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Great game! The lighting and sound really gave it a nice creepy feel.

I enjoyed the idea of the game, I felt like it moved a bit too fast for me to really put much thought into where I was jumping. Though it is hard to figure out what is a good balance of speed for the challenge and time to think.

Enjoyed playing this. I wish there was some display of your highest score so that you could compare it with the current attempt.

Thanks! My plan is to work on increasing the game modes and improving the initial menu scene (with some direction) after the Jam.

I really enjoyed the graphical design of the game. 

I really appreciated the mini-mini map on the screen. It made the puzzle much more approachable.

Great! Great job conveying the character in such a small sprite.

Wow. One of the best games in this jam and definitely one I will come back to after the jam to play more of. Everything is great, but in particular I loved the effect when you are hit. 

Thanks. One of my challenges is trying to figure out how much direction to give and still have the puzzle of what you needed to do.

Thanks! It could use some sort of completion setting or at least some tally of the number of games played. Something to add after the Jam.

Thanks! I will have to check out the card game, it sound interesting.

Thanks. I think that I could probably do more to convey the idea in the loading screen, by at least having that pop up with some directions. I may add that after the jam.

Fun! Controlling the car was a bit difficult, but then again I am terrible at racing games so I don't hold that against you. I loved the choice to limit the colors used!

The game was a lot of fun to play. You should consider adding some more levels after the Jam.

Great game, I found it fun and surprisingly challenging.

Fun game. I found the font a little hard to read in some of the background story at the start. But I enjoyed playing the game.

Enjoyed playing. I love the simple controls, totally make sense for a dog pushing at their cage.

Don't worry. It didn't impact the gameplay much, I more wanted to make sure you were aware. 

Enjoyed this game. I would have liked it there was a story to the mechanics, like the spikes could be colored like fire and you are escaping a forest fire...or there is a giant spiked machine coming at you. Some story to explain why you needed to run.

Cute game. I when you reach the side of the game in the church and on the clouds the bunny glitches a bit. The game itself also glitched a bit when I went in the house on the left.

I would have like some challenge built in, like losing health when crushed. I also think that it would be fun if there was a wall on the sides of the game window so the blocks couldn't fall out, it would like it build up a higher tower. I hope that you add more to this game after the jam because I think it could be a lot of fun.

Well I've learned I am terrible at staying on beat. It was a fun challenge to match what you were trying to accomplish in the game to the beat of the music. Enjoyed it a lot. Love the title of the game.

Fun little game. I did like the challenge of the slow fall when you jumped which could aid you in hitting multiple bad guys with one jump, while sometimes making it hard for you to fall down enough to get them in time.

Really enjoyed the story, plus the text was really easy to read which is a challenge to do well in the limited pixels with so much reading. I wish the text sounds were a bit mellower, but that is my only complaint.

Nice little game, I was hoping it had a second part when I reached the end because I wanted to keep playing. My only criticism is that I think it takes too long to go to the go to the next scene when you die, for a bit there I was wondering if there was an error in the game.

I enjoyed the game. I liked how the controls were simple to use. If there was one thing I would add to the game it would be animation to the poop so that when it jumped or landed it stretched out or smooshed to some degree. 

Great idea to the game and I loved the futuristic look to the city. I also lucked out like one of the posters below where I got to a point where my city was just stable and generating money, giving me no real need to add more.

I really loved everything about this from the game play to character design. But honestly, my favorite bit was the tan and brown directions pages (those that you have on the screenshot to the left), they were really beautifully done and clearly explained the mechanics of the game.

Got it! I'll have to take another go at the game.

I enjoy it much more. I appreciate having the two options.

That is great! Spacing it out to two hands makes it a lot easier.

Fun game, definitely one I'll come back to. I would have enjoyed it more if the up arrow on my keyboard wasn't glitchy, but I can't fault you for that. 

Great game, I enjoyed playing all the levels. I would have loved some sound effect for when you fall into holes or are hit by a car.

I like the idea of the game, I had a bit of trouble just learning all the different options for the controls. If there were some way to compress this down into few keys being pressed it would make the game easier in a good way.

I really like the nice clean look of the graphics. I would have liked some animation to the cat, but overall a great look to the game.

I love the design for the textures in the environment. The difference in color between the outside and the cave area was really effective and looked great.

Got it. I did dig there, but didn't realize it entered my pack as I didn't see it above me like the other items I dug up.

Very cute, I hope your puppy got some payment for the use of their bark.

The graphics were disturbing in a way, but I was really impressed with how the hot dog's slime pattern varied depending on the toppings.