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I did complete it. The final boss was not too hard but it had a lot of health. It took much longer to beat than the other bosses.

Dang this was creepy!

The final boss was challenging but I liked it.

I liked the close your eyes mechanic a lot. Nice game!

I like the concept a lot! It is a fun little game.

Built the friend and escaped on my third try. Amazing game!

At every corner, I expected "him" to pop out! I wonder what all the food meant.

As someone who used the subway every day, I find this a very relatable experience. Great game!

How to survive the Cheeseman? 

Build a roquefort.

... I will see myself out

(the game was more creepy than I expected btw)

I enjoyed this a lot! For some reason, I find the idea of someone getting his head chopped by a train after passing out both funny and horrific.

I am very happy with how my game turned out. I wanted to use this opportunity to expand my knowledge in game physics and immersive interactions. I will probably use what I made as a blueprint for future games.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you very much!

Glad you enjoyed it! I made the map yet I also get lost all the time so don't feel bad. You were  very close to win at the end.

Got S on all levels  :D

The second level was  much harder than the third, I would suggest flipping their order.

Get hunted by the easter bunny in a maze-like forest while looking for easter eggs. Be prepared for a  difficult challenge.

Download for free here!

I hope you enjoy the atmosphere!

Yes, of course, let me know. Glad to see another greek here!

I really liked the look of this one. The controls were a bit too unreliable though.

This was fun. It took me a while but I got all the coins!

After a long time in the making, the final chapter of "This Game Is Real" is out.

Get ready for more surreal horror and multiple endings!

You can download it here!

download the game from here and once you open it select chapters and you will see it (btw chapter 3 is coming very soon)

Hello, unfortunately I can't build the game for mac right now. I do plan to add mac support for all my games in the future, I just can't be sure when.

Chapter 3 is at an early stage of development right now, it will be ready in about a month! I will release updates as the development continues. Thank you for your patience!

Hey, thank you for your detailed feedback, I appreciate it a lot! Chapter 3 is still on an early phase, but I believe it will be the scariest one yet!

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Hey, you don't have to press anything, just walking in the direction of the thing you want to interact will do the trick. 

And a tip: Remember to pick up a hard drive after you used one. You can only carry one at a time.

Thank you! I had fun making this and I am very happy with how it turned out. BTW this is my first game jam and I have to say it is a great experience. I look forward to participating in more jams in the future.

Hey, this was great, I love it! Thank you for making this.

Hey, it takes a while for things to start happening. I suggest taking time to look around, if you ever want to give it another try. Thanks for playing anyway!

Thanks for the feedback!

Hey, there is much more to the game. Be patient, read the notes and take a look around the place.

Thank you for the reply and your time. The game is very resource intensive right now, I will try to optimaze the performance in the future.

It would be very helpful if you would elaborat further. What system did you run the game on? What resolution did you pick? Did Alt-F4 not turn off the game?

Download the first zip file (the one over 700MB), unpack and when you select Chapters on the main menu it should be there! If it still doesn't show up tell me, it could be a bug.

Thank you very much for the feedback! I hope you play the second chapter too!

Thank you for showing that bug in the beginning, I will fix it in the next patch!

Thank you for the feedback. I am still learning a lot and with time my flaws become more obvious. I hope you come back when chapter 2 is out!

There will be a big update soon. Hope you can play again to finish it!

Sorry for the nightmares! I suggest you wait until playing the rest of the game as there will be a big update soon!

Glad you liked it!

Thank you for playing!