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I love this idea. Unfortunately, I think it's currently too repetitive in its current state. 

I love this idea, but think it might be better without the "Papers, Please" aspect to it. Effin' cool either way!

Wall jump seems broken? Can't make it past the first bit. Could just be me, though. The art of this game is just plain effin' impressive, though! It's gorgeous. Love the music as well. 

Ohhhh my gosh, I couldn't stop harming the humans because I loved the Wilhelm Scream too much.

This is gorgeous, and I love the music, but I'm not sure I'm getting that cyberpunk vibe.

Reminds me of the first Shadowrun for SNES, a bit. Had trouble with the point-and-click as the character wanted to constantly walk. Thought the overall ambiance could've been more cyber-punky too, but that's just IMO. Overall, neat idea!

My favorite game that I've played from the jam so far! Baller. Reminds me of an arcade game I played as a kid that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of right now. 

Harder than Nintendo hard. Also, probably shouldn't be playing this after I've had booze. Still, good stuff.

Looks cool--still not exactly sure what to do?

The look of this is so great!

This is great! I just suck at it. ;)

I love it! Quick note, though, I think spacebar is jump, but you have W listed as jump?

Love the boomerang-axe. It made my day.