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lol got stuck in an infinite void of falling, sky, bushes, sky bushes, AAAAAA couldn't finish but actually fun game!! gr8 track and graphics and contros and all :D

also crazy how all the words except the password use the base mysterious lol good job

wow crazy needed help at points but only because some dumb stuff was unclear (aka the "door", I went left first and thought it was some stupid troll trick wall when I went right lol) and also when I was unsure if I was in the wrong place (I assumed "tag" referred to the links thinking they were tags, forgot itch has game tags :) )

anyways actually really cool top notch found this in Icley's game recommendations on his discord

also maybe put a doorknob or some other indicator that doors are doors, maybe have an outward gradient starting at the edges of the door signaling a hole in the bg? I dont know but cool gr8 game would rate 9.5/10 stars but jam over :(

lol u didnt complete it tho :) hover over the chess pieces under the vid, then go "back in time" by either pressing the clock or refreshing original page :) you will know it's done because will say thx 4 playing

Thanks a lot! Yeah I put ctrl as slide because shift/ctrl are usually a crouch key, and shift is run here, inverse of Minecraft I guess. I'm kinda just glad the character controller turned out fine. If I could've figured out how to make a level without spamming gameobjects everywhere I think I might've been able to finish, but I don't know how :\ examples of how I wanted to edit my level might've been how Hollow Knight or Ori have full continuous levels and no tiles I think, but I've never even played either, much less have any idea on how to do that, so :/

wow thanks! Yeah but kinda sad you didn't get out because the "321" theme was implemented by a timer until poisonous infected gas ends thou life, which can be reset with FIZ or checkpoints :/ no gas in the cave tho

meh :\ srry bad level editing dunno how to do it well

Meh play for the player controller ig

That bunny got da drippppppppp

Out of 6K+ Entries, I do think #1378 place is great! Thanks so much for rating! :D

So Yeah I wanna make this but better buuuut turns out making a tileset without pixelart is EXTREMELY tedious, so imma put it off for another time. If someone wants to make a moss tileset along with all the other 6 tilesets + special tiles feel free but I'm not feeling like it rn. Maybe some other time I'll finish up the tileset I started (I have a Krita file with the template and I've started on it :/ )

Cookie clicker but you DONT destroy your $100+ gaming mouse :O

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Highscore: 2:41, 160 Yummies. Top-notch Rhythmic Barks, Sbarktaclar Vibes, Such Amaze Game-Feel. Doggos are gr8 love dog :D :D Dog is best :D DOGGO!!! :D (15/15 stars) This game should get first place if not we need to call the F.B.I. (Federal Bark Investigators) on Mark :D (I downloaded after playing so I can play again whenever I want)

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Alright, so, ehm, lol. Sort of beat the game without left clicking at all XD umm so but yeah. best game for speedrunning of the year award goes tooooooo *badadadadalalalaump* *drumrolllllll* NPC 48! Pro tip: SPAM C YOU GO ZOOMIE ZOOOOOM NYRRRRRM!!!!!! I was able to clear every gap and even swing out of bounds with this lol. Anyways I would recommend placing a trigger collider in the top half of the player to check if the player can stand up again, and also always allow the player to add some momentum to itself, as I've found myself stuck on rocks or under that bit at the beginning teaching you to use "c". Also would love a toggle to switch crouch to ctrl. or shift, maybe use an or gate instead? ZOOMIE ZOOM GO ZOOM!!!!!!!!!! EMBRACE THE ZOOOOOM. Keep grapple and keep the zoomies but make levels where you run from a firewall and have to zoomie zooooom swing across mega gaps and through a giant hall thing (about as big as the end bit with the spinny bits, but longer) and get to an exit/transfer terminal at the end, this would be fuunnnnnnnnn. ZOOMIE ZOOM ZOOOOOOM VROOOM NYRRRMMMMMMMM "when the bug is a feature :)" absolutely. Maybe make platforms small so not much runway and then swingy swingg go swinnnggg whoOOOOOSH and SWING. Would love to see this game be speed based and go zoomie. gr8 game tho good job much enjoy bug was not bad only enhanced the game. 14/15 stars. Also CARLSON!?! :O :O :O :O :O

I think our hero just found a true-er sort of freedom... :D yippe escapay even the game outside of the game cannot contain this NPC's might (tip spam "c")

Wide chikn go widdddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Absolutely, see reply to I have a Pencil 2D planning document saved and am putting together a better tileset rn. Also since the game isn't pixel art, gotta be extra careful lining up seams between tiles, or everything will look weird 😬. Thanks for the thoughts I really hope the full game turns out good. I'm going to redo the WHOLE thing, adding slopes, a new system for player movement, and maybe revamp how swapping works? I wanna add zones, bosses, world map, saving, ect. and have 6 unique worlds visualized and planned, with new features to introduce lined up with each! Some stuff I'd like to add I thought about but couldn't would be: Moving platforms (actually moving blocks that stick to each other but that's beside the point), Mimics / Reversed Mimics, more enemies, Fireball throwers, ect.

Swell game, but controls similar to overcooked I'm pretty sure so that's minus two stars for creativity ig, would love to give it 15/15, but 13/15 isn't half bad (literally). Wish there were more levels :o also oniyyon :) and also more combat in a full version?? Also WHO did the comic image WHO that was gr8 well done u. Oh yeah and love the game art, the controls, ect. Swell. Maybe add sauces, and some levels you have to, for example, grind your own mustard seeds in a blender, (DIY just a bit more ig) adding more depth as you can choose to risk time doing sauce and patties separately or risk burning the patty or getting the sauce consistency wrong. Even adding Well done, medium rare, and rare as stages and requirements sound like cool ideas. The little chefs add a combat element, which I think you should embrace more in a full game, like garbage boys who run around throwing silverware (speedy), cooks like you have now, chefs who are faster and take more hits, and bosses, which would help distinguish this game from Overcooked a bit more. I dunno but amazing job here. This is a fantastic foundation to build a bigger game on :D fun time playing this too

oh it's from some youtuber who didn't finish it :\ don't mind it kinda sad actually the way he was approaching it he couldn't figure out how to make it :\

cool game, great take on what I believe your inspiration was, the cardosseum or something? (Might be wrong but my guess) Great execution, tough game! Do wish hero spawns were marked, not random and sort of (almost) anywhere. gr8!

Interesting, but needs enemy variation for the challenge to be more than your patience :\ Possible so-and-so many nights, then a boss, and maybe unlock an endless mode if you want? I dunno the game has a neat premise. Also give the tabs a purpose? The score can be some arbitrary number at the corner of the screen, but, you know, you introduce caps and all that lookin' like a currency but *JUKE* naaahh bro no shop 4 u. Anyways whatever it's a jam good game :) 10/15 stars

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haha I think I got all the endings, 5 I think from fine to tear fountains? Funne drum. Anyways gr8 game fun and looks good. Good job :D (It was fun but now I think I might want to play a rhythm game?) (also it's funny it's harder to get the worst ending than the best XD  )

dunno what the goal is :\

haha funnne voice go *I was really blown away by the art in this game* XD

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:o sick game I feel like there's a secret ending BEN IS THERE A SECRET ENDING I MUST KNOW 😭 (15/15 stars wonderful game best puzzle I've done in last years of my life lol I think)

Thank you SO much for the feedback!!! :O You know I think I might try making this game again but do it better this time. Oh and btw hint: bring the mossy stone down into the corner so you can jump up without anything else, swap yourself with the immoble object, get ontop of yourself from earlier, and swap with what is below you. From there you should figure it out, but this part requires some speed. Oh yeah and the sound thing is from not being able to implement footsteps correctly so I gave up on sound and masked it with bg music. srry lol. Anyways yeah thanks for the feedback on moss being introduced a bit early, I really didn't consider puzzles with full freedom lol. Also I hate lvl 11 you will know it when you see it :\ I apologize to the world for it. Oh and the physics bit yeah I've never made a platformer before so I had to look up 2 basic tutorials for quick player movement and of course that brought some jank :\ used default physics for most, or added gravity and friction to some. You know though I could've added animations to pushing stuff :o anyways good luck and thank-a-you so muchh for playing-a-my-game!

:o thx :D

Presto full stars :O spectacular you should win but sadly I doubt it this is gr8 top tier amongst top ten games this jam maybe love it

:O so cool

meh too short no challenge

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XD oh lol the code is taken lol KMNQ6-GMR3J-XY5KC it twas steam key


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gr8 game thanks for  putting this in my life

Spectacular but WHAT IS KMNQ6-####-#### !?!?!?! (its a taken steam key nvm KMNQ6-GMR3J-XY5KC lol)

So umm what is KMNQ6-####-####?

yeah whaaat

Beat it! cool game, just too bare. I know you were going for minimalistic, but dang broski, enough is enough, at least some wind sounds or meows when the cat(s) is/are pushed :\

I didn't read it all the way and I freaked out when the mice got mad thought hunters would come out or something. good game

Interesting. Wish it told you what items did :( anyways good game

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Got 6:59, great game, much enjoy!! Top notch hope win I think you might win. :D gr8 game love it would play a full version

175 something. It's alright, but needs pizzaz, would swap endless for levels, and add danger, maybe hunger would instead be a time limit rather than main mechanic, and make the end some massive food, like a big cake, while holding cat over with snack on the way. I dunno, maybe.