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That is an excellent poem. My favorite I've gotten so far was:

dark wish

eating away


Thanks for playing.

Nice to see another take on the Bagel Quest idea. I am really enjoying the game and working on building up to try to upgrade. I wanted to mention a bug I encountered. I've had times when trying to take a chest back through the portal that there was a glitch and the chest shows as empty, but no items are shown and I can't do anything else. Closing and restarting the game puts me back before I used that portal.

Exciting to see another take on Bagel Quest. I really enjoyed the game, but ran into some bugs (such as mentioned by the other comment). I hope to see you return to this in the future as I'd love to play it more.

Hey, I was playing this game after looking for versions of Qix. The sphere surface was a lot of fun. I wanted to mention that I noticed that hitting 'x' ends the game. I am not sure if that is intentional, but I accidently hit it when using the controls.

I loved that you turned what is a simple mini game (shooting space debris) into a much more developed idea with a story, other mini games, and a map to explore. It was a lot of fun.

I really thought you had some great detail in some of the atmospheric effects, like the dripping liquid near the start. It conveyed the idea well, in just a few pixels.

I enjoyed this platform jumping game. My one suggestion is that the scaling of the art meant that the character kept really changing in appearance. So sometimes you could see two legs, sometimes one. Sometimes his face was visible, other times not. 

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The answer is that right now he is just a mad no preferences. But then poetry can be subjective. My plan is to continue working on the game and give him things that he values together. So grouping words into longer vs shorter words, or like subjectively harder vs softer or warmer vs cooler words and giving him a day by day preference based on that. Ultimately I think it will still come off as...random, but the goal is to have a hidden rule with it.

I really enjoyed this game, the one thing I wished was that there was a scoring element or that the pieces started dropping faster to add some additional challenge. But still a lot of fun.

So much fun. I really enjoyed the simplicity of the controls and the music really added to the calm, but fun vibe.

This is a great little demo game. The sound was great and it was fun to play. I could see adding more bad guys or levels in the future, but it is a fun game as is.

The gameplay was fun. The art is great. And the sound is awesome. This is an all around great game. 

Super fun game and I loved the opening animation, it was a nice extra touch.

It did show press space. I may try playing it again this weekend to see if I encounter the same issue.

Thanks. It is very much something I plan on continuing to work on when the Jam ends.

Fun game and I appreciated that I could do donuts on the score screen.

Awesome game. I love how you just naturally figure out the rules for each piece while playing and your simple menu buttons (for sound and showing the issues) was great as well for its simplicity. One of my favorite games in this Jam so far.

Really fun and I loved the music. It is certainly challenging, but in time I got used to associating the colors with the keys to press. Just awesome!

This was fun and surprisingly challenging. It is definitely a game I will return to after the Jam.

This was a fun challenging game. I was totally overwhelmed the first time playing through, but after trying again enjoyed the one challenge. As a note, when I selected to try again in the game itself the new round seemed to never sprout a fire.

I really enjoyed this game and it is one I look forward to returning to after the jam. I know you mentioned not having time to add in a reload level button, which I totally get, but I do hope you go back after the jam and add that.

I generally really enjoyed the game. However, I got stuck when trying to give the chip to the ship. I had it in my inventory, but it wasn't accepting it. I was one of the mutant like cats which might have been the issue, but it wouldn't let me leave that screen to change back.

I enjoyed the idea of this game. I sort of wish there was a smaller practice jumping area as it took a lot of tried to even get up to the first platform.

I like your music choice for the game. I did encounter one glitch, I was able to roll past the wall and then the character kept leaving sort of ghost copies of itself behind and I was unable to move. I did try to replicate the error, but wasn't able to.

I really like the idea of the game. My one struggle is that I was so focused on finding the matches that it was hard to look and follow the battle as well.

Well I too managed to get stuck in that same spot. But I enjoyed the idea of the game and the design of it and hope that you continue to work on it after the jam. 

Great looking game so far. I thought the character animation was great and really enjoyed the sound as well. I hope you finish it when the Jam is over.

Really fun game. I thought the visuals were great with the explosion effect and just how readable the health number was above the enemy ships.

I like your choice of music for the game, it fit the feel well.

It would be nice to have the option to enlarge the game screen as it is hard to see it and appreciate the graphics at just 64x64.

I liked the idea of basically just having a level evolve in complexity, it was an interesting take. Though it did become somewhat repetitive. I also really like the design of the robot.

Well I didn't figure it out, but I had fun playing. I know that 64x64 is limiting, but I would have preferred if the words were not divided up into different pages as that made it a bit hard to follow the text as there was no way to flip back to the previous text card.

Yes, I get where you are coming from. Honestly, I did want to do more with evaluating the poems, but did not have the time to get that done. I hope to continue to work on this after the Jam voting is over.

This game really has the feel of an older game in a great way, fun, but simple. My one comment is I wish the numbers in the time were spaced out just a little bit more as they sometimes were hard to read when touching each other, but that didn't impact my enjoyment of the game.

Absolutely wonderful. Fun to play and I love the graphics.

It was immediately clear that a lot of time and skill went into to making this game. It is really impressive and I love your choice of color for the game.


The plus with this game is there really is no right and wrong with the poems, but the Mad King has his own opinions. Thanks for playing.

I appreciated how readable to graphics were given the limited pixels. I enjoyed playing, though on my second run-through there was some glitch or something where it wouldn't let me pick up the cows after the first couple. But then when I tried playing another time I didn't encounter the same issue. It didn't impact my enjoyment, but I wanted to mention it to you.