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Nice game man, I still remember the game jam version!

It was fun to play and I love the additions you made to the game. The speed + damage upgrade path is still the way to go for me, and made it quite easy to just click and hold.

I then tried to just focus on health-regen and was able to tank so much damage haha.

I'd add a black overlay to the background when the Upgrade panel is opened, since I kept trying to click the next wave button when the panel was opened. 
Some waves (like the small zombie waves which occurred quite often) gave barely any gold which was quite annoying at times.

Fun game though, but it became a bit to easy after a couple of waves

Thanks for playing and commenting!

The game was made in 48 hours, it's not finished (the gun part is the final part before we had to hand it in as stated in other replies) and we had no prior experience in creating and writing something like this, so we've got lots to learn.

We do plan on remaking the game and giving it the attention and time it needs to become more fun!

Thanks for playing and leaving a comment. The game isn't finished, we didn't have anymore time during the game jam it was made for unfortunately. 

The gun part is the final thing that happens, though something should've popped out and chased you. 

Sorry for that. We might come back later and finish it up!

thank you!

I wish we were able to finish it. We only had 48 hours for the game jam... we do plan on finishing it sometime in the near future!

Again, thanks for playing and leaving a comment!

Hey thanks for leaving such a thorough comment, I really appreciate it!

It's a bit of a mess right now, but it was uploaded to serve as the technical result of a college assignment, that's probably why there's little to no time spent on design and user-friendliness... Sorry about that.

Each car has a neural network with a couple of sensors (6 wall sensors and 1 flow sensor, I will update the page with additional information about this asap). They have a fitness value based on how far they got and how fast. This is a bit different from the usual car racing along a track network as it has to abide by the same rules as the player and finish laps etc. Once all agents turned inactive (10/20 sec of no real progress) they reset and gain neural weights from the best agents of the previous generation and weight values from the overall best agents ever. A really small percentage stays randomized to possibly reset the agents when they have a major screw up near the start or to find a breakthrough with luck.

I'm planning on drawing the sensors of the networks to show a bit better what's going on, but life is quite busy at the moment, so this might take a while to be updated haha

The 'player' aspect of the game was just something that was left over from my first research question, which I changed later on. I just left it in, together with the generic AI. 

Thanks against for checking it out and pointing out some of the many flaws!

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The theme is completely optional and won't be judged. It might spark some new ideas for people or can be used as an incentive to try new things, so don't worry about it if you can't do anything with it.

A great read, I love the way you describe your journeys. Even though it failed, it gave me great insights in CI with Unity builds. I also hadn't heard of Trimmer yet, what a great tool!

Thanks for taking your time to document this!

Thanks for the effort as per usual Josh! I'm glad that you liked it and the feedback you gave was great!

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Thanks! And thanks for playing. Yeah, well... That was a bug, but I left it in because it seemed useful haha. I'm glad it was :)

Really cool concept and well executed, I love that you focused on the mechanics with prototype art, because the main mechanics feel really well polished. The level design is great as well, you introduce new mechanics each level which keeps it really interesting throughout the whole game.

An undo button would be nice to have as I sometimes got stuck when i pushed something into a wall, I had to restart multiple times when I almost reached the end. Which made it kind of a chore to replay the levels all over again at times.

Great idea, solid execution. This makes me not really care too much about the art-style as it fits and it's fun to play!

Interesting game, it felt a bit like a chess board and needing to know how the pieces move in order to escape from them. Cool concept, quite a difficulty curve but I like that! 

The graphics kind of make it difficult to keep a clear overview of the situation at times. Probably because of the high contrasting colors, maybe use a grid (lines) instead of tiles? The sound that plays when you die is quite long and it becomes annoying to wait every time you die (because you die a lot), so it'd be nice to be able to skip it by pressing something.

But great game and congrats on finishing your second game! :D Oh and lovely audio for sure, certainly sets the mood of the game.

Wow thanks a lot, I'm glad that you enjoyed it :) Are there any points you got stuck on, or that you'd like to see improved?

Good luck! I've followed you guys, I'd love to play it when you've updated it

Awesome concept and good execution! The graphics fit the game well and the game itself fit the theme quite well too

The puzzles did feel a bit easy and not too diverse in my opinion, but hey :D it's a game jam. A creative concept and really fun to play!

Lovely game adaptation of an existing puzzle, beautiful graphics and great mood.

It took me a moment to learn how to play the game, but it was fun to do so! I'd some sort of a '?' button which would show me the rules again without having to quit the level. Or maybe a single hint per stage.

Great stuff and it was quite challenging, even after I got the hang of the controls!

Wow thanks a lot, that's awesome to hear! Thanks for the feedback, I plan to add more colors and possibly layers in the full version :) 

Great game, fun mechanics, lovely graphics and fun narrative!

I really liked that I could sometimes beat a puzzle with unused pieces. That made me feel really "smart" at times haha. I also love how everything interacts with each other, gives it that emergent kind of feel. Also, the hints are awesome, a great addition to any puzzle game I reckon!

The cutscenes at the beginning of a new 'world' become quite lengthy when you have to sit through them when you keep dying in those levels. I sometimes got stuck because of the fan's air current width, it seems a bit bigger than the graphic shows, but restarting is quite quick luckily :)

I'd love to see you build upon this with more levels and possibly different ways of winning stages! I'd be hooked

Cool stuff, we will check it out, thanks for including it!

Joshua made a novel like game if I recall correctly haha

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Thank you for playing our game!

Good point about the folder structure, sorry for that!

We just used the turn-based mechanic of chess, we looked at individual mechanics to use to create something that was hopefully a game that is a smoother mash-up than just mashing them together with all of the mechanics fit together :)

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Thanks a lot! Really appreciate the kind words. We don't participate in the judge ratings since this team consists of 2 judges for the jam :) We still wanted to make a game though.

We do, however, participate in the community ratings :D

Thanks for playing! I really appreciate the kind words :) I'm glad that you like the artstyle...took me like 75% of the whole Ludum Dare jam haha. It's a shame that the gameplay suffered because of that though :( 

Thanks for playing! I really appreciate it.... It was quite difficult and punishing, ran out of time to balance it better, but I'm glad that you loved it!

I got past the part you were stuck on for a while by jumping on my own bullets haha

I tried to judge the game for the jam, but the rules state to at least have a working Windows or Web build. In this case I can't judge, sorry :( It looks really cool, so I'll try it out when there is a web or windows build!

It was really cool to see you rush through the game :)
Great job on the time as well, loved the checkpoint strat
Thanks for playing and taking the time to record your run, I really appreciate it!

Fun little game, always love me some platforming!
In levels 2 and 3 I could go up from the start instead of going to the right, felt like a shortcut of some sorts :)

Would've been nice to have some diversity in obstacles to overcome apart from blind jumps and red blocks. The jumping feels a bit too floaty for my taste but each to their own of course!

Nice entry, good luck with the ratings!

Interesting, I've always liked stories that change based on your choices. 

The scaling text was quite a nuisance while reading though, but otherwise I'm interested to see where this ends up :)

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Thank you for playing it and providing feedback. I really appreciate that!

This was during LD43 and I'm building upon it as we speak. The game itself is my next personal project. I've taken your feedback to heart and implemented audio and visual feedback to both getting hit and hitting in a new version (not yet published)