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Thank you, Aciara!
It's the least I can do with how much support I've been getting :'3
I'm doing my best & hopefully, I can reach your expectatiosn! >_< you too, please take care, drink lots, eat 3 times a day, & rest well <3

<3 <3

What a coincidence, that also happened to me and my friend :'D
One person sick = the whole family sick lol. It often happens in the family, so... (I shouldn't be smiling, but it's almost like a tradition lol, I'm sorry x'D) but glad to hear all is well! Take plenty of rest & I hope you're up with full health again soon!

>u<)/ ~<3
*sending online hugs & love

Awww, thank you, bejeweledlily! QuQ
It's my fortune to have your support & reading my updates <3

Thank you, Seraiden!
I'm starting to get very conscious of saving monies these days so it's really a relief x'D
You too, I hope you had a nice, productive week & happy!

Me too, nekokitwolf!
Me too Q_Q

Thank you, Kikaharu!
One step at a time, just need the proofreading to be done & checked before I can deliver this baby to you! x'D

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Thank you, tinygremlinqueen!
Yes, it has been a long and hardworking year so far~ I wish there's time for me to hibernate, but work calls x'D it does a lot of good to my 'retiring' savings so gotta do it!

Here's hoping things are going well on your end!

That's right, AllGoneMad!
I'm planning to sell the artbook separately from the game (digital version only because I've never sent anything internationally >_<;)
I'm still thinking about the price though

Ikr? We've been very patient and thank goodness our patience bears fruit! QuQ

Hi, lonerwolfnanz!
It's possible, I need to re-learn how to release it on steam again, but yes, I might also release Bermuda on Steam ^.^)/ of course, version will be released first--it looks like they're a lot easier than steam~

And thank you for the warm support <3

Hi, qwills! Thank you, I'm so glad you like my art ^////^ It's the best compliment I can get <3
I'm also crossing my fingers for some good news, hopefully soon >_<

R-refreshing? Now that's new but I'm glad to hear it x'D 
Thank you for reading and I will keep you updated~

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Oh my, thank you, Gab! QuQ
It really feels nostalgic. Back in college I never thought I'll end up making visual novels, but here we are; alive and slowly trying to push these babies out x'D

But most of all, I'm really happy to hear that you like my stories :'D
It means a lot to me--especially when you stick with me despite my grammar flaws. I will do my best to meet your expectations! >_<

And yes, I also hope my dayjob will have good news soon. I really enjoy my current team and boss :'3

Aww, thank you, Thevaly!
Please treat yourself to some cookies & melon juice I've provided in the corner for my stalkers shy supporters >///<

Thank you, tinygremlinqueen! ^///^
I did and I enjoyed my rest!

rofl, thank you, mif4n! <3

Thank you, princessbarb21 >///<
Whoa, give your friend my greetings & I hope she also had a great birthday! 
I'm turning 30, man where did the years gone to? x'D

Hi, yohanlove!
Thank you and cheers for another year of productivity! XD

Thank you, Sazura!
Yes, I had a really good rest and treated myself with good food X'D 
I'm not fond of crowds tho so I just celebrate it quietly with my mother & replying the messages from family <3

I'm back and recharged now!

Aww, thank you for letting me know, Kris Akane! ^///^
In fact, I'm aware that there are those who prefer to silently stalk support me from behind the bushes/shadows, which is one of the reasons why I always do the weekly updates whether there are comments or not <3 I can feel your stare, I mean 'love'! XD

Oh no~ I live in Indonesia, but currently, I'm working for a startup Singapore company! So the holidays we use are Singapore ones now~

You too, please make sure you eat your meal, drink lots, and have plenty of rest! ^.^)/


Thank you, mjw1995!
Yes, a well-earned rest is the best! >///<

Thank you, mif4n!
You too, let's all rest plenty! <3

Hi, Mavya90!
Thank you so much for your understanding & patience QuQ I hope I can meet your expectations--but good news! Reksa, Rama, and Mitra will make a cameo appearance in Bermuda! x'D

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Thanks, sherene aurely!
I tried my best to incorporate Indonesian elements <3
And yes, there will be special effects like raining, falling leaves, snow, light, etc--and no, they will be separate, simple animations! I hope it'll add some 'spice' to your experience ^///^

You too, please take care of yourself and stay healthy~ 
Maybe just drink milk in the morning is also okay X'D (I often skip breakfast because my stomach can't handle heavy things in the morning lol)

You're welcome, DazzleDust72!
It's the least I can do, you guys are being very patient with me! QuQ

Yes, I know! We're so close, princessbarb21! >///<

No problem! Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions -^.^)/
I'll always be glad to explain/answer them <3

Hi, walkingonsunshine!
Now that's something I don't hear often O_O
Thank you! As an author, I always do my best to write the scenes--especially the endings! >///<

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Hi, KSR1!
Oh, when I say office drama, it's about my office's programmer who keeps delaying the release of their game due to inefficient programming~
I was not talking about Bermuda/Winged Ones, because that is my personal project--and yes, I'm the one doing the art, programming, etc ^.^)/

So the first half is about me rambling about my dayjob, because I was hoping my office's programmer can help me with Winged Ones' google play release.  All this time I've been doing the programming of my projects with Ren'Py but I have no idea what I have to do in order to release them to google play. I read somewhere that I need to install Google Play Key & SALT into the game? I don't understand the steps so I needed help but unfortunately, the person I have in mind (the programmer in my office dayjob)  is not as reliable as I thought... 

I hope this answers your question >_< 

Aww you're welcome, Michi_N! ^///^
I also hope you're doing well no matter where you are! Let's continue to work hard together <3

oh yes, thank you very much for telling me, Dgcast04!
All of the music used for Winged Ones are royalty free, I don't quite remember where I got the one I used for the title screen ^^;
I must refer to my old notes, but people shouldn't be allowed to sell them unless they bought the license to use them commercially? Hmm... they should still credit the original owner though. I'm not sure what should I do about this, but if I do find out where the music came from, I'll try to notify the owner!

 P.S. the release for google play is looking... gloomy :'D
 the programmer I tried to work with doesn't seem to be a responsible person. If you read my updates from the last few weeks you'll know why x_x In the worst case, I might need to cancel it since I don't want to hand over Winged Ones to such person T_T I feel really bad and sorry about this

Well, I'm just waiting to see what the boss have in plan for the end of June, because the investor is certainly not having it after so many delays x_x I can see that he's in denial & he kept telling us things like, 'the 2 big boss will be finished programming this week', but then there's no progress report or anything to this day... so the empty promises are getting to our nerves, but welp, let's see what happens at the end of this month :'D

thank you for dropping by, KSR1! <3

Ikr? I didn't expect him to do that. He might be having a panic attack or smth, but he really should take responsibility :') I've warned him not to get distracted, but then he said, 'you think I don't know how to do priority list?', well... the result speaks for itself :')

Thank you for dropping by, tinygremlinqueen! <3

Oh lol, I'm glad to hear we're not the only ones facing this problem! x'D
Currently, the problem is still persisting. I'm trying to gently nudge the programmer to finish the game levels + other basic screens like shop/equipment/inventory first before thinking about polishing/complicating things, but he's a tough nut to crack so I'm crossing my fingers 😂

And that's actually a good practice idea from your friend! It'll train our focus & the reward/punishment is a good motivation!
For me, writing the weekly updates & reading your comments/seeing the 'likes' are the motivations that kept me gog &in continue making progress <3

Thank you, Seraiden~
Yes, I was really scared x'D There are minor error notifications caused by uneven spacing detected by the new software, but the codes can ignore it & works as usual!

You too, Seraiden :'3 Drink lots, eat your meals, & rest plenty please <3
I look forward to hear your thoughts once Bermuda is finished~

Thank you for dropping by & for the warm support, GamingDama! ^///^
I see that Cover B is the clear winner lol, but yes, I'll do my best for you and the others! 

Aww, thank you ro-ses! You're making me blush >///<
I also love artbooks! I have some collection at home, I hope I can make something as good--which is why I'll keep doing my best! Let's gooooo~

Thank you, owo! Wow, cover B wins by a landslide!
Everyday I learn something new and I just noticed that if I save the artbook pages in .pngs, the images will look better and with less noises/blur, so thank goodness for that QuQ