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Here's the thing:

With Electron and Node.JS, you need to package everything into a nice little executable so that any user can play your game without installing dependencies or knowing how to use the terminal.

With C++, you need to build for Win10, MacOS, maybe Linux.

With Java, the user needs a JRE similar to yours, or you need to pack one with your game, plus package everything in an exec.

Developing for browsers as targets is your best option if you're not experienced with those things.

Last year I used Java. It was a real pain to deploy. Use JS, use browsers, use npm for dev dependencies, and this will allow you to spend more time on the actual game you're making rather than deployment issues.

Thanks Sinci1 ! I think you pointed out the major flaw of the game : the lack of clarity. It's something we didn't think of at all, and overall we should have focused more on UI/UX.

But the fact that you loved the art is heartwarming and (I speak for the whole team on this) fills us with overwhelming pride for what we achieved. Thanks again for trying our game and giving constructive feedback ! :D

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Hello Zulhuky, You can pick up item by pressing Z. If you go to the game page (and not the submission page) you can find relevant informations, such as keybindings, story, technical stuff, where to find the source code and more :)

You must have java 10 (JRE or JDK 10.0.1 or higher) installed on you computer, or you can try downloaded the zip containing a packaged JRE. If none of this works then I'm outta solutions since we cannot upload new files after the deadline...

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience :/

Thanks !

I agree on that, a new mechanic would have made the game more dynamic. We'll make sure to take your advice into account for the sequel...

Surprising at first, the physics of the tetriminos are really fun and made us laugh a lot ! A great idea !

That was fun. The sensibility was way to high for my taste, but apart that, I must say the physics of the tank flipping in all direction at once make it really fun !

We had so much fun ! Really difficult but meh, we spammed all five keys and we beat the game (with the little message). The rythm game without rythm was risky, and you managed to create a game that is fun. That goes to my collection !

Great idea ! Great concept ! love the music, it's hard yet addictive. Great work !

ps: my gf find it really cute

That was a great deal of fun ! Really liked it !

Wow thank's !

We feel like we could make the game a bit better yeah, death animation and so on. Perhaps after the jam we'll modify the game to make it more polished. First thing to do is refactor the sloppy code we produced !

Thanks again for your comment, that's really appreciated !