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Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed the pathwork feel as I had been debating keeping it that way, or trying to make the borders a bit looser, and decided ti stick with the square feel.

I loved how your game matched so well with the feel of the case while giving it entirely your own spin on the art and visuals.

Great game. I appreciated how much there was to the growing and reaping actions and felt like I could spend a long time really trying to master the game.

Fun to play! I thought the different difficulties were scaled quite well in getting progressively more difficulty.

This zine was awesome! I appreciated hearing your story, I know I myself have always wished there were just little being around in the world with me. And your art wonderfully supported that story. Thanks for sharing.

Really enjoyed the art for the game, the low poly look really fit in well with the relaxing feel of the game and I appreciated the detail of the particle animations when removing the items.

I feel like this maze hates me.

This game was a lot of fun. I liked the interaction at the start to click the buttons to play the game. It was a great simple way to show how to play.

Fun and addicting. The game itself made the 64x64 pixels feel like a lot of playable space.

This game was absolutely fun to play. 

All around great game. It was fun to play and yet intuitive. The animation and art in general was awesome. And the sound was a great.

I really liked your approach to generating the levels, but I kind of wish there was like a pre-generated tutorial level where I could learn to play the game without having to wait for a new level to generate each time I died. That being said, interesting game and I loved the minimalism of the art, it worked well given the 64x64 limit.

This was both fun to play and super cute. I liked the animations and enjoyed the little cut scenes at the start and the end. I agree with another comment on the main game, it would be cool to alter the color scheme possible showing it getting later in the day, but really this is a great little game!

Got it…now I am tempted to add in a secret 64x64 more in when the jam is over. It would likely be totally impossible, but that would be half the fun.

It shouldn’t be a half pixel as all the art and the game board itself is just 64x64 and all movement is one pixel at a time. But on the edges the black line is just one pixel rather than the two pixels it is when two pieces are next to each other. You can actually shrink the board down to 64x64 by using the “-“ button if you like.

I really enjoyed this game. I feel like I need to dive into it more when I have time to play longer after jam, as I found it really challenging, but I enjoyed the gameplay.

I loved everything about this game. My only comment is sometimes I would press all three buttons to make white, but it wouldn't work. (Totally not rating it down for that as my keyboard is super old and sometimes glitchy so that could be the issue.)

Super cute character design.

I thought your decision to scale down the playable space to be a rectangle rather than the full 64x64 square, really worked for the structure of the game. And I loved the functional buttons on the Gameboy on the outside and how they were pressed down as I used my keyboard to play. Really, artistically it very cool.

I enjoyed the fading effect of the slugs color as it dried in the sun. Fun to play.

It took me a moment to get how it showed the score as I was just focused on the skull, but I liked the approach of making that the background.

The game itself is 64x64. But I do wish I had the artistic skill to create really detailed pixel art rather than just scaling down larger images to 64x64. I am always really amazed by the artistic skill you see from many people in the jams.

Out of all the Jam games this is the one I've returned to the most to try playing. It is a fascinating game and I really enjoyed trying out different strategies.

Well, apparently my lack of skill playing chess extends to your variant as well. That being said I really enjoyed playing this and I appreciated the minimalism of the chess pieces.

Wow, I really loved the simplicity of the animation for the different characters. I think the all black design really worked well and the motion was great despite the pixel limitations.

Thanks! I am glad you were able to complete it, I find them very satisfying to play.

I really enjoyed the minimal and clean color scheme you used in the game. The controls were also easy to use which made the game a lot of fun.

Wow! Your page design is just amazing. There is so much detail in that alone. I also thought the rotated aspect of the pixels was super cool and really gave the feel of 64x64 effectively, just rotated.

I really like the design of the art, nice and cartoony and the background music fits well.

I really enjoyed the simplicity and clarity of your design for the game down to the fade out transition when you crashed. It looks great and was easy to understand what was happening.

I enjoyed the design of the space ships, but I would have loved more than one hit point.

I really enjoyed playing this game and found myself going back to it a few times. The art is quite cute.

I liked the use of the vibrating effect, but I wish this game was 64x64.

I really like the relaxing nature of the music that you composted for the game. Nice!

I enjoyed the idea of this. In the previous low rez jam I did I attempted a minimal 4x4 game. It is cool to see something even more reduced.

Excellent game! I really enjoyed your take on a sliding tile game and enjoyed the extra challenge the immovable brick tiles added to it.

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Thanks! This actually does work on mobile, or at least on the iPhone as that is the only device I can test it on. It does take a moment for the game to load.

Yes I did consider that. Ultimately, I mostly wanted to use this game to work on the programing involved with sliding the tiles so I decided against it.

I love how truly odd the story was. The ambiguity really worked with the visual effects to make a surprisingly effective eeriness despite the limited pixels.

The art for the dino is really cute. I would love some sound effects to go with it.