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Thank you so much for making this! The art is beautiful and the interactions between the characters are realistic! I have to say that you're very talented for making this game alone(?) and also very kind for making this a free game (cause I'm still a struggling student and I can't afford commercial games yet XD) All in all, you're very awesome! Thanks again for sharing this game with us!

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Ahhhhhhhh you're so sweet <3 Thank you so, so so much fjweoijfweoij This means the world to me ;-; I did make this alone! I just had a few play testers here and there but that was all aside from the voice talent!

That's been my goal: make games for free for those who can't afford them. Thank you so much for your comment <3 Honestly just making people happy with what I do is worth way more than money ever could. You absolutely made my week thank you!! ;;;

Have a fantastic day and I hope to keep making accessible games for everyone <3