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Thank you!:)

Thanks!:) It is the design of our computer club!:)

I love the style of the game!:)

Nice idea but the sound was only on one headset ear:/

A lot of fun! would be perfect for a mobile game!:) Like it:)

More stress than my real work:D But funny!:D

I am very bad in this game but its sooooo much fun!:) Good Job!

Love the sounds at the start!:D Nice idea made a lot of fun playing it!:)

The game feel is very good and the graphics fit very well. But i dont like war games:)

This entertains me a long time!:D Love it:D

Reminds me of the Game "shuggys adventure" but it was very fun to play!:)

A little bit like our game but with soo smoooth and nice graphics! love it!:)

It makes a lot of fun! But you should invest more time in the design!:) It could also fitted perfect in the theme last year!:D But it was fun:)

The idea is really good! But i wished the sound circles where huger:D

Tooked me a while to get the timing but it was very fun to play!:)

The designs are great!:D

A little bit toooo creapy for me..... the inverted mouse isnt that good maybe you need some settings. But nice work!:)

I freaking love it! 10/10! great presantation wonderful idea! i love the concept! would love to see this like a multiplayer pvp dungeon gameXD

Very impressed!:) Good Job!

I saw this idea a lot but i think this is one of the best implementations:) Good Job!

Nice idea!:D For me it was a little bit difficult:D

The game feeling is perfect! I love it!:) Made a lot of fun!:)

For me it was damn hard to make progress in this game! But at least a lot of fun!:)

The idea is greatXD Reminds me of a lot of twitch interactive games!:) GJ

I like it:) Could be a little bit faster but i like it!:) Love that you dont kill the animals <3

10/10 one of the best ideas in the jam!:D I really laughed as the remote control swapped the scene for the first time! Would love to see more from this!:) GJ

I really like the style of the game and the controlls but it tooked me a long time to understand that the spikes are actually spikes:D Maybe you could make them bloody in future:D The camera is a little bit flickering but i loooove the fox he is sooo sweet!:) GJ

The sound is very clean and nice!:) Like the idea of the key swapping!:) Good Job!

This is a sooooo lovely design and idea!:) Would love to see more! Like wind which affects the fishes!:) GJ!

It makes a lot of fun but the ui is very difficulte. Spending a little bit more time in the menu and it will be great!:) It was a very fun expirence!:)

Thanks! We related our idea to a film scene from the movie "hackers" from the 90s so very close tip!:D

I laught alot!:D Good Job!

Very funny idea!:D

Looks like you are very professional game devs or designers! I am very impressed! Would love to see this as a full game!:) 10/10

One of the best games so far!:)

The idea is very good. At first we had a close idea "get out of police control" but we decided to do something else:)
Graphics are cool, but would be cooler if the text boxes had some fancy graphics too. The game itself is also very good but maybe there should be more options:D But yeah i know 48h isnt that long:) GJ

Very good game!:)

Very funny!:D I think this is how we meet aliensXD

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Ohhhh the Z and the Y is the problem isnt it?.... but thanks for your comment!:)

Reminds me of hilclimb racing but like the opposite:D But very funny! i like it!:)