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Ah, I see. Actually your comment about the enemies and what they do made me realize something -- what if there are tooltips for the mobs?

Something I struggled with in this version is the crystal/obelisk thing. I didn't know what it does, I kinda guessed it gives buffs (armor?) to the units around it. But I wasn't 100% sure if it was the crystal or the ghoul. Would be great if I can mouse over it and see a description about the unit (maybe even possibly their attacks as well -- though I am not so sure if that is a good idea and spoils half the fun). 

This also brings something interesting, what if I can click on the items on the ground before I have to go there to find what they are? It'll make the decision process easier. Specially when you aim to make levels challenging, if replayability is a thing (which I didn't feel it was since if I lose I don't get anything out of the loss) then you could leave it as is since at least if I waste some moves and make a mistake going for a certain item that turns out to be not so helpful I'd get something out of the loss. 

OK, so I beat the 3rd level after a couple more tries. It isn't easy, but it is barely doable. 

5- Yes, sorry, 2 squares. But the barbarian doesn't always move like that. Check below:

10- Moar Levels, pl0x, tnx bai! :D

Honestly, really good work so far and I really like the whole thing. Can't wait to see the skills and what they'll be like. Are they going to stay the same from last version or new ones?

Created a new topic Adventure Mode Feedback


I started playing the feedback mode and here is what I found so far:

  1. Really interesting set up. I really like the human characters and can't wait to see how I can change classes. 
  2. For some reason magic attacks (such as fire ball) cast by me or others freeze the game and I can't see anything during their execution. Once they are executed I see results only. 
  3. The difficulty curve needs adjustment. I reached the third level and I can't beat it no matter what. I always get killed. Tried to go for that monolith kind of crystal, died. Tried to go for the wizard after that, still died. Tried about 4 times and I still ended up dead. 
  4. I like the idea of healing between levels but I wished there is more to that (i.e. buying items or abilities). 
  5. For some reason my Barbarian started out moving up to 4 squares or more and then later seems to only move 1 square at a time. Not sure why is that. 
  6. In all honesty the damage done by my units feel weak compared to the enemies specially in the third levels. All enemies hit for 2+ and I hit for 1-2 while my minions hit for 1. 
  7. I am not so sure about having items such as the crossbow bound to location. I'd love for them to be carried around. Unless the crossbow is kind of like a structure that you use and not an item. If that is the case, I would change the icon and make it bigger (possibly taking over the entire tile). At the current moment it sends mixed messages specially with items that you can pick up and take between levels. 

All in all this update looks interesting and feels good. I liked it and it almost feels like the old one but newer and cooler. I can't wait to see what I'll see next and what you have in store for this :). 

PS: I missed that chest dude that kept giving me upgrades :P

I really like the graphics and the palette used. I also liked the idea of turn based combat. The controls were really awkward and took me quite a while to discover them.

For other players you should press "S" to unlock the "End" button selection then move using the arrow keys to move the cursor. Then select your solider with "A" and then to select the "End" button again, you press "S" again.

The game looks really cool, specially the shader -- reminds me of Prince of Persia 4. The idea seems OK but nothing completely new. I was a bit lost as what to do at the beginning then I stumbled upon the red orbs and started shooting but I wasn't sure what is going on beyond just shooting these things advancing at me.

And there goes my survivability :P

They'll be leaderboards (when I figure them out) and it'll keep a record of your top score.

That sounds cool, looking forward to seeing that!

Burns do heal them for sure.

In that case no need to remove burn, since now you really need to think about what you are doing :D

Fire Elementals don't drop Embers to heal other units if they are destroyed by enemies

I don't think so. At least that is what I believe happened. I summoned a pet right after I got the upgrade. He was killed by the Cereberus boss and it spawned an ember. I used the ember and it healed me. If I recall correctly, this happened in the arena. 

So I went through the new update and here is the feedback in no particular order:
  • The sorcerer feels much more durable and stronger now. I like it far better than before -- it doesn't feel squishy anymore. 
  • When I started the game out it asked me who I want to be, I chose the sorcerer but then suddenly saw I had about 136 or so gold. Not sure if that was intended or left over from a previous save I had. 
  • I love the idea of the arena! Absolutely love it. But the potion of healing didn't drop despite finishing the quest where it dropped. However a lot of gold sacks dropped. 
  • I like the new swap places ability but I haven't yet to solve that puzzle quest yet. 
  • The arena is definitely a money maker... I would watch out a bit when I release the game. I lasted 4 rounds with the sorcerer and got around 276 gold. 
  • Cerberus boss is now a breeze when playing as a sorcerer instead of it being near impossible before. 
  • Now fire damage does same damage on fire mobs and they get burn. I would suggest either reduce damage by 50% or eliminate burn. So they can't be burned. I wasn't able however to test whether burn damages them or heals them since they die fast and the boss already had burn on him (not by me) so I wasn't sure if it works or not. 

All in all, this is a pretty cool update and does give more survivability to the sorcerer class. At the beginning he does feel squishy but once you get burn heal + summon you can survive longer. Once you get burn heal + summon + ember you are pretty much a damage machine that doesn't die all that easily any more. 

To let everyone know I asked The Generalist about this and here is his reply as a direct quote:

"Paid packages are not allowed, except for certain engine-like ones (playmaker or oe3, for example). The jam isn't related, but we were contacted by the organizers early yesterday."

Goo luck everyone!

Posted in Time?

Interesting, yesterday it was working flawlessly, not sure what happened. The counter is wrong but the competition still says Thursday

Created a new topic Use of add-ons/Asset Store


What are the rules regarding using something like Unity's asset store? Are we able to use paid assets?

Created a new topic Contact the organizers


Is there a way to contact the organizers privately?

I wouldn't go as far as "shouldn't". At the end of the day it is more or less a hobby project now (even if they consider it otherwise). There is no money involved after all. But as you mentioned ideally an investor would turn this around

I see. Well even on mobile it should run good at least if it was exported well. It is a bit concerning however. That said, I am targeting 2D at the moment so I don't think it would be affecting me for a while. Although I hope the Supperpowers devs would fix it either way.

Thank you very much for your reply.

I completely understand that it is a free engine so development wouldn't be a priority like Unity. That said, there are other engines that have quite active development and are free (Godot and PhaserJS come to mind). But again, I am not faulting the developers, if I were in their shoes I would do the same. I just don't want to jump into something to only find out it was abandoned. Yes, it is open source so anyone (including me) could just continue working on it but my experience is far inferior to even think of attempting that any time soon.

" i wouldn't recommend Superpowers is if whe where talking about 3D games and i will fault webGL for that" -- I am not sure if I understand correctly, does Superpowers not export a native WebGL/HTML5 game? Why would 3D in WebGL be any problem? PlayCanvas seems to do it well and so is BabylonJS for example. At least to my knowledge. Unless Superpowers' web export is similar to Unity's WebGL export?

Hey everyone,

I have been looking around for game engines to replace Unity for web based game projects and I came across Superpowers a while back. I quickly glanced at the download page and saw that the last version seems to be announced on October 31st last year yet the download page for 0.4 mentions the file was uploaded on April 2016. Aside from that confusion, is Superpowers being actively worked on? Or is that it?

I eventually would like to make multiplayer games (so far been only doing single player 2D). Do you guys think this is a good engine to jump into with that goal in mind? Or should I just look else where?

Thanks a lot!