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Hi Anira! 

Thanks for playing and telling me your thoughts! Whoa, you're a fast reader O_O finished them all in one day! I hope you didn't sacrifice your sleep hours >< of course, I'm very happy to hear you love my work, but don't push yourself too hard, ok? X'D

Bermuda is not really a sequel, but yup, there are tid bits of Winged Ones in it lol. 

Have fun and don't forget to take a rest! X'D



Hi, SalveteVictoria! 

I'm really happy to hear I inspire you to make your own visual novel! >\\\< I believe that anyone can do ot given the time & effort. 

And yes! Feel free to ask me anything ^.^- I suggest to try and experiment with Renpy first though. It's a lot more convenient & efficient since I can't be there to show you directly.

At first, try simple things like; changing title screen's background, how to insert your own sprites in game, and customize the textbox/GUI! 

Ren'py is really famous in lemmasoft forum so you can find lots of tutorials there! You can google 'lemmasoft how to customize GUI' and it will pop out x'D I spend a lot of time here trying things through errors & trials.

It's also OK if you want to ask me about what art assets needed to make a VN ^_^)b

Come again!



Hi, Sydsterino !

And I feel you there x'D I also personally don't like to play games that is not completed yet -but I hope you stay tuned with the updates! It will be finished before you know it :'3

See you in the future!


Hi Doxuz!

Wow, I can't believe you make youtube video for Bermuda :'D I mean, already? and you're a guy! *criesinhappiness* -no offence but not many guys play my VNs since they're otome :'D thank you so much for giving your effort into this video! *hugs*

dan makasiih! sy masi blm seberapa & msi bnyk yg bs d improve tp sy psti akn trus berjuang biar bs lbh bgus lg >< stay tuned sm update"ny d Indiegogo & hope to see you again!



Thanks & welcome back jordanyak! x'D

And yes, Winged Ones was made with my old laptop -the color balance in my old laptop is different with my current laptop so I guess it alters my art a little >< This is also the first time I try a status raising system -but I'm glad to hear you still love it though!

Meanwhile, Guntur is gaining more fans lol. As for Kahlil & Arya... hmm, I've just realized this recently, but does Arya fit into the stereotype of grumpy werewolf? x'D lol but don't worry, I have things planned for them *evil laugh*cough*

And YAY! Thanks for supporting! 
Stay tuned with the weekly updates & it will be finished before we know it!


P.S. lol, the tid bits about Winged Ones is a bonus for my old fans x'D glad you like them!

P.P.S. Ahh, I forgot to remove that screenshot x_x; that feature is from the old version of Winged Ones. It used Novelty, not Ren'Py and I have only just learned how to do that with Ren'Py now >< 

https://www.indiegogo.com/proj...Hi Sixtynine -and whoa, I feel your struggle with Rama's route x'D
I was preparing to post the walkthrough here, but I guess you already found his happy ending? O.O Ah but I'll post the important points here just in case >< 

*SPOILER ALERT*Rama's walkthrough:

1. - Learn Language w/ Granny Sukma

- Poke/Knock/Throw
- When you first time meet Mitra, Rama, & Reksa:
>Mitra: Choose anything
>Rama: Be friendly
>Reksa: To unlock Rama's good end you have to choose >>> Don't leave him >>> Be honest or just don't save Reksa at all :'D You have to focus all your affection to Rama or you'll get the bad ending. Yep, he is jealous very easily & very possessive.
- Choose everything 
- Spend time with Asih
- Spend some time with the kids
- Spend some time with Rama
- Go to the Herb forest >>> Try it
- Spend some time with Rama
- Take a rest in Herb forest >>> Ask Rama about his action
- Spend some time with Rama
- Take a walk
- Talk with Asih about Rama
- Ask the villagers about Rama
- Automatic event >>> Don't avert your eyes
- Go help Granny
- Automatic event 
- Visit Rama
- Visit Rama

GOOD END: Give him the Pink Chrystal
Bad End: Give him the explosives

I read that this walkthrough gets you confused O.O; hmm, but the important note is: Avoid other bachelor as much as you can and spend time with Rama as much as you can!

And yes, one mistake will end up with Rama's bad end :'D I know it's harsh, but that's they way Rama is hahah -please forgive this creator ><

2. lol, it always when I see people stumble upon my 'baby' & ended up loving them x'D

3. ...Which word? lol, now you're making me curious x'D nevertheless, I'm happy you like the story & Rama so much! I was worried at how people will take my story since it's entirely new and not-so-mainstream, but I'm glad you like it!

4. I hope this problem is already resolved ><

5. Don't worry, your enthusiasm & support is already more than enough at this point QuQ I do have a new project that is now LIVE in Indiegogo though >>> https://www.indiegogo.com/proj... 
I know your difficulties since I also don't have a credit card until recently :'D but just help me spread the words & I'll be very happy <3

Once again, thank you for playing & showing me how much you love Winged Ones! I hope you get to see all the scenes/endings & hope to see you again!


Hi tangerineWhimsy!
Thanks for playing & telling me your thoughts! I'm sorry for this late reply though ><

First, I'd like to thank you for giving all my 3 boys a chance & loving them in return :'D
I have to admit that I feel like I can do better with his route -some people commented that some scenes were a bit vague & that's where I need to polish my writing-skill! I will definitely try to do better next time! >:) 

and yes, I love to add Indonesia elements! x'D the mini-encyclopedia will stay forever in my feature.

As for my other project, currently I have another VN on Indiegogo >>> https://www.indiegogo.com/proj...
Come & try the demo! :3

Hi clouds_xx! 
Thanks for downloading & loving this 'child' of mine x'D it always makes me happy to get such a warm welcome!
I will work ward to meet your expectations, so stay tuned with the weekly updates and wait for me :'3

See you again!


Hi RDGamerGirl!

Thanks for playing & loving it <3 I will definitely finish this, but it's still far in the future :"3 for now, stay tuned with the weekly updates! 

Also, share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too & you can wait together x'D

Hope to see you again!



Hi jordanyak! Thanks for taking your time writing this very long review! I enjoyed reading it bery much x'D

I'm happy to hear you love my VN so much until you sleep so late for 2 days straight but... please take care of yourself more >< I don't want you to get sick/tired when there is work/school tomorrow! We all need our beauty sleep ~ but still, I'm flattered :"))

1. Awww, thank you for giving all three of them a chance! And yes, I agree that the wing ceremony + omed-omedan is one of the very romantic scenes in game <3 >\\\< it's one of my favourites and I'm glad you think so too! 

Ah I'm also happy to read how you describe the other bachelors. You sound like you've thoroughly enjoyed yourself and there's nothing makes me happier than to hear that :")

2. Yup, I agree that first impression is very important x'D heck, I also usually get interested in a game if there's a handsome guy I like in there lol. We're on the same boat!

3. Me too! I love fantasy genre; I think it has something to do with Inuyasha since it was the first anime I watch. Not to mention Hayao Miyazaki's movies are probably my forever favourites ><

4. Yuup... I noticed that Rama's CG is the most different ones than the others x_x I think it's because I leave CGs production  last and I forgot a little how to draw Rama and I even forgot the white lines on Mitra's face in some CGs! //shame on me

Also, thanks for pointing out Winged Ones' flaws! I have quite a lot of people say the dream is very ambigue >< it's a dream about Rama's mentality. In the dream Rama thought that the villagers were laughing and mocking him. It drove him to the edge and it pictured the scene where he broke his wings (the loud CRACK noise). As for how he broke them, I think I mentioned it in the scene where Rama got his legs tied down by Mitra? O.o He jumped off a cliff as a last resort but instead of dying, he just broke his wings & one of them didn't heal properly because Rama could care less bout himself in the past.

As for Mitra's wings acting by itself... well I was trying to say that the wings leaning toward Tamara means that he likes her touch & unconciously asked her for more x'D Mitra was embarassed and ran away after realizing that lol. That was when he realized his feelings for her too. He was muttering something along the lines of"I had no idea...", cursed himself, & 'scolding' his own wings lol.

As for Mitra spreading his wings picture... you see, I was cheating a bit in that scene :")) I used Mitra's fighting sprite. The best picture I can point out is at the CG where his wings are folding around Tamara and the half spread one in his happy end CG

5. I do! My 2nd project's demo is out now along with its Indiegogo campaign <3


Thank you for the support and love you gave me! I know I still have lots to learn, but I'll do my best to improve! It will be baby steps I think, but I hope you'll be patient with me ><

Hope to see you again!



Hi Duvessa~

Thanks for coming back and letting me know you enjoy my story & character :'D
and yes, I understand your good intention <3 and I'm very happy with your suggestions! Really, I'm surprised myself that the demo became that long O.O; but what makes me happier is when you said'but the wordiness might be discouraging for other people...' -then that means the ones who stayed are those who truly love Bermuda, right? I can't ask anything better than that actually :'D 

While I encourage new people to try and read my story, I don't want to push my 'baby' to them, rather, I want them to come & hug them by themselves >< 

Thanks for your warm concern & for visiting again, Duvessa :'3


Hi wolvesdaughter111!
Your excitement is very appreciated! x'D It makes me very happy to see you love Winged Ones so much <3  your support literally made my day! I'm currently struggling with a village background you see, but I can do this for you guys!
I can understand the impatience since I'm impatient too :')) I hope the weekly updates will help you cope though!

Ah but take care of yourself and don't do an all nighter with this one since this is gonna be VERY long >< 

Hope to see you again!


P.S. don't worry about the exclamation points, I love them too! x'D

What a coincidence! I guess you're in luck x'D 

They're also my favourite animals <3

Hi komaeakabane! 

Thanks for visiting & telling me your thoughts! X'D I'm happy to hear you got immersed in it until the end of the demo ~ 

And wow, this is surprising OuO you still like Arya despite his obvious temper problem! I'm a little touched >\\\< 

I will do my best to hasten the production progress, so pray that I won't have any writer's block later :"D really, I think the longest process is writing & editing the script! For now, follow my update every Monday and I hope the sneak peeks will be able to satisfy you/maybe help you bear the long wait >< 

I hope to see you again~



Hi ShadowLamb! Glad to see you back so soon! X'D

I'm happy to know that you think the love interests are all very interesting QuQ my boys have much more to tell and I think you'll like it <3 

And lol, do you best and wait! X'D the sneak peeks will have to do for now sadly

Whoaa, deep breathes ShadowLamb x'D
Calm down and enjoy the demo <3

Thanks for visiting and letting me know your excitement though!


(Edited 1 time)

Konoiiii, I can't thank you enough for helping me with the Spanish translations x'D 
I just woke up and this is the first thing I saw in the morning! It made my day! <3

I've made the changes for the things you told me but can you tell me your email & help me check over the Spanish again? I want to send you a small part of the script where it contains the Spanish + Translation. 

My proofreader & I haven't had the chance to live in Spanish so our knowledge is very limited >< I cringed and laughed at the things you mentioned to be strange/awkward as hell :')) This scene is the only time where Kahlil speak Spanish, so your help will be greatly appreciated :'D

As for the hard clicking on the status raising screen... Now this is new O.O; are you sure it's not your mouse acting up? x'D //hammer 
My mouse is very old and lost the sensitivity of its right click so I got a hard time clicking on things too, so maybe...? This is quite problematic since everything works okay in the ren'py so I don't know what I can do about it >< maybe try playing it in window mode? It might lessen the program's burden.

The other problem seems to be minor. I will reduce the walking sfx then since you're the second person who tell me this.


I also laughed out loud at some of the things you mention you love x'D

The other day, a person told me the introduction about Maya's family is too long but then the next day, you told me you love the long introduction lol. I guess you either hate it or love it x'DD

Also, thanks you as always for giving all the bachelors a chance! Ah, Guntur's popularity is going up as expected <3 
But gosh, the demo is not enough for you!? Woman, it's almost 4 times longer than Winged One's demo! x'DD *lol, I think I'm spamming this emoticon right now, but really, I'm having that expression a lot while writing this*

Oh and don't worry! I will tell you the code for the timed choices as a reward for the Spanish translation ;)


Last but not least, here's my answers to your questions:

- Don't worry about the funding! The fact that you care enough about it to write this HUGE review is more than enough for me :'D 

- Nope, there is no alternate scene for meeting Guntur :'))

- Welp, the fifth love interest is a stretch goal I set in Indiegogo! Scroll down to see who he is! If the stretch goal is not reached, then I guess the fifth space will stay empty u.u

- The stats will help you determine which bachelor route you're going to be in. So aside from high affection, high compatible status will be used to determine it + it might be the key to unlock happy ending ;) But if you choose Kahlil and decided to raise Combat (which is a compatible status for Guntur), the system will determine which bachelor route you're going to be in by affection points. However, this will automatically lead you to a sad ending u.u


Thanks again for visiting and pointing my mistakes, Konoi!

I'll await your answer about your email address for the Spanish translation checking :'3


Take your time and enjoy the demo! :'3

Hi Duvessa! 

Thanks for letting me know about your dilemma/frustrations about some of the game's elements :"D 

I also get the feeling that the 7 days are VERY long indeed. I was trying to make you get to know them better so you can relate to Maya's feelings when the event with the Goddess happened, but I guess it's a bit too much x'D I think the 'introduction' chapter of Maya's family is not as interesting as when she arrived at Forgotten isles?

I'm also sorry if the innuendo made you feel uncomfortable. It's just something unique to Maya's family; that they hide nothing from each other.

Bless you for being so patient until you finish the demo though! I will take note of this for future reference for sure!

As for the grammar mistakes... I'm sorry for that >< the proofreaders and I have been doing our best, but it seems that something always missed our radar! It might be because I went back and forth editing the script. So I apologize in advance for the grammar mistakes ^^; 

I will try to cut down the word count, but no promises since this has something to do with my writing style. I think there won't be much filler after Maya went to Forgotten Isles though O.O

Thanks for visiting and telling what bothers you about Bermuda! I agree that it's still far from perfect and I still have a lot to learn, but I hope you'll come to love it - including its strong points and weaknesses.



P.S. don't worry about me, throw me all the comments/critiques you have! X'D I'm very happy to hear your thoughts and I want to get better!

You mean Cameo in Bermuda? x'D probably ~ *grins*

*Throws flower petals* Thank you! X'D

(Edited 1 time)

Me too!! Gosh, Bermuda's Indiegogo campaign is TOMORROW! *bounces off the walls with excitement & worry*

I'm so happy to see more of you are coming to support Bermuda Q_Q 

I've been restless & it's getting silly  how I can't seem to focus on anything right now since the campaign is so close. But seeing you as excited as I am, if not more, makes me feel better x'D

Thank you and see you soon, QueenMak!


Hi sheanio! Thanks for visiting and reviewing :'3 I see this first thing in the morning and it made me laugh when I hear you spent the last 2 days telling people about how much you love this game x'D 

What a great way to start the day <3

1. I can understand that x') thanks for giving all three of them a chance though! And awww, more people are loving Mitra! Does this mean his time has finally come!?


Anyways ~ I will deliver your love to Mitra & Reksa for you.

2. It touched me to hear you're bringing some screenshots with you! Maybe not all the time but I'm happy to hear you love it enough to do that >\\\< 

I'm also glad you like the art & story! Thanks! :'D I still have lots to learn though but I'll do my best to improve and make you happier >< 

3. That's the best thing you can say to me about my characters! Q_Q thank you! 

4. Yep, grammar is likely to be my nemesis in my next game too :")) I have 2 proofreaders in my 2nd project now, but if there are still some grammar errors in it, I apologize in advance >< my raw script is... quite a challenge to edit for them I think O.O; 

As for why Tamara's trauma is not mentioned in Reksa's route: *SPOILER ALERT*

To be honest, I was trying different approaches:

In Mitra's route, her trauma was solved nicely and calmly. In Rama's route, her trauma was solved a bit forcefully *she throws them at Rama's face lol*.

In Reksa's route, Tamara doesn't feel the need to tell him about it. She moves on and left it in the past when she decided to stay.

However, thanks for pointing this out! I will take note and it's definitely a good idea for my next project about how each bachelor will react about the MC's special circumstances :"3

5. I love how forward you are x'D YAY! Thanks for your support! <3

I hope to see you again in the near future~



Hi, keystring! Thanks for visiting and reviewing! Glad to hear you found this page after swapping computers x'D

1. Ah yes, I can understand that. His mood swings also a challenge and made me uncomfortable at times :"D -and finally! Another Mitra lover <3 he needs more love since the majority of girls chose Reksa x'D

I'll deliver your love to them ~

2. Yup, I agree that we need more fantasy VNs :"3 I'm also a catholic and flirting with an angel will be... *coigh* awkward *cough*

3. Awww thanks! I'm glad you like my art >\\\< I still have rooms for improvement though! I'll do my best to keep taking your breath away x'D

4. Yes, I agree about that. *SPOILER ALERT*

However, Rama has to face the harsh reality -even by force since the easy/soft way has failed. Granny Sukma, Mitra, and the others spent years to try convincing him but to no avail :'( if this continues, Rama will keep walking on a wrong path. I also think it's better to be blunt about it than having to say it in a roundabout/white lie since Rama will think you're lying/unsure about it and he will keep making excuses later.

*ahem, but I'll admit that I have no experience in this field (psychology). So this is all based on my logic and from reading various fictions ><*

5. Yay! Me too! I feel both excited and scared for Bermuda's campaign later lol x'D

I hope to see you around ~

Me too, me too :"3

Hi raewhitewolf04!

Welcome back and I'm so glad to hear you managed to finish all routes :'D


Rama's route is the most tricky of all three >< if you pick false things in the begining, his good route will be locked (yup, it's not a glitch but intentional, sorry :"D)

The things are:

- if you pick to save Reksa, you have to be honest. Never lie since Rama hates liars.

- you have to meet Rama a lot (pick the choices that ends up with Tamara meeting him and ignore other bachelors) since you needs a lot of affection points to fulfill another of his good end requirement.

I have to say that I'm surprised you managed to find his good end without a walkthrough x'D

1. Aww thank you! :"D they are like my babies and hearing how you like all of them makes me all warm and soft inside x'D

And yup, Reksa is the most passionate than the others :")) it's a bit surprising for me too... I sometimes still blush whenever I reread his route hahah

2. Yay! I notice that not a lot of VNs have boys with wings in them x'D glad to see you like them -and welcome to the visual novel world!

3. Now you're making me blush O///O

I still have lots of room to improve compared to all the big guns up there, but I'll do my best to be better in my next project ><

4. I agree! Even if I want to add voice acting, it's very hard to find a voice that truly clicks with the characters!

As to how old Reksa is, he is 20 years old. 7 months younger than Rama while Mitra is the oldest, 22 years old. Tamara is 19 :"3

As to who the one in Tamara's dream is; Rama. It's visualizing the moment of Rama's mental torture. In his mind, everyone is laughing and mocking him. It also pictures the moment of his last attempt of suicide (the loud CRACK is the sound of bones breaking)

Aand nope, I'm not in a joint-doll community :"3 maybe similar nicknames?

5. Yay! Thanks for your support! x'D you can stalk me on my facebook fanpage or patreon!

Thanks again for visiting & reviewing! I hope I answered your questions ^,^



Hi, yohanlove!

Glad to see you come back!

And yes, I do almost everything except making original BGMs & SFXs. Lord knows my plate is too full to fill anymore :"))

But! Where there is a will, there is a way! X'D it took me a long time learning lots about programming Ren'Py but it's dang worth it! I'm sure you can do it too if you want it badly :'D take baby steps and progress every week!

Hi, Violette! Early birds will be available in my IndieGoGo next month lol so make sure to stay tuned x'D

You made my day first thing in the morning!

Me too! So excited for my 2nd child! :'D

(Edited 1 time)

Hi yohanlove!

Not yet ~ this one is still in progress. The demo have only been available this month for my patrons in patreon, but the demo will be available for public next month along with an Indiegogo campaign :"3

My updates could be seen in lemmasoft forum/facebook fanpage while more sneak peeks can be seen in my Patreon <3

Aah I'm so happy more people is anticipating this! :'D

Stay tuned!

Xoxo, SweetChiel

Hi raewhitewolf04!

Hmm... this is new o.o the renpy version shouldn't have this bug... I suggest to re-download and try playing it in window mode not full-screen mode. It should make it lighter for our computer's RAM ><

I'm sorry for the discomfort!



Me too!

I can't wait to hear your thoughts after playing the demo :'D soon <3

My formal bahasa indonesia sucks to be honest :"D I intentionally chose foreigners as my market so I can share Indonesian unique traditions with them.

Also, I work alone; I don't know how to localize it except from programming it again from scratch after translating. It will consume too much time and I prefer to use that time to make a new story.

Welcome back Arisa! Wow you're quite fast x'D and you're welcome. The musics in soundimage.org are free so feel free to download them but credit the creator ~

The 3 CGs are probably the sad endings. I know that all of you want only the happy ends but if you want to complete the CGs, try and read the sad ends x'D

Aaand Reksa got himself another fan! Hahahah, I'll deliver your love to him :'3

Thanks for playing and hope to see you again in the future!

Hi Arisa ~!

I'm happy to know you enjoyed the Winged Ones very much! ^///^ The title screen's music is from soundimage.org titled "RPG Theme". The title is very creative isn't it :"))

1. Aah I see o.o Mitra does based on an image of ideal partner we've always wanted though so you're right :'3 I'll look forward to hear which one is your favourite after you've read them all! >\\\<

2. Aww thanks! I'm glad to hear you like my art :"3 but I do have a lot more to learn and improve -the Fantasy genre is flexible and there are lots to explore! However, I'm planning to have the mini encyclopedia permanently and will always apply some indonesian element if possible x')

3. Thank you :"D you noticed the small details! I'll do my best to make more interesting VNs in the future to meet your expectations! My 2nd project is a lot longer and complicated than the Winged Ones, so I hope you'll give it a chance later ><

And yup, I believe that every character will have their own stories to tell and roles to fill. That's why NPCs deserves at least a silhouette :"D Rama has the heaviest story from the other two and some people don't have the patience with him so I'm glad you like him! X'D

4. ... I'm touched you call my baby perfect QuQ I did my best, but to be objective, there are still some loopholes and things I can to improve! Do wait for my 2nd project and see if I've lvl-ed up or not!

5. YAY! *hugs* I'll be counting on you to share the love when my 2nd project's IndieGoGo campaign come to life! :"D

Thanks for visiting and see you in the near future!



YAY! You came back so fast! X'D I thought it will need another day or two for you to finish lol.

Your review made me smile first thing in the morning! Thanks! :'D

Aww, I'm so happy you gave the three of them a chance and loved every one of them :'D and yes, Mitra is the most fluffy-sweet route compared to the others! I enjoyed writing them too, but somewhat sad when he got overshadowed by the other bachelors. I'm happy that you noticed his worth :'D

While Reksa... *cough* I often asked myself how did his scenes became so... more mature than the others x'D I sometimes became embarassed when I read his scenes hahahah. I'm glad that a lot of people like this tho :'3

And Rama... I think I know exactly how you feel!

Even I sometimes wanted to pull my hair off whenever Rama became so nitpicky/standoff-ish with Tamara. Heck, she was probably a saint at how patient she was in Rama's route :")) if she didn't relate so much with Rama, I think she will pull off HIS hair hahah x'D his stalkering scene was also one of my favorites <3

Anyways... I'm also a fan of making fluffy/romantic scenes, especially strong ones, but sadly, Rama's psychology won't allow him to be able to accept another person in his heart so fast and he will need a lot of time to get out of his self-depreciating mentality :'( but thanks for the input in this one! You didn't go overboard at all, I'll take note and consider a longer epilogue/extra scene if I create another bachelor with similar circumtances.

Lastly, thanks for liking my art and even offered to be a proofreader >\\\< Currently, I have 2 active proofreaders in my 2nd project. I'll let you know if I decide to get another one/for my next project in the future ^///^

I hope to see you again in the future!



Ah, glad that one is solved! I know how annoying it is if we can't skip some of the scenes we already know ><

Thanks TheRosetteWolf! I'm flattered you love the story enough to ignore the flaws :"D really, that's so sweet of you. Even to the point you support me by wanting to buy my 2nd VN >< I'll do my best to improve my programming skill!

I'll also look forward to hear your thoughts after finishing all 3 routes! ^,^

As for Rama's route...


Yes, he will die except if you managed to get into his route >< his route is the trickiest of all 3 so I suggest you save often or see a walkthrough.

As for the option error... nope, that error also appeared in PC & Linux version just because I forgot to download a font and put it into the 'game' file ^^;

If you want to fix it, read the error message and look at what file is missing (I'm sorry, I'm ashamed to say I forgot which font it is since it's a long time ago OTL...), download the font, rename it like the error's file name wanted, put it in 'game' file, and it should run.

Again, I'm sorry for such amateur-ish mistakes ^^;

As for the cannot fast forward... it should be automatically fast forward when you press CTRL in PC version so it should be either pressing CTRL or CMD. I can fast forward using CTRL in my mac though O.O; pls inform me again if you still can't fast forward when you pressed those buttons.

Yup! Definitely!