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No, this is a portion of a longer jam, so it wouldn't make sense to only participate in it. 

Yep! All the art (and surface textures) are made by the AI tools. 

For the Ideation phase, we recommend uploading a PDF showing all of your documentation, concept art and mockups, and screenshots of any "toy" prototypes you've created. It's strongly recommended that you don't start working on the final project during this week, so a PDF should suffice for this week. 

Next week's sprint (and the two after) it is recommended that you submit a build at the end of the week. 

Diversifiers have been released!
The keynote kicks off on the Discord and Twitch in ~40 minutes as well. 

Hi Peter, 

We'll be releasing them as part of the keynote at 1pm PT / 4pm ET.

We have a Discord server where many of the jammers will be hanging out, asking questions, forming teams, and more. 

Join here: 

Update- We've created a guide for how to submit to the jam that we'll be releasing during the kickoff event! 

Great question!

You could use a single page to upload each, but we ask that you keep the artifacts from the first jams available and not replace them when uploading newer versions. We'll put together a guide for how to do this, thanks for suggesting it! 

Putting the finishing touches on it now!

Great question!

Here's our thoughts on it:  We prefer that you don't, but if you do, please start fresh! 

For example, if you made a 48 hour jam game and liked the direction, start from the beginning. Concept again, start a new prototype, and develop it out with a larger scope. Take what worked from the first and make a "sequel" to the original jam project. 

Discord is coming soon! 

Great question!

We have ratings for each sprint submissions, but only the last ones will be used for determining winners. The previous section voting is just so we can give anonymous feedback to eachother on how well the projects are faring. 

P.S. We are open to suggestions for categories on these mid-jam voting periods! 

Are you looking for a team to work with? 

Let us know who you are (username/nickname is fine), what you can provide to the team, and what types of games you're interested in making! 

The final week! After four weeks of jamming on our projects, we're in the final stretch. 

What tips & tricks do you have for your fellow jammers in getting this project out the door?

It's the big two weeks of development! By the end of this you should have a fully functional project with the majority of content and assets. 

What tips do you have for your fellow jammers on reaching this goal by the deadline?

You have one week to make a short playable prototype of a larger project. 

What tips and tricks do you have for your fellow jammers on ways to best utilize this time? 

You have a week to form teams, brainstorm, and plan out what you are going to make. 

What tips and tricks do you have for fellow developers to help with this process?

Yes! Please feel free to work on it and continue to update it.