjoy it! ^.^-

Did I type it wrong or is there a pun I'm not aware of? X'D

Yup, I can't wait to download them all in one go x'D they said it's the final season, right?

my current fave character is Tyrion ~

Yup, I'm proud to share our culture and other elements  with others ^.^

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Ooh! Don't worry, Bermuda is not Winged Ones' sequel so the story is different ^.^

However, it's set in the same world with broader horizon (if you look closely, right in the middle of Bermuda's map, there's a small island. That is the island where Winged Ones' story took place), so you will see familiar characters/cameo in here~

Nusantara: Legend of the Winged Ones is completed so you can download and play it now, ghostyshoes! ^.^ There's also a walkthrough in lemmasoft if you have any trouble getting the good endings.

The weekly updates are for my second project, Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle. 

Hi, afae! I feel you :(
It feels like I'm constantly steamed inside the house and the car feels like an oven x_x 
We need to drink lots these days

Hi ghostyshoes!
It'll be 5 Chapters, 1 Happy End, and 1 Bad End for every characters plus 1 Very Bad End if you pick all the wrong choices! ^.^

Thanks, OtomeFan!
I also can't wait to publish it and hear your thoughts! >///<

Rofl! x'D

Hi BaiyauFox! I'm so sorry for the late reply! ><

woah--you're from a year ago? o.o; time sure flies! I hope you'll enjoy the demo and take your time! 

The story & scriptwriting had come a long way and I only have to write the bonus antagonist route before I start making CGs and programming >< it will still quite a awhile until Bermuda is finished so please stay tuned with the weekly updates for now~

as always, thank you for your warm support and everlasting patience -^.^)/



Thank you for the understanding wilting_rose! *hug

here's some virtual cookies and hugs so you won't 'wilt' while waiting ><

*cough* excuse my attempt at puns

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Hi wilting_rose!

Like every other gamedev, I'm horrible at predicting dates --BUT! I assure you it should be some time this year ^.^- for now, please stay tuned to the weekly updates ~ 

P.S. I apologize for my slow scriptwriting QuQ

Thanks SkyDragon3564!

CassiopeiaSD is right! OOC is short for Out Of Character~

And yup, the antagonist route can feel weird if I don't develope it in the right way --but man, they said Love and Hate are two different sides of the same coin but it's dang hard to make two people who initially hates each other to like/love each other x'D

The antagonist also doesn't want to cooperate with my ideas sometimes so... yup, struggling OTL 

But it's getting better! Slowly but surely! The important scenes turned out better than I had planned so your wait will be worth it! >:D

Hi stardust! Congrats on getting all the happy endings and thank you for loving all my boys >\\\< also, thank you for giving my VN a chance and I'm really glad to hear you love it! 

It's night over here and your comment just made my day brighter^///^ it's been a long time since Winged Ones is released so to see people still love my boys today means so much to me.

1. Thanks! I still have a lot to learn in grammar department, but I'll always do my best to improve and make good story!

2. Me too--honestly, we need more otome games/translated ones :'3

3.  Yup, I agree! I still have lots of rooms for improvement >< Winged Ones had gone through 3 layers of proofreaders before it reached oday's level and if not for them, I'm sure people will comment about my grammar everywhere x'D as for art well, I'll do my best to reach the level of those big guns! >:D 

The indonesian tradition was a gamble but I'm very happy to see you like it!

4. Hmm I'm afraid there won't be a sequel, but you can find fanfics in wattpad ^.^- one in particular is created by one of my proofreaders: "Nusantara: Taming a Dragon ( ReksaxOC)" or more mature ones like "Anak Manusiaku yang Manis (RamaxTamara)" >< the last one is created by a fan~

As for Bermuda, since the story length is almost triple Winged Ones, it will be commercial :'3 the normal price is $15 but you can still get an early bird package which is $10 if you click that big yellow paypal button on the game page~

Lastly, I also personally don't like to read bad ends, but I've been hearing good things about Winged Ones bad end~ one of them is also one of the best scenes I've ever written!

Thank you for visiting and dropping me this lovwly comment, Stardust! ^.^- I hope to see you around!



Thanks, ooeoee! It really has been an eventful month! X'D I hope yours are too!

*in a small voice* yes ><

It's unexpected and felt unreal since everything went smoothly! I never thought I'd find a man with matching hobbies to boot and he's getting me to exercise, which I don't know whether to cry or laugh about x'D

*cough* *cough*!!
Um, yes?

*runs away to a corner & internally screaming with a red face

Ah, his baby x'D why am I not surprised? 

He must be really treasuring it, I mean, it's really rare for me to see old cars around. I would be surprised if I even see one that resembles a car from Mr. Bean (I don't know what it's called ><)

--And woahhh 115F? O.o 

Gurl, drink like your life depends on it! >< cold fruit slices are also good if you don't have much appetite!

Glad you like it, Seraiden! 
Yup, things surely have been tough these days, but the storm will pass! My family have been changing cars often since we usually bought them secondhand and when there's a big problem, we sell it and buy a secondhand again, rinse and repeat. Fortunately, things have been quite well since I graduated from college ><

You too! It's been very hot over here so I keep water nearby every day--you should too :'3 my mom had a checkup last week and she said many young people are diagnosed with Diabetes/kidney stone so we really need to drink more water ><

Thank you so much Claradeso! It's morning and I saw your comment first thing in the morning >\\\< it made my day~

Thank you for loving Rama and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed yourself thoroughly! Lord knows Rama needs more love and I'm always happy to have more people love him <3

I still have rooms for improvement so I'll definitely work hard in my 2nd project! Hopefully, I'll see you again then ^///^

Thanks again for coming by and see you around!



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Lmao, yeah don't remind me OTL
For once, I'm planning a surprise and wanted it to be cool, but it ended up with an epic fail >///< so embarrassing! I was hoping that person didn't see me since it's dark at night, but eh, he saw Q////Q 

The zoo was AWESOME and a bit tiring since it had become a lot bigger! I exercised a lot! 
You too! I hope you had a great week!

March and April are wedding/birth months for sure x'D
One of my friends is already at pre-wedding stage too--time flies! 

and yup! FIGHTING!!