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Incredibly polished and incredibly creative. Great job!

Awesome idea and well executed. Good job!

Such an awesome idea! With a better presentation and a bit of polish this could definitely be fleshed out into a full game. Great job!

Cool idea, unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to move on after beating the first round — nevertheless, the game seems fun!

Really great idea! Took me a minute to realize that I can change the wind after the ball is hit, but overall this is a really cool game that is executed well!

Fun idea, well executed. The art could maybe be more "interesting", but this works!

I like the concept, sort of reminded of the Uno card game!

I don't really understand how it fits the theme, and I was also a bit confused by the mechanic where you lose after a tank or kamikaze dies. Interesting concept, though!

Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately I don't have the source code to fix the issues, but I'm glad you had fun :)

One of the best games I'd played during the jam. The puzzles were great, and I am amazed you had enough time to make all of it. My only suggestion is that it is a little hard to tell how you messed up when you lose. That is a nitpick though, and the game really is great and fits the theme perfectly.

I sometimes got stuck in walls and it seems the health indicator didn't work. Interesting concept.

Listed as working on mac but only includes an exe file. Concept and art look really cool, wish I could play it.

Game is listed as working on Mac but there is only an exe.

Fun game, but the controls felt a bit off. Fit the theme very well, though was boring while waiting for zombies to walk to the car. can be helpful.

Hey, I'm an english speaker I just want to make sure that pack is the right translation.

Are we thinking a group of wild animals? Or to pack, like filling a suitcase?

Or could it be either? That is how most game jams go :)

The music is royalty free! It's from NCS, I put all the credits in the description of the game. It's crazy how good the songs are considering they're free! 

About the loading thing: It seems everybody has had issues with that, so I'll work on trying to fix that. That is the issue with loading 4 high quality songs.

Thatsa bruh moment. Hope you solved this by now. :)

Yeah, but scratch kinda sucks. A while ago I used Stencyl, which is hands down the best non-coding gamemnaker imo. You can make legit games in it, with just a little bit of experience. I still prefer actual coding games though, as it shows more skill than just using stencyl.

Thanks. I'd actually had this problem on my other games, and I ended up just thinking that it was based on the engine I was using. TYSM!!

The vibe this gives you... perfectly fits this theme.


Funny, although now that we all have so much  time on our hands I recommend you learn an actual language instead of scratch.

Great for a first game.

Randomly generated content in a game jam game??? Awesome!!

Are you sure it's 2018?

No that's not what I meant!!! The grammar is correct! I was talking about how insulting it is to art critics haha.

"You became art critic" as what happens when you die is hilarious.

The sound effects are so great! :)

Great game, 10/10 IGN.

I hope nobody makes a color matching game. It's too obvious, lets see some originality!

I'm making my own music for this one and decided for the lead to be a kazoo.

Not sure if it really fits the theme, but great game nonetheless!

Awesome! Love the low key textures+music!!

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This is my first game jam, and I decided to challenge myself and make it in just two days. The quality of it isn't great, but I did learn some things about game jams. Mainly:

     Making a story is difficult and extremely time consuming. (if you're new to game development like me.)