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Nice spritesheet. Gameplay is just a puzzle platformer with primitive mobs.

Fun concept. Very easy.

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At least it works, but it needs more levels than 1, better textures. I found a bug with falling outside map.

Story is kinda interesting, but gameplay assets look bad and movement is annoying.

This game is trash, without any doubt. Anyone can make something similar in an hour(except my teammates). At it's state this game is very basic. It needs way more polish and content to be finished. And Unity makes it even more pathetic.

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It has gameplay, but generally it is horrible. Controlling each ghost is inconvinient. Graphics can be better.

Sadly,  after death level must be generated from scratch.

With DXVK it worked. The issue was on my side.

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Linux, square monitor.

You implemented a lot of mechanics, but visuals are horrible and there is a lot of bugs and unpolished things.

I have black screen in this game, exept UI. According to gifs, it looks nice.

miner sus

This game looks horrible and I couldn't even see the player because of resolution issues. But I like that levels are randomly selected by throwing dice.

I would add roll counter and timer to track efficiency.

Mouse control doesn't respond to events properly.

I thought you mastered Unity and don't need Unreal.

Игра красивая, но ужасно скучная.

Да, дальше должна была быть игра про ловлю треугольника, но я не успел её сделать.

Всё-таки кто-то сделал клеточный автомат на этот джем!

Мне понравилось, что в игре много контента. Хорошая работа.

I want to create a new programming language for this jam, we can team-up. On Discord I am ☭🐧☭SomeGuy#9843

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Somehow it's very laggy, while having PS1 graphics. UI is rather bad.

uploaded on other site, now link works

Look at source code, fix errors and compile to see what was done. I'm too lazy to continue


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Beautiful. If only the latency would be lower.

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Definetly chaotic. 5 for the theme

It makes me vomit.


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Hello. We are new in Rust and are searching for teammates to make a game. Mostly we need programmers, because assets make no sense without code.

DM me in discord ☭🐧☭SomeGuy#9843

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Красивое. Жалко, что всё время вылетает и не получается сыграть.

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Я столько успел в перерывах между разработкой другой новеллы.

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Тут тоже не работает? . Иногда когда Prezi не запускается помогает открытие в режиме инкогнито.