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Thank you, Ruda!
Ikr? Their music is epic! I'm glad to see our taste is similar ^///^

You too, I hope you're having a great week! Let's work hard together & have fun while we're at it!

Hi, PhantomFreak!
Thank you for writing this review & I'm sorry for this very late reply Q_Q
I keep missing the notification--but I'm really flattered that you take the time to write this!

Your score is very fair considering the flaws I have, but I'm still very glad that you finished all of their routes! Your description of their stories are accurate and made me feel nostalgic ^///^ at times, I also feel embarrassed because I know exactly what you're talking about & I can't help but laugh.

I know I still have room to grow, but sometimes, I can't seem to help myself to write untimely jokes/becoming too imaginative (which becomes a plothole) 😅 which is why I'm always grateful to my proofreaders! They're my lifesavers, constantly reminding me to improve, quality-control, help my grammar, etc. I love english but my sense of humor can be really weird sometimes, it's either a miss or a hit lol. Inspiration also comes and go, but I will always do my best to improve >:)

Again, thank you for the love and for your thorough review <3


Aww, thank you for the love Ragu2!
Congrats on finishing the game and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it ^///^ 

Unfortunately, while Winged Ones will always be my baby, it's already a closed book which I store in my treasure chest. My wish is that the readers will be able to fill in the rest of the story. The future is yours <3



omg, how come I keep missing the notifications :'D
I'm really sorry for this, MyKawaiiPanda! Thank you for playing and for the love <3 
Yes, Rama's route is the most difficult one because if you made a wrong choice/give attention to other bachelor, you'll fail to get his good ending ><

There are walkthroughs in Lemmasoft/Steam though, so I hope you can finish his route ^.^


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Hello, trooshoo!
I'm sorry for the late reply and your inconvenience ><
I just checked the forum and unfortunately, Ren'Py is incompatible with Catalina 10.15 (it leads to crashes). This has something to do with the developer's tech and the only current solution I found is:
Copy the folder to Applications & open it from there.

If this doesn't work, I'm sorry to say I can't provide you with any other solution aside from using different PC/use windows Q_Q



Thank you, princessbarb21!
Yes, I have two new titles in mind and I guess I shouldn't let you wait much longer x'D
Thank you for being here!

I'm always grateful for your patience, girlygumdrop! QuQ
It's so close!

Oh lol, give me your best shot! I'll catch'em all, Shiawase! x'D

Hi, Soph_8698!
I thank you for the patience and support, it means a lot to me that you're still here Q_Q
I know that I'm slow, but I always told myself one step at a time--and when I see people dropping by now and then despite how long it has been or how busy they've been, it's what keeps me going ^///^

Thank you for coming and I hope I can meet your expectations!
I hope you're doing awesome no matter where you are <3


Thanks, lonerwolfnanz! ^///^
I'm really glad to hear people are still reading Winged Ones and loving it. Really, there's no better compliment than that. I will definitely do my best to meet your expectations with Bermuda! >:)

Thank you, princessbarb21 ^///^

Oh, I have some tips for that!
Usually, I would write short summaries of events from the beginning to end before I decide to write a {i}whole{/i} story. For example: 
- A farmer's introduction/daily life (beginning) >>> meets someone hurt in the forest (complication/trouble)>>> takes care he/she, turns out they have amnesia! >>> funny moments when they tried to help with chores >>> more funny/intimate moments >>>  a knight suddenly posted on the village's bulletin board that the King is looking for his illegitimate prince/princess! (more complication/trouble) >>> the farmer is worried because the description matched the amnesiac guest in his house >>>explained to the guest but he didn't want to go to the castle, comfortable living there with the farmer >>> the knights found them anyway and the farmer got arrested >>> the amnesiac prince/princess came to the rescue & recover their memories when they took a hit for the farmer>>> the prince/princess announced to renounce their position as royal heir to live happily ever after with the farmer

Whoa, that took longer than I expected, but you get the gist x'D
Make a skeleton first before you flesh it out!

You can also slowly explore the facts/re-read the plot to improve them :'3 
I hope it helps. I know too well about writer's block, but all I can say for that is... just do it and push your way through :'D (If needed, with force. You can always come back to polish it lol). I think it's different for every writer, but I believe when there's a will, there's a way!

But you're right, take your time and walk with your own pace. Don't overexert yourself, watch a movie/read a novel. Inspiration takes time and it often appears at strange places~ 


Thank you, princessbarb21 Q_Q
I wish things can turn for the better, but yes, as you said, it takes two. I still feel bad for my mom and uncle who represented my dad during my wedding... but at the same time, I'm grateful that my mom took it very well (my mom said she'll tell uncle at New Year). I guess when the relatives visited me and she heard the contradictions, it helped to know where the problem lies. It's not just my ex-husband, it's also my mom-in-law unfortunately :')

Oh well, what's done is done! I'm just glad I have people who'd lend me an ear and support ^///^
Thanks again, princessbarb21! I will do my best with Bermuda and I hope to meet your expectations! >< 

In my case, I'm learning how to make shorter stories because I have a tendecy to make long paragraphs to describe this and that ^^; which can be too long/unnecessary *sweats

Thank you, scribblefingers :'3
Things have been quite peaceful this week, so I hope it continues this way. Thank you for sparing some time to read my updates, I always appreciate the attention and patience you've given me QuQ I hope I can meet your expectations---I certainly didn't expect Bermuda to take this long ^^; but I'll do my best!



OMG, midichats... you're the first person to write me such a long comment, it almost feels like I'm reading a letter! Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me, I'm really happy and flattered >///<

You give me too much credits though. I'm not that amazing, I'm just like you, someone who is trying to stay positive and pay the bills :'D  I have my flaws but I'm sure all of us have our own difficulties. But yes, I agree that all of us deserve to be happy and not be someone's 'whatever'. We take marriage seriously because our intention is to have a partner who will accompany us until old age/death, but I guess it's just me who is ready to commit... or maybe our wedding vows hold different weights. This is an important lesson to me, and let this be a warning to all of us, sister! Choose wisely! Q^Q

Still, to have someone grovel at my feet would be too much, don't you think? 😂 
Thank you for taking the time reading my old updates to get to know my situation better though >///< You're so considerate and thorough! 

And as much as it saddens me, you're right. How people respond to conflict says a lot about them... I guess it's partly my fault, because I trust him too much. When we were dating, we didn't go out much because I was an introvert. We also didn't fight much--except when I got into conflict with mother-in-law involving my pre-wedding dress. I should've seen the signs. Back then, he did nothing when his mother forced me to use his sister's dress instead of the one I've chosen. I thought he would be better after we got married, I thought maybe he'll at least warn his mother when she becomes too much of a perfectionist, but I was wrong :')

Somehow, you remind me of scriptomancer. She also radiates confidence and a no-nonsense person x'D Until now, I still remember her words, 'if you want to live that way, you shouldn't have married me because it's not happening!' . Your words also struck me deep, especially this one; even if he gets away from the shop...he still did not see you as someone worth fighting for or trying to compromise for. He never gave you any effort. Your marriage is not the priority to him.

Thank you... I always felt like I'm married to a child instead of a man. I mean, he didn't seem to understand that we're supposed to try and make our own family, make our own story. Not to integrate with his parents. I'm his partner, why can't he see that? *sigh* I'm still frustrated whenever I think about it.

And I'm sorry to hear about your mother :'(
But you know what? I think if your mother have a chance to start over, she'll do the same, because even though your dad is a... excuse me, a 'dog'. She'll do it all over again to have you and your siblings! Believe me when I say a mother's love is the greatest thing on earth :') sure, there are a few mothers who gave up/didn't have the capability to commit raising a child. But once they put their mind on it, they'll love you more than they love themselves. My mom was harsh and sometimes could be like a godzilla, but as I grow older and know of her difficulties, I love her more than anything else now. Although, as Asians we still have a hard time expressing our love x'D

Thanks again for the love and support! I'm taking note of your twitter and IG! Look out because you got yourself a new stalker 😂 Oh, that video was also hilarious! Even if it's a little crude, I get what you're trying to say rofl. 

Last but not least, I hope you're doing great no matter where you are! I hope all of us will find happiness in life <3
Lots of love & hugs,


Hi, Romy Akari/Romy350!
It's been a while indeed! It's good to see you again ^///^

Yes, after all this trouble, I'm expecting that nothing can get any worse from this so I'm pretty calm now. Like you said, I see little reason to go back because I don't see myself happy in the long run (or is it my pessimist side talking?) 

In any case, thank you for the advice and for dropping by :'3
I also hope you're okay no matter where you are! Please take care of yourself and stay healthy!

Hi, missing_aria!
I'm glad to hear that my games are still able to inspire/enjoyable to new people! ^///^
Yes, as story authors, the plus is we learn faster about relationships and hopefully, we can touch other people's heart through our stories or plant good morals or like you said, teach people to have tact, patience, understanding, and listening skills...

After everything is said and done, thank you for dropping by, missing_aria <3
You said it, all of us deserve to be happy so no matter what happens, let's do our best in everything so we don't regret it! ><

Hi, girlygumdrop!
Speaking about the leak, it's all patched up now and I think everything is good now! *yay!*
Thank you for taking the time to read so many of my updates in one go! While it's been hectic and I got my mind all over the place, I always returned to Bermuda. I suppose the weekly updates have been engraved to my bones x'D 

But yes! I'm taking enough time to rest. The doggos have become my rocks these days; hugging a big fluffy doggo feels heavenly and kept me far away from negative thoughts :'3

You too, I hope you're doing great over there! Please take care and don't overexert yourself!


Hi, Kris Akane!
Your first word successfully made me smile 😂 oh silly me and my sense of humor *cough*

Thanks for sparing some of your time to show me your support <3
You already cheered me up by saying you're willing to kick people for me lol, I really appreciate that. Really, thank you for having my back!


It's okay, princessbarb21!
The drama is still here and I think it will still continue? 😂 I mean, every time I thought I'm finally free, they returned and gave me more things to think about. But yes, you're right. I need to move forward with my life.

The memory lingers but I'll find a way to move around it >:') 
Life is full with ups and downs, when we're down, there's only one way left; up! We need to grasp our happiness with our own hands! *you might find these quotes familiar because I've been looking up quotes to stay positive >_<*

Thank you for dropping by and giving me your support, princessbarb21!


Hi, Mylane!
It's okay, your presence here already gave me strength! Thank you for dropping by and for reading my updates despite its lengthy size x'D

You too, take care and I hope you're doing great no matter where you are!

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True, it's anything but simple. My mom also speak the same, that my ex-husband is still they key in this matter. But if you ask me, the more time passes, it only becomes clearer that the man is too prideful/has no intention to fight for me :') 

If you ask me whether I still love him or not... no. It feels more like I'm taking responsibilities now rather than acting out of love. When the relatives asked me, I also told them to ask my ex-husband first because I won't accept 'whatever' as an answer and like you said, only if he's all in :'D 

Thanks again, scriptomancer <3

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Hi, Amberbaum!
It's okay lol, I'm also pretty cynical these days because I have a lot to think about, especially when there's no response from my ex-husband's family (I'm sure his relatives relayed my words). Honestly though, I'm glad they at least listened & take me seriously. 

I also agree that some families can be weird... I'm not one to say though, because whenever I said I'm content staying at home, reading novels/watching netflix and not going outside for months, I get weird looks 😂 

I'm sorry to hear about your mother D: is she okay now? Gosh, your grandfather must've been the one holding the reins on those two and when he's gone, they went wild x_x I hope your family is doing great now and happy!

Hi, tinygremlinqueen! 
Yes, life have been keeping us busy, which is why I'm glad you still remember me and check up on me ^///^ I also hope you're okay over there, take care and cheers!

Hi, Elseth!
It's no problem at all, I'm already grateful that you've always spare some time to read my updates ^///^ Let's keep working hard together! Semangat!

I will! You too, I hope you had a great week and I hope you've done your homework rofl x'D
We all need a break sometimes, but slowly but steadily <3

Thank you as always, mif4n~ >////<

Aww, thank you, Rin!
This has been a really long project isn't it? ^^; I really need someone to give me a hand on time management... Q^Q

But in any case, I'm glad to hear my effort can inspire you/encourage you in some ways! It's a little sad that you don't play otomes anymore but hey, take it easy! You can always come back when you have time/want to read something to relax, right? ^///^ 

Here's hoping you're alright over there--take care and I hope you stay healthy!


It's alright, scriptomancer!
I'm already super grateful for you to give me so much advice ^///^ I mean it when I said I wanted to print some of your quotes and hang it on the wall lol. And yes, while this bump will hurt for quite some time, this lesson will definitely help guiding me to, hopefully, Mr. Right. I'm not giving up on love, baby! x'D

You too, please take care and stay healthy! I hope you're happy no matter where you are <3

*hugs* Thank you for sharing your story with me, Seraiden!
True, the memories lingers and like you said, it's okay. We all got our ups and downs, this one is just one of them--albeit bigger x') We fall but we will find reasons to stand up again. It hurts but I believe the scar will make us stronger! 

My mom told me not to cry, we need to be strong to face the world. This is life. While it's beautiful, it's also sometimes cruel and unfair. Do not show your weakness because it will give people a reason to look down on you. 

And yes! All of are unique individuals and everyone have their own stories to tell, but we're equally deserving to be happy, so yeah, let's find our happiness, Seraiden! :'D

Wow, you're making me crave some crêpes now x'D
I think I can smell it--is it savory or sweet? I like both of them <3

Thank you, Lilynthra! *hugs
Yes, I also believe the sun will come out after the rain, or even a rainbow :'3

Thanks, LainyBug!
I got a lot of time to think and a lot of people who support me. For that, I'm already grateful ^///^
Currently, I'm trying to gain some weight (because I've lost quite a lot when I was stressing over it)--but I'm doing better now! No need to worry!

It's nice to meet you, akasheppy.
And yes, I agree that sooner or later, this problem will explode. It is unfortunate but I had hoped he can be more mature once we get married... 'the family you make together takes priority over the family you came from.' I wish there's someone who can hammer this down that blockhead :'D

But oh well, maybe life is planning something for both me and him. I learned a lot and so should he. Life continues, but I'm just glad that I have you guys ^///^

Yes, takefanci. I agree that sooner or later, this problem will explode whether we like it or not.
It is a blessing that I didn't have to be part of it anymore ^^~ 

And thank you for being so considerate! I'm getting better, not fully okay yet, but I believe I can recover from this and bounce back soon! 

Yes, Itara. This unfortunate event definitely taught me some very good lessons.
I will keep them close to my heart now and we'll see where life guides me next x')

Thank you for trying to cheer me up and no problem! It's the least I can do, especially when all of you have shown me great kindness by reading & lending me an ear :'D

Hi, owo!
True, it is a blessing in disguise. I had a lot of time to think and I must say, it is a relief that I'm not pregnant or it'll become more complicated ^^;

I've also talked to my other friends and family members, they said similar things. While I feel a bit embarrassed (still need to tell the bad news to the rest of my big family members), I don't feel regret. Just a little sad and disappointed. It'll take some time but I believe I can recover from this.

Again, thank you for worrying about me & for being so considerate ^///^

I know... it also came as a shock to me, but I've learned to cope & accept it :')
Thank you for being considerate and for having my back! I'm in a much better state now! *hugs

Thank you, Kris Akane! You flatter me >///<
I need to gain weight now because I've lost quite a lot because of stress--but I'm getting better! ><

Thanks, Captain Sayaka ^///^
Yeah, I'm not going to let this bring me down!

Thank you, sweetginger1108!
It was hard but I've come to accept it. What happened to me is a life lesson, learned in the hard way. Still, I feel lucky because a lot of people got my back, especially here where I kept coming back to re-read the comments :')

So thank you for being here during a hard time. You gave me strength,


Hi, Amberbaum!
Yes, I suppose one of the problems with Chinese families are the traditions? There are good ones, but there are also some questionable ones... Like, we must be filial and follow the parents' rules without questioning right or wrong. Which is why I wanted for us to buy a house and pay instalments instead of living with the in laws. But when he said he wanted to inherit the store, which is right next door and promised that his mother won't be so overbearing, I compromised--which is a mistake. 

I trusted him, but he never stood up for me when it involved his mom. One problem led to another, and when he kept underestimating said problems/tell me to ignore it (even when the relatives talk bad about him). I exploded.

After everything is said and done, he has made his choice and I've come to accept that some things are just not meant to be...

Still, I must say I'm pretty lucky. I have a lot of people supporting me, especially here, where I kept coming back to re-read all your comments :') It gave me strength and here I am, picking up the pieces and hopefully, I'll come back stronger.

Thanks again, Amberbaum!