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Ah, fantastic stuff! <3 I really enjoyed this video. I'll admit the financial balance could be better in this game, but you had a pretty incredible debut season anyway. Congrats on the promotion and long live Clystgate United! Keep up the great work with your channel. –T

Hello everybody! I'm working on a full-scale JRPG with very detailed textmode (ANSI/ASCII) graphics. The game is called Whispers in the Moss and it will be released in April 2024. The game is already fully playable from start to finish, and right now I'm polishing it and getting it ready for release.

The retro JRPG features an epic story, a classic battle engine, a full custom soundtrack, and lots of beautiful and ambitiously crafted textmode art.

I recently made a 20-minute gameplay video showcasing the beginning of the game. Check it out below:

Heh, thanks, I admit I've been way too lazy with any marketing. Finding and reaching the right kind of audiences with a game like this is very challenging.

Awesome comment, thank you! I'm already a fan of Lutchester, hope you clinch the title!

It's funny, I had the game pretty much finished for almost 10 years but didn't bother to release it. I had a lot of fun playing it myself, though. Some great 20-season dynasties! :D One day, if I have the motivation, I'll give the game another update and fix some of its biggest flaws (especially the awful controls, and the balancing could use some work too).

Awesome, thanks for your comment! I'm just starting a new development sprint and hope to release the game in 2023. :)

Hi! Thanks for your comment. I'll look into NVDA and see what I can do. The game was coded in a pretty eccentric programming language (QB64) so I don't know whether it's even possible to make the game compatible, but I'll look into it. Would be thrilled to offer such accessibility!

Thanks Adel! I'm very excited about composing songs for the soundtrack right now. Just came up with a really cool jazz track but I don't know if the game can handle a song like that. :-D Perhaps the Colosseum at the cyberpunk town...

I've been thinking about it, but I'm not sure how these six-month long breaks whenever I feel like it go along with delivering results for the hypothetical backers. :-D

Awesome! Let's hear your career stories, if you decide to give it a try! :-)

Thanks! I actually consider this game finished and don't plan to add more features at this time. :)

Thanks! I will definitely be making a Steam page at some point. I'm currently taking a break from gamedev but will return to this project soon. :)

Hello! Thanks for your idea. At the moment it's impossible, but if I decide to give the game another big update, I'll look into this.

Getting lots of downloads suddenly, thanks people! Please let me know what you think of the game and share your career stories here. :)

Hi! Is there something I need to do to get my devlog post to have a good-looking twitter card? Looks like Twitter is sometimes able to fetch the post's cover image and use it in the card, but more often than not it doesn't work at all and the card looks like this (screenshot from the Twitter card validator):

Here's the devlog I'm trying to post.

Ahaha, that sounds amazing. :-D Can I share your career story on Twitter? And thanks for the feedback. Selling the 1-3 "extra" players should be made possible, and I guess adding a young academy player to the squad (if there's space) should also be possible during the season. I'll fix this stuff in the first patch. I'm also very interested in any balancing issues you might notice. I made some changes close to the release, and now I'm not sure how the balancing works between the daily scenarios, managing your reputation and the finances, and also improving your stadium and coaching etc. The goal here definitely is a casual game that is not too challenging and doesn't punish you too much.

Hi! Thanks for downloading! And that's a good point, I'll release a patch with some fixes at some point and will fix this.

Tired of Football Manager? Help is here! I've just released Mafioso Football Manager, a full text-based retro football manager game for Windows.

Take full control of a lowly third division football club. Can you develop your players, get promoted to the top of the league pyramid, and win the esteemed premiership title?

Handle weekly scenarios and the club's reputation, finances, stadium services and sponsorship deals. Follow your players' fitness, choose your captain, matchday squads and strategies, handle the transfer windows, and make sure that your players are always developing. In the match center, you can enjoy all your club's matches live, compressed into 50 seconds of exciting live commentary. You can even use the services of the local mafia to gamble, bribe or dope your way up, or choose to ignore them and play the game as a regular manager game.

Each playthrough is different. The club name generator alone can create over 650 000 random unique club names that sound like real British football clubs—think Paulsfleet Casuals, Lutterby Dons, Shrivencester Sports, Thrapsbury Island, Leverwell Motors, Morwade Miners, Waketon City, Hornfleet Athletic or Nantmill Vagabonds. The game includes a Team Creator tool, allowing you to create a custom club and squad to start your career with.

Download now:

Thanks to everyone who downloaded the game! I'd love to hear your career stories!

Thanks, it's awesome and very motivating to have people waiting for this! :-) And that's a good idea! Maybe the bombs could induce armor-piercing damage (but perhaps a very random amount), which would offer an alternative way to beat some high-defense enemies.

Interesting experiments, I like your style!

Thank you! I know the visual style is not for everyone, but it's good to find fellow niche members. :) I hope to finish the game during the first half of 2022, but we'll see.

I will, thanks! :)

Hi, and thanks for your comment! I've been coding in QuickBASIC since I was 9 or 10. QB64 has everything I need, it removes the memory limitations and there's a massive amount of new commands that together make QB64 a serious and a sufficient coding environment (for my needs at least). Also, I don't really have a choice. :-D I have some skills in other coding languages and BASIC dialects, but since I'm a part-time hobbyist, I don't have the time or the interest to try and master any new systems at this point. I'll keep using QB64 until I hit that moment where I want to do something that QB64 doesn't support. We're not there yet!

Thanks! I don't really care about it, I had lots of fun with this one and that's all that counts. :)

It's supposed to be the space bar actually. If that doesn't work, then: weird. Are you running the game normally through Windows?

Awesome comment, thanks! And that's a great jump! I will try your game later today, the screenshots look very cool.

Huge fan of the Bomberman so I had to give this a try. I love the simplistic design and it really feels like something we could've (more like should've) had on the old Nokia phones.

Let me know how far you can jump. My world record is 149.9 meters, but I think I might have changed the algorithm after that... Can't get past 143 meters now.

Interesting game! I like the graphics and the general feel. I couldn't get very far though, it's challenging and I don't know what to do next! :D

I love the graphics! The game seems very difficult though, I couldn't get past the first tank.

This is very cool, kind of reminds me of the legendary StuntCopter game I used to play on our Macintosh Classic. Made it to 79 seconds. The game is very challenging, but that's just realistic. Games used to be hard as hell.

This is cool, smooth gameplay and loving the vintage vibes!

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, but thank you! <3

Very cool!

Thank you! :) I will look into a Linux binary once I get the Windows version out of my hair.

Great! The game has a few hours worth of content but I've probably already spent 30 hours just playing it myself. It's fun! :D

Thank you! Not long until you can play it. :)

Thanks a lot! As mentioned, I will be using your Breezy's Mega Quest pack as background music in this project, thank you for a great collection!

Hi! Thank you for this great collection. I'm using this for my retro textmode side-scroller CODENAME DESPERADO, which will be released in September 2021, will be giving credit of course and left a donation! I will keep you mind if I need custom music for some more ambitious retro projects later on! :)

Thank you! :)